belly burgers

i know they’re not part of the same universe but just imagine riverdale getting in on the dc crossovers 

imagine cisco ramon meeting jughead jones

imagine archie andrews meeting barry allen

imagine felicity smoak meeting betty cooper

imagine cheryl blossom judging the hell out of everyone’s superhero suit

but most importantly


I don’t know how Barry does it – running sucks. My modus operandi has typically been to only run if I’m being chased (be it by a vengeful meta or Petunia, the neighbor’s daschund), but recent developments in my love life (ahem, lip-locking with a transdimensional babe) inspired me to hit the pavement to get back in shape. With all of our near-misses on the Savitar-and-crazy-gorillas front, it’d been far too easy to drown my sorrows in a triple chocolate shake from Big Belly Burger, which was giving me my own “big belly” to contend with.

So, I donned my spandex, grabbed my iPod, and went for a jog around Central City. At least, that was my intention. After circling the block once, I realized that my cardiovascular endurance had been crippled by my days spent hunched over my computer at STAR Labs. My legs ached, I got a cramp in my big toe, and every time I sucked in air, it felt like I was being  stabbed in the chest. I decided to slow down to a mall-walker pace, but just as I was catching my breath, I heard a bone-chilling woof and had just enough time to glance over my shoulder to see a Cujo-sized dog lunging towards me – he must have smelled the beef jerky I had stuffed in my pocket for a mid-run protein boost and he was in hot pursuit.

Now, when a slobbering canine is hurtling at you, your only instinct is to run. So, ignoring the pain in my legs, I launched myself down the sidewalk, but years of soda and fast food meant that I was a far cry from the Flash. I channeled the impeccable madness of The In-Laws and serpentined down the street. But it was to no avail – the dog kept getting closer and closer – I could practically hear his jaws chomping in hunger! I ducked down a side street, hoping to lose him, but found myself facing a dead end. With no dumpsters to climb or fences to hop, I was sure I was toast – until I remembered that while I may not have superspeed, I do have super powers! There was no one around, so I threw my hands in front of me and ripped open a breach – I jumped through just as the dog snapped at my heels and disappeared from the alley. Now, without my goggles, I had no idea where I would end up, but as long as it wasn’t in the jaws of a St. Bernard, I was cool.


​Prompt by the amazing: vividimagines

Walking in to the smell of a deluxe Big Belly Burger and fries, as well as the sight of your favorite shake should have been heaven. And, okay, it was a little bit. But even as you snagged one of the gorgeous fries, your eyes searched the room for your best friend.

“‘Fess up, Cisco. You only spoil me when you have something to apologize for. And dropping out conversation last night doesn’t merit all of this.”

His anxious smile wasn’t helping you feel any better.

“Speaking of that conversation…”

You felt that fry turn to ashes in your throat. You almost took a sip of the shake, but you knew it would sit like lead in your stomach right now with your apprehension levels rising.

“What about it?”

Stay calm. There was no reason to overreact. It could be anything. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions that Barry was dating someone else again, or had found out, or Wells had, or Caitlin, or anyone else.

“Well, Barry may have come by last night?”

That was a pretty good reason for him to stop replying. He’d probably had to put his phone away and just forgot about it.


You still wanted to know where this apology was headed. Still were doing your best not to jump to any conclusions.

“He miiiight have startled me and wanted to know what I was laughing at,” Cisco started again. You could feel your cheeks flushing, and you picked up the shake after all to keep yourself distracted.

He’d been laughing at you? Ugh of course he had. You’d been waxing poetic about the scarlet speedster and it probably had been objectively a little funny. But it was still embarrassing.

“And what excuse did you give him?” 

“Umn.. that’s the thing.. he might not have believed me?”

You gave him a blank stare, waiting for your friend to just rip the band aid off already.

“And he might have seen my phone? Because I may have accidentally left it out on the table when he asked me?”

After several moments of you trying to convince your anxiety that you had to have misheard Cisco, the penny dropped.

“Francisco Ramon, you had better not be saying what I think you’re saying,” you threatened. If he was, then you were going to have to call out as dead.

“I.. yeah he might have, potentially, definitely saw your texts. That’s my bad. But I mean, you can’t be too mad at me. He was flattered! He thought it was cute!” 

You most certainly could be mad! But mostly, you wanted to fall into a hole and never have to face Barry again. 

