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  • me: *stands by the pool* "I've been standing at the edge of the water'Long as I can remember, never really knowing why..."
  • Paramedics: You do realize you ran off the board,slipped, belly-flopped so hard you became unconscious, and almost drowned right?
  • me: What can I say except you're welcome ;)
Morgan Rielly - Part Seventeen

Again, I posted this on Wattpad earlier today! 

I knock on his door precisely at ten.

“It’s open!” I hear a muffled yell and I hesitantly make my way inside, still a little unnerved about last night. All the curtains are still drawn and I blink a few times before my eyes adjust to the dim light.

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Hope it is okay to request a NSFW scenario with a Yandere TendoXreader please?

So, as I have noted before, both is other asks and in my rules, I do not write yandere. It’s just not a relationship example I want to promote and the premise reminds me of my own mentally abusive relationship in which I used to be in.

BUT, I can write a smutty scene with Tendou built on consent, trust, and love!

Hope you enjoy.

P.s. It’s a little more lovey-dovey than smutty???

There was nothing special about the night. It was an average night consisting of too starchy take out food, homework splayed across the table, and a vague top hits song playing in the background. It was a night that Tendou had experienced with them many times again and again.

But something felt heightened about the moment. With their socked feet nudging against his own bare ones under the table and the way they raised their pen to their lips as their eyes took in the words of their textbook. No, there was nothing special about this night, but it was s night that brought overwhelming love to the redheads heart.

And when he pushed himself across the distance of the small table to slot his lips against theirs, he melted into the action. It was one they had shared before, one that felt familiar and comforting as they fell into the rhythm that might as well be second nature to them.

Love was a complicated thing, he realized with each day that passed. Because it wasn’t always how pop culture described it. With his hands guiding them back towards their shared bedroom, his mind conjured up the same thought, his hands easily peeling away their clothes to expose the body that was so much different from the one he had initially lusted after.

He loved them, don’t misunderstand, and he would always consider them beautiful and desirable. But they were softer now, rounder even from the lack of time to care for it properly that comes along with life. He too had changed, belly no longer board flat as it had been in high school, probably from too much alcohol consumption in his early years of university, and his muscle tone not so defined. Only the faint reminiscence of the individuals they had once been.

For their minds had changed too. Just as his idea of love changed with each time he found himself inside of them. His hips pressing tight against their own and his voice cradling against the crock of their neck. Their hands trailed over his back, nails catching at skin, and he was hyper-aware of this lovely person they had become in all the years that he had been able to hold them just as he was now.

Reaching his high much too quickly that night, Tendou littered their bare kiss with deep kisses, mouth dipping into crevices he had been able to find only due to the amount of time he had them for. His fingers brought them to their own separate finish, their voice rasping beautifully in his ears. And his mouth found theirs again, kissing this new person he loved just as tenderly as the one they were the day before. And he couldn’t wait to kiss the person they would become tomorrow.

“Makis-Zaku, Kodai! Your turn, kid!”

That was the voice of Kodai’s gym teacher as he called him up for his “Start of the Year” weigh-in. Kodai always hated how his gym teacher would call the students by their last name, then their first name. If felt like he was being prosecuted for a crime. Anyways, he walked up the scale which sounded off with a loud clang. His teacher adjusted the scale to level out the numbers. Once he found the number on the scale that leveled out the scale, he wrote the number on his chart. Only to then proceed announce the number to the class.

“352 pounds,” the teacher announced, earning a scowl from the young Zephyrite as he patted his belly with his chart board. “Yep, you really porked the hell up there, kiddo! Look at that belly!”

“Keep it up and it’ll be you in there,” Kodai muttered to himself, thankfully low enough to miss his ears. He hated when people draw attention to his weight, even if they had the best of intentions.

“It ain’t healthy for ya, kid,” his gym teacher continued, signaling the next student to come up. “You best be watching your weight kiddo, else you’ll turn into a big ol’ ball of lard! Ya hear that?” Kodai shrugged it off as he walked to the gym room in a huff. He swore that one day, he would get him back for embarrassing him in front of everyone in his class.

“Maybe I should end up a doughball, just to spite you…”

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Supercat and surfer au

“Who’s that?” Alex nudges Kara in the ribs as she stares down the beach. “That’s at least the third time this week I’ve caught you checking her out.”