“Having the object of your affections think you are ‘cute’ for liking them isn’t exactly the pinnacle of success, Cisco! That’s like being told that you’re a sweet kid.”

The traitor looked at you sympathetically even as he stole some of your fries and asked if you were going to eat your burger before it got cold. A scowl set on your face as you looked towards your ‘please forgive me’ meal. 

And froze as you actually focused on the burger this time, which had a post it on it with the note ‘For my biggest fan’.

Maybe you weren’t too mad at Cisco after all. 

No Place I’d Rather Be

Oliver and Felicity grab dinner, set after 5x15.  Also on AO3

Felicity was sitting at her computers staring at the data running past, not that she could read it, the computer was still scanning through the data from the visit to Prometheus’ mother’s house. She heard the elevator doors open and looked up.

“Good you are still here.” Oliver said with a smile on his face.

“Yes, what’s up? PLEASE tell me you have something for me to do? I need to be useful and right now the computers are doing all the work!” Felicity was practically begging.

“Nope. No work. But I thought we could go grab some dinner.”

“I’m not really that hungry Oliver.” Plus, Felicity couldn’t help but think we aren’t the type of people who do that anymore, remember?

“Maybe just a shake? I’ll take you to Big Belly Burger it will be my treat.”

Damn, he was persistent.

“Okay,” she said a little nervously. “It’s not like I’m doing anything.”

“Great! Let’s take my bike. I know you used to love to ride on it.”

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Caitlin’s been a little bit frosty towards me as of late – apparently, outing your best friend’s deep dark secret can earn you the cold shoulder. It will take me a while to warm up to the idea of Caitlin being a meta-human, but regardless, I needed to show her she is still my best friend. What better way to rekindle a friendship than with a night out on the town?

We carb-loaded at Big Belly Burger before hitting some bars downtown. Caitlin wasn’t super into it – I guess she was just frozen in fear of what she might become and wasn’t able to let loose anymore. So I bought us some Kamikaze shots to get her to relax, which led to martinis, which led to Jack and Cokes, which lead to I-don’t-even-know what. Somewhere along the line, Caitlin forgot her woes and even rode the mechanical bull at some country-western joint where I stood out like a sore thumb.

We hopped from bar to bar and somehow ended up at a Mexican place which proudly declared it was home of “El Gigante,” a seven-pound burrito that’s near impossible to finish. Impossible for a regular Joe, maybe, but for two meta-humans? Challenge accepted.  Caitlin and I donned some protective bibs and plopped down at a corner booth, ready to tackle the beast (it couldn’t be any worse than a man who manipulates shadows, right?). Wrong. That burrito was a massive monster of melted cheese, meat, salsa, and something called “ghost peppers.” Holy Batman. Those peppers were hell. Literally. Two bites in and I started sweating. Not a simple shiny sheen like after a simple workout, but more like the nasty-Niagara-Falls-sweating-after-trying-to-keep-up-with-Barry sweat. I saw my reflection in the napkin dispenser go from slight blush to full on Hellboy. Luckily, Caitlin saw my plight and grabbed my hand just before I passed out. She blasted me with cold that cooled me right down. What would I do without her?

Together, hand-in-hand, we were able to finish the burrito. We had our picture taken (it’s now hanging on the wall just to the left of the bathrooms, which we both desperately needed after conquering El Gigante. TMI? Sorry.) and we both got dorky t-shirts to commemorate the event. I’m hoping our little adventure thawed some of the ice between me and Caitlin, but honestly, I’m not sure how much of that night she will remember. We did have a lot to drink.

Double Standard (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader)

Barry and Cisco notice that Harry treats you a lot better than anyone else in the laboratory, and it worries them…


“Harry never yells at you.”

“He actually smiles around you.”

“And most importantly,” Cisco pointed out in a very convinced tone. “He shares his Big Belly Burger fries with you.”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. 

For the past twenty minutes, Barry and Cisco have been trying to persuade you that the infamously dickish - yet not evil - Harrison “Harry” Wells had a double-standard for you. They weren’t really trying to make point whether it was good or bad; moreso, just explaining that the possibility of such was terrifyingly awkward.

Sighing, you closed your eyes and crossed your arms, only to end up massaging your throbbing temples.

“…Listen, guys,” you leaned against the table prior to casting them worried looks. “I appreciate your concern and all; but aren’t you overreacting?”

Cisco gaped, as if you had just slapped him.

Overreacting?” his voice couldn’t have sounded more incredulous. “You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding.”