“I heard she owns this whole stretch of beach,” Kara sighs, pulling the leash from her ankle. Her wetsuit is already unzipped and rolled down to her waist, just in case the woman in the black bikini top should glance her way. Kara knows she’s not exactly hard on the eyes. “You know what? I’m going to thank her.”

Before Alex can hold her back, Kara jogs across the sand to the woman, who’s standing just above the tide line, watching some kids on boogie boards.

“Is this your beach?” Kara asks. 

“Mmm,” she replies, not looking at Kara. “Why?”

“It’s really cool that you let us surf here for free,” Kara explains. “I mean, the conservation work we do instead is great, but the waves here are insane, Miss, uh…”

“Call me Cat.” This time she looks around, and drags her eyes slowly up over Kara’s abs, and her royal blue bikini top. To call the gaze lingering would be an understatement, and Kara blushes. “I wanted to do something… for the community.”

“Mom!” One of the boys is up on his board, waving towards Cat and Kara, before wiping out at the first ripple of a wave. Cat makes to dash into the water, but without thinking, Kara places a hand on her arm.

“Wait,” she urges. “Watch.”

Sure enough, the kid clambers back onto his board belly-first, laughing as he shakes water from his curls.

“He needs lessons. Carter, my son,” Cat decides, laying a hand over Kara’s where it’s still on her wet forearm. “Would you be interested?”

“Would you come too?” Kara asks. “To um, supervise?”

“And provide burgers and shakes after, knowing Carter,” Cat agrees. “I think we have a date, don’t you?”

“Don’t you want to know if I’m any good?” Kara asks as Cat retreats towards the fence that hides the big house on the beach from prying eyes. 

“Oh, I’ve been watching,” Cat assures her, walking backwards with a smile on her face. “And only the best will do.”

Nobody Compares by @mcqdj
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: T

There was a first time for everything.

That was a thing right, Zayn thought to himself. It was a thing that people said?

Or, was it just Harry and his crazy green eyes and ridiculous dimples, trying to get him to loosen up and just live a little for a change?

Zayn allowed himself a smile as he recalled their Skype conversation from a few weeks ago.

“Harry! You look well, mate!”

“Thanks, Zayn! It’s this place, honestly, it changes you.”

Harry looked amazing. Tan, rested, happy. Zayn rubbed a hand over his face, suddenly aware that he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days and that there were shadows under his eyes that he worried were now permanent fixtures.

“I hate to say it, but you don’t look so good.” Concern radiated off on-screen Harry, even though he was miles away. “Don’t you have time off for the summer? Hey!” Harry’s face brightened with a sudden realization. “You should totally come out here!”

Zayn looked at him with doubt written all over his face.

“You know who you’re talking to here, right, Harry? I don’t do the beach.”

Harry rolled his eyes at him and leaned even closer to his computer screen.

“I know who I’m talking to, my horribly stubborn friend Zayn Malik. And I know you’re not a beach person, but, seriously…you might like it. I never thought I’d be surfing, or, okay, well, trying to surf.” Harry’s expression turned soft and Zayn wasn’t sure if he imagined that his eyes fixed on something or someone else in the room there with him. Harry turned back to Zayn and smiled. “Maybe you could try too. I mean, there’s a first time for everything. It’s the summer. Give yourself a break. I promise you’ll love it here.”

Zayn cursed himself for giving in so easily. But, everyone had that friend, didn’t they? The friend that loved you and wanted only the best for you. Harry Styles was that friend. And sure, sometimes he came up with silly, harebrained schemes, but even when they failed horribly, they still always managed to make Zayn laugh and hey, that was how memories were made, right?

So, here he was at the airport in Hawaii, the beginnings of a migraine pricking behind his eyes and jet-lag threatening to drag him under, scanning the crowd for a tall, curly-haired…


Despite the bone-deep weariness he felt from the long-haul flight, Zayn felt a weight lift from his shoulders at the sight of his friend. He laughed out loud as Harry tried to weave through all the bodies in the airport to get to him. Harry wrapped long arms around him and Zayn returned the hug, smiling at his floral shirt, buttons open to his chest. Trust Harry to go native.

“It’s brilliant that you’re here, Zayn!” Harry said, happiness written plainly on his face.

Zayn shook his head and let Harry take his bag as they made their way out of the terminal.  "I still can’t quite believe I’m here. There’s just…so much…sun.“ He shut his eyes and lifted his face towards the light. "Wow.”

Harry looked at him fondly and bumped his shoulder against Zayn’s. “Open your eyes, our ride is here.”

Zayn blinked his eyes open to find a blue station wagon with surf boards stacked on its roof rack, a golden-skinned young man with a perfect fringe at the wheel, leaning over to grin at him.

“Zayn! ’M Louis. Harry’s done nothing but talk about you, feel like I know you already. Get in!”

Zayn’s dark eyes found Harry’s, his eyebrows arching slightly, a smile playing on the corners of his lips.

Well. Harry hadn’t said anything about this.

“Pleasure to meet you, Louis,” he said, sliding into the back seat. “Thanks for picking me up.”

Louis scoffed. “As if Harry would let you take a cab. I mean, as if Harry would let me let you take a cab.” He winced when Harry jabbed him in the ribs.

Harry turned in his seat to talk to Zayn. “You must be knackered. We’ll get you to the house. But, tomorrow,” he reached a long arm to tap Zayn on the chest. “You are going to the beach!”

Zayn smiled broadly and turned his face towards the open window, too tired to fight. With the sun warm on his face and the wind in his hair, he was feeling like he might just say yes to anything.

Standing on the shore the next morning, however, after a good night’s sleep and Harry’s special weekend pancakes and the perhaps the best cup of tea he’d ever had, Zayn had a moment of doubt.

“Umm. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. Maybe I should just like, sit on the beach. And take photographs,” he said, kicking his feet in the sand.

“Taking photographs is work, Zayn, and you’re supposed to be on break! No backing out now,” Harry said, sternly.

“I’m not even that great a swimmer!” Zayn protested, weakly.

Louis’ sharp eyes scanned the surf. “It’s perfect conditions today, though, Zayn. Perfect for beginners, like you. And this baby giraffe here,” he said gesturing at Harry, who tried to look indignant, but somehow only ended up looking fond. “Let’s get a move on, Harry,” Louis said. “You always take forever getting ready.”

“Wait, if you and Harry are going together, who’s with me?” Zayn asked, panic rising in his chest.

“Oh, we got you the best teacher,” Harry said, reassuringly.

“Yeah. Liam’s very patient, very kind,” Louis said.

Harry leaned closer to Zayn and whispered, “Not to mention, proper fit.”

“Tommo! Harry!” A cheerful voice called out. Zayn turned towards the sound.


“You must be Zayn! Am Liam. We’re gonna get you out there, catching waves today!” He rubbed his hands together, and, looked so pleased, Zayn was ready to turn cartwheels if it meant it would keep that expression on his face forever.

“Nice to meet you, Liam.”

Zayn had to fight to keep the words “You’re so pretty…” from slipping from his lips.

But, he really, really was.

Louis nudged Harry with a knowing smile. “Let’s get out there, Harry. The sea awaits!”

Harry raised his eyebrows at Zayn. “Have fun, Zayn. Take good care of my friend, Liam.”

Zayn and Liam watched the two jog away, Liam trying to stifle a chuckle when Harry somehow got his long legs tangled together and almost tripped. Zayn tried to sneak a glance at Liam, cleared his throat, and said, “If you think Harry’s bad, well, I have to warn you. I’m the least athletic person there ever was. And I don’t even swim that well.”

“We’re staying in a very calm part of the beach. Over by the sandbar. It won’t get too rough and I’ll be right there with you,” Liam said, with a smile. Zayn wished Liam wouldn’t smile quite so hard at him. It made it difficult to think. Or speak. Or function in any way like a human being.

“So…taking a break from the city, huh?” Liam said as they walked to where he had set up boards for their lesson.

Zayn chuckled. “That obvious? I mean, I know I felt like a sick city boy, but I didn’t think I looked it!”