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mrriggerworld  asked:

I don't know if I can get behind Adrian/Kara as a romance, because they're basically siblings, and Kara's too old for him anyways. I love them as a BroTP, though, and then we can combine BroTPs where Kara takes Adrian to meet Barry and Wally, and they're both like "I got an adoptive younger brother!" "So do I!" "Let's get Big Belly Burger!" and then they eat Central City out of fast food.

Oh my god a four-way BroTP I am living.

Not Fast Enough (02)


A/N:Part 2 is here and I’m guessing this will end up with 5 chapters or something.Anyways enjoyyy! (btw gif is not mine,credits to the owner)

Part: 1

Barry walked down to the cortex carrying Big Belly Burger takeouts.And that’s when he heard the loud voices of Caitlin and Cisco arguing.Barry decided to eavesdrop for a while.

“She’s acting strange Caitlin”he heard Cisco say

“Cisco it’s possible that she doesn’t want to talk about these nerdy and geeky stuffs because it still reminds her of Isaac”Caitlin reasoned out.

Barry’s face turned into confusion.

He hasn’t noticed anything that’s changing about Y/N these past few weeks.It still the same old Y/N that he grew up with.She still has the bright smile even after everything that happened.

“No it’s not that just that but have you seen her lately?”Cisco whispered “She’s busying herself with work,running errands like she has super speed,she acts like nothing happened”

He was getting Cisco’s point.It was kinda odd for people to continue like nothing happened but then again Y/N’s different from the rest.

‘You’re worrying too much Barry’ he said to himself as he continued to listen to the conversation.

“We have different forms of coping our losses”

“But this is different,I know how it feels to lose a sibling and even though we’re not close I still want to hurt someone for Dante’s death…Imagine what it’s like for Y/N”Cisco concluded

“Are you saying that Y/N might turn…dark?”

Y/N being a villain?That’s simply impossible,it’s not Y/N’s nature to be evil.She won’t even dare hurt a fly,let alone a person.

His friends are going crazy right now.

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Imagine Harrison Wells and Cisco arguing over Big Belly Burger

Words: 334

Note: The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner.

You are heading to Harrison’s lab and being extremely excited about the first dinner date with Harrison. By walking through the corridors, you hear the arguing sound, which comes from the lab, and then you hear Y/N.

“There is no way Y/N will like it.” Your heart skip a beat, did Cisco just mention you in their argument?

You then decide to slow down your pace and carefully not showing your appearance in front of them but overhear what they are arguing about.

“How do you even know? You are not Y/N.” Here comes Harrison’s sound, he seems a little mad about their conversation.

“Well,” Cisco rolls his eyes over Harrison, “because no girls on earth like their first dinner date being take place in Big Belly Burger!”

“What is the problem with Big Belly Burger? They have double size beef and even three layers of chesses!”

“Okay,” Cisco takes a deep breath, “it’s not about the food itself, but the surrounding feeling.”

Harrison frowns with a confusing look and Cisco sighs, “Girls love romantic stuff, like candles, flowers… So please take Y/N to a nice restaurant for your first date. Trust me, the idea of going to Big Belly Burger tonight will kill everything. I am not expecting a grumpy Dr. Wells tomorrow morning.”

Harrison still confusing but tries to take what Cisco just said, “So… a nice restaurant will work?”

Cisco shakes his head with a poor look on his face, “Oh man… you actually know nothing about girls do you?”

Harrison glares at Cisco and at the same time you can’t help but giggle and step out of shadow.

Both men are shocked at your sudden appearance.

“So… you heard everything?” Cisco asks with embarrassment.

“Yep,” you laugh and give Harrison a big smile, “Big Belly Burger sounds wonderful, Dr. Wells.”

Harrison rises his eyebrow with a victory look towards Cisco.

After the two of you leave the lab, Cisco shakes his head once again and mumbles, “What a weird couple…”

Seymour (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines

Originally posted by croissantdonut

You find a stray dog and decided to bring it back to S.T.A.R. Labs so you could beg Harry to keep him….




“I’ll take really good care of him!”

“Absolutely not.”

“But I promise!!”

With his arms crossed and his lips pressed in a firm line, Harry looked at you, unamused. Although you were his favorite person in the world aside from his daughter Jesse, the look on his face suggested that there was no way you would convince him to say “yes.”

But still, you tried.

I mean, how could you not?