“Nah. Harry was talking about you all week. But,” he grinned at Zayn, “I think I could tell even if Harry hadn’t said anything. I mean, look at me,” Liam said, gesturing to himself. Zayn had, in fact, been trying not to look for fear he might forget how to breathe. Liam was wearing a black rash-guard and sensible dark blue board shorts with red trim.

“And look at you…” Liam said, gesturing at Zayn with a smile.

Zayn glanced down at himself. His rash-guard was an eye-catching shade of turquoise and his board shorts had a whimsical palm-tree pattern on it. He had bought it on impulse, figuring, hey, he was going to Hawaii. Go big or go home, right?

“You’re so London. Your own style. Don’t think anyone could that pull that look off like you,” Liam said.

“Too much?”

“No,” Liam bit his lip, ducked his head, shrugged and looked back up at Zayn. “I like it. It’s cool.”

By this time, they had reached the surfboards and Liam ran a hand through his dark hair.  

“Shall we get started, then?”

They spent the better part of the morning learning to balance on the board, practicing pop-ups, and mimicking paddling. Finally, Liam declared Zayn ready to venture into the water.

Standing waist deep in water, Zayn cast an uncertain glance at Liam.

“I don’t know about this,” he muttered.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” Liam’s voice was soothing. “We could even just sit out there on our boards, no pressure to catch a wave, unless you really want to.”

They paddled out. Zayn was proud of himself for remembering that he had to duck down with the board to get through the incoming waves. They were soon sitting on their boards, bobbing gently. Zayn leaned back on his palms, tilting his face to the sky.

“So,” he said, lazily. “Have you always wanted to be a surf instructor?”

Liam splashed water on his face and shook his head. “Nope. Went to business school in Wolverhampton.”

Zayn cracked an eye open. “Thought I detected a Brummie accent.”

Liam grinned. “Yeah. Worked in the city for a while. Decided it wasn’t for me. Ended up here, somehow. It’s funny how things work out. What about you?”

“Went to art school. Ended up being a photographer, which is how I met Harry. We worked together at the newspaper.”

“And, you’re here now, because?” Liam asked, curious.

A slow smiled spread over Zayn’s face. “It’s the summer! And Harry thought I needed a break. And I guess he was right.” He lifted his head and looked out at the sea. “And, he will have a fit if he finds out I didn’t even try. So maybe you should find me a nice gentle wave to try this out on?”

Liam pumped his fist in the air. “Yes! Get in! Ok.” He skillfully maneuvered his board to scan the water. “I see a good set coming in…alright, go, Zayn, paddle, paddle, paddle!”

Zayn got flat on his belly on the board and began paddling. He felt a moment of panic, but glanced back and saw Liam cheering him on. and, somehow, that gave him a boost of confidence.

“Pop up! Pop up!”

Zayn grunted and pushed himself up to a split stance, knees soft, arms outstretched. He was so busy concentrating he didn’t even notice that Liam had come up behind him, gliding easily next to him on the smooth surface of the water.

“Yes! You did it! You’re surfing!”

Zayn glanced at him with an exhilarated smile and a joyous whoop came bubbling out of his chest. “I did it!”

They glided all the way into the shallows where they stepped off the boards, Zayn dancing onto the sand like a kid, where Harry and Louis were waiting, clapping their hands and cheering for him.

“Loads better than Harry’s first time!” Louis said, ducking Harry’s half-hearted punch to the shoulder.

“Clearly, it’s because I’m the better teacher,” Liam said, reaching out to clap a hand to Zayn’s shoulder. “That was brilliant, Zayn.”

At that moment, Zayn wanted nothing more than to kiss Liam, just to see what he looked like after a proper kiss.

But, that wouldn’t be right. Even though it took superhuman effort not to kiss him, Zayn managed to keep himself under control.

Sometimes Zayn was so appropriate he annoyed himself.

Instead he smiled and said, “You’re a great teacher.”

“You were a great student.”

They stood there smiling dumbly at each other.

“And together we’re so good,” Zayn said finally.

Liam did an adorable giggle-shrug that made Zayn’s head spin so bad he felt like he needed to lie down on the sand for about an hour.

Stop, Zayn protested in his mind, you’re tearing me apart.

Louis finally cleared his throat. “Erm. So…Zayn, would you like to join us for lunch?”