Only a few months old, the adorable, fluffy shih tzu in your arms snuggled comfortably as you held him close. 

You had found the stray earlier in the park, while you were heading out to get the Team’s order of Big Belly Burgers. He had been hiding under a bush, whimpering and occasionally peeking out to see if his mother or owner were anywhere nearby.

When you came to the terrible conclusion that he had been abandoned, you picked up the dog, got everyone’s lunches and headed back to the lab; thus, leaving you in your current predicament…

Sticking out your bottom lip, you took a step forward and gave Harry your best puppy-dog look.

“Please, Harry?” you begged once more. “You can’t turn down a face like this, can you?”

Harry stared at you for the longest time, eyes narrowed, as if trying to find the words to tell you off, tell you to return the the stray back where you found it; but, knowing full well that his absolute denial would crush you…

He let out an exasperated sigh.

Glancing between you and the stray in your harms, his once hard features softened when he saw how you cared for the puppy. The way you cradled him in your arms, the way you tickled his tummy, the way you wiggled your nose against his and kissed him on the forehead.

It was almost motherly…

And that, by in all, reached a deep part of his heart that left him wondering if you could - one day - do the same for his child.

The very thought rocked Harry to his core.

“…Fine,” Harry muttered. watching your eyes grow wide with happiness and amazement. “But, make sure he doesn’t make a mess…”

Words could not simply describe the joy you felt right now.

Carefully, you managed to cradle the puppy in one arm and threw the other around Harry’s shoulder, pulling him into a close, loving hug. 

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” you exclaimed, smile spreading so broadly, it could’ve split your face in half. “You won’t ever regret it. I promise you!”

Harry slipped his arm around your waist and gave you a good squeeze, prior to letting go. He shoved his hands in his front pockets and nodded.

“I trust you,” he said, confidently.

Turning, Harry made his move to leave so you could spend time alone with your new friend; but, you stopped him. 

“What should we name him?” you asked.

Harry paused, mid-step in stride, prior to turning to you. He watched you tickle the puppy’s tummy once more, as he wracked his brain for an answer. 

Unable to find one on the spot, he shrugged helplessly.

“…I honestly don’t know,” he confessed, as you made your way towards him. “Do you have any ideas?”

“I think I do,” you said.

Smiling, you carefully transferred your newfound family member to his hands. At first, Harry was hesitant - unwilling, even - before you finally placed the puppy in his care.

Squirming slightly, the canine just just small enough to fit in his palm. 

With big brown eyes, a white pelt, and tiny paws, the baby shih tzu was the perfect bundle of sunshine that you knew would bring a smile to everyone’s face at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Including the hardcore, I-don’t-care-about-anything Harrison Wells…

Brushing a thumb over it’s lower lip, Harry couldn’t help but smile profoundly when the puppy grabbed his finger. Truth be told: while he was not an animal person, he did find a sudden likeness to the small creature.

Wrapping your hands around his arm, you rested your head against his shoulder.

“I was thinking of naming him Seymour,” you suggested. “What do you think, Harry?”

He smiled gently. “I think Seymour sounds wonderful…”

anonymous asked:

do you have any favorite barriscowest headcannons? i love your blog btw :)

aww thank you!! barriscowest owns my soul so:

  • barry, cisco, and iris like to lounge around on sunday afternoons, in their favorite pj’s, eating ice cream and watching disney movies
  • cisco is constantly at barry and iris’ place, picking up groceries for them or feeding the turtle before having dinner with them and crashing on their couch
  • he’s there so much that iris and barry give up their office room for him
  • cisco stops by the ccpd with iris to have lunch with barry
    • and when he finds out they have big belly burger every day, he decides to cook puerto rican and colombian dishes (”do you want to be called gordo y gordita? that’s what i thought”) 
  • after the whole musical situation, cisco and iris try their best to get barry to sing more often because they simply love his voice 
    • (they won’t mention the bet they have going on, though)
  • when barry and cisco have the loft to themselves, they pig out and watch tv and cuddle and make blanket forts all day
  • when cisco and iris have the place for themselves, they practice dancing and they cook new meals together and they work on crafts 
  • every other friday night, the three of them like to dress in their nice clothes and go out to their favorite fancy restaurant before they go to a nice club 
    • afterwords, they all cuddle up on the couch of their home, netflix playing in the background as their hands intertwine and their heads on each other’s shoulders, falling asleep with smiles on their faces