Liam checked his watch. “Oh, yeah. Zayn you should go join them, I have another student. I’ll..see you around, hopefully?” He raised a hand to wave to Harry and Louis, and went jogging off, Zayn looking after him, a wistful expression on his face.

“Awww, Zaynie…you’re so pretty when you cry! Don’t be sad! He’ll be back!” Harry said, slinging an arm around him with a laugh.

Zayn glared at him. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“What? Introduced you to Liam? Nope. That was Louis’ idea.”

Zayn shifted his glance to Louis, who had a mischievous grin on his face. “How’d you know he’d be my type?”

“What? I didn’t. But, Liam is quite a handsome lad, isn’t he? He’d be anyone’s type. I introduced you because, well, he’s a good surf instructor, and,” his expression turned sly, “I think you’d get on well together.”

“Is he single?”

“Oh yeah. Single for too long, if you ask me. In the interests of transparency though, his last serious relationship was with a girl.”

Zayn was lost.

“What? He’s straight?”

Louis wrinkled his forehead in thought. “It’s…Liam’s complicated? Isn’t he, Harry? I figured if he needed a nudge in the right direction, well, you would be perfect.”

Zayn groaned. To be perfectly honest, he hadn’t even been thinking about a summer romance. But, if he were, he’d have hoped for something simple, light, fun.

Not, like, a challenge.

Zayn grinned. Not that he wasn’t up for it.

And Liam certainly proved to be a challenge. Zayn was a week into his vacation and he’d gone surfing only a couple more times with Liam, and, though he enjoyed it, he much preferred lying on the beach with a good book and a cold beverage in hand. Liam was always the same: all puppy-dog eyes and pink lips and that blasted boy-next-door charm. He seemed to give the strangest signals. Either that or Zayn was complete and utter crap at reading signals. He always stood so close Zayn could feel how warm his skin was. And somebody had apparently taught Liam that if you wanted only one person to hear what you had to say, you had to put your lips right up next to that person’s ear and let your lips brush their cheek.

Zayn wanted to congratulate whoever taught Liam that whispering technique. It was perfect.

Yet, he never asked Zayn out, invited him to lunch, or for a drink.

It just never seemed to be the right time to try and take things to the next level.

Harry collapsed on the sand next to Zayn, his smile wide.

“You look very relaxed.”

“I am very relaxed. This was one of your, well, not so ridiculous ideas,” Zayn said.

“Well, we had another idea,” Harry began.

“We?” Zayn raised an eyebrow at him.

Harry actually blushed. “Lou and I. We were thinking of having a party tonight. A small one,” he said, quickly, noting Zayn’s pained expression. “Just the people you already know. Something simple. Liam will be there, of course.”

Zayn grumbled. “Sometimes I think you and Louis have money on whether or not I kiss Liam Payne.”

Harry chuckled. “I would never admit to that. But, hey, no pressure, Zayn. It’s all good fun. It’s summer! There’s love in the air!”

Harry was right. Summer romances were supposed to be fun, light, easy. That’s what Zayn kept telling himself when Liam walked into the party that night. Grey henley shirt, dark blue jeans and white Converse sneakers. Zayn realized that this was probably the first time he’d seen Liam in actual clothes. In dry clothes. He couldn’t decide what he liked better.

Liam’s face lit up when he saw Zayn behind the kitchen counter that served as the bar.

“Zayn, nice to see you. You weren’t out on the water today,” Liam said, his eyes narrowing accusingly.

Zayn chuckled. “Yeah, I was feeling lazy, so I just sat on the beach.” He turned in a slow circle, as if putting his good health on display. “Look!” All the time spent on the beach had done Zayn a world of good. His sun-kissed complexion looked warm and under the kitchen light, almost golden.

Liam’s hand closed over Zayn’s wrist as he leaned forward to inspect his arm.“Not bad. But, to be honest,” he said, more seriously, “you look loads better than when you arrived. Relaxed and, like…happy. It’s good. Happy looks good on you.”

They stood for a moment in comfortable silence, until Liam realized he still had his hand around Zayn’s wrist.

Not that Zayn minded.

Liam gently released Zayn’s arm and rubbed the back of his neck, with a sheepish grin.

Zayn shook his head, snapping into host mode. "Where are my manners!? What would you like to drink? We’ve got beer, wine and…well,” Zayn stirred the contents of a punch bowl, his expression dubious. “Louis made this. He says it’s some sort of punch.” He lifted his eyes to Liam. “Think we should risk it?”

Liam shrugged and smiled. “First time for everything?”

Zayn served them both a glass, but before he could take a sip, Liam tugged on his sleeve.

“Let’s go outside. This place has a great view of the sky.” They made their way out of the party, Zayn intensely aware of Liam’s fingers, light on his lower back as he guided him outside. Liam lowered himself onto the porch step and stretched his legs out in front of him, and Zayn followed suit.

Liam lifted his glass to Zayn. “To summer?”

“To summer. And first times,” Zayn, said.

They both took a sip from their glasses. Zayn winced. “What did Louis put in this?”

“Everything, seems like,” Liam said with a grimace. “Maybe the second sip is better?”

They both took another swallow, looked at each other and shook their heads.

“I think that’s quite enough of that,” Zayn said putting his glass down. He moved closer to Liam, who didn’t seem to mind. Zayn bumped his shoulder against Liam’s.

“So why’s a handsome lad like you still single? I figured you’d be fighting people off with a stick,” Zayn said.

Thank God for Louis and alcoholic courage.

Liam smiled bashfully. “Had a girlfriend. Thought we were good. Was wrong. My heart hasn’t quite been the same since.”

Zayn was quiet.

Liam bumped his shoulder against Zayn. “What about you?”

“Always too busy, I guess.”

“So, I never had the right person and you never had the right time. We’re a pair, aren’t we?”

Zayn took a deep breath and let his fingers touch Liam’s. Liam turned to him, a curious look on his face. Zayn lifted his hand and traced a finger down Liam’s face.

“I guess we are. A pair.”

Zayn leaned forward, hesitated, and then pressed a chaste kiss to Liam’s jaw.

He sat back, a worried expression on his face.

“So, that was pretty stup–.”

But before he could finish speaking, Liam was closing the distance between them, his hand cupping Zayn’s face and…


Liam was everything Zayn had imagined. His lips were soft, but insistent, and when Zayn’s hand came up behind Liam’s neck to pull him closer, Liam made a hoarse noise in the back of his throat that made Zayn’s stomach turn somersaults. He opened his mouth to try and take a breath, and Liam’s tongue slid between his lips, hot and slick and tasting faintly like orange juice and rum. Liam deepened the kiss, his hands in Zayn’s hair; his chest, broad and solid against Zayn’s smaller frame. Liam seemed to be everywhere, all around him, all at once, and his skin was warm and he smelled like sunshine and saltwater and ocean breezes and it was all just too much. Zayn pulled away laughing, dizzy.

“Or, maybe not so stupid,” Zayn said, twining his fingers with Liam’s.

Liam looked bashful. “Never done that. Not with another guy. But, first time for everything, right? Not sure I ever want to stop now.” He kissed Zayn again and to be honest, Zayn didn’t want him to stop either. He fisted his hands in Liam’s shirt, and his lips dragged down his jaw to press against the birthmark on his neck. He lifted his face to look at Liam. “So, for a first time, what do you think?”

Liam said, leaning closer and capturing Zayn’s lips again. He stopped long enough to lean his forehead against Zayn’s, his eyes suddenly very dark.

“Nobody compares.”

Into the Dark:

The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKneesHome


He woke up to a hell of a charley horse and nearly toppled Scully to the ground, the only thing saving her was the side of the chair. She still got shoved aside, however, as he jumped up, attempting to massage his thigh while not falling into the balcony railing. Being mostly asleep didn’t help much, given he kept stumbling sideways, wincing as he rubbed.

Once she was able to pry her eyes open, she took charge, as she sometimes had to in these charley horse situations, “go lie on the bed, would you?”

Hunched over, she could see the tears glistening at the corner of his eyes, “I’ll never make it.”

Pity drove her to his side, taking his arm and keeping his steady while he hop-jumped to the bed, only to twist and drop like a rock on the mattress, fists clenched in white-knuckled agony, “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

Grabbing hold of his aimlessly flailing arms which were trying desperately to get to his leg, she held them at his sides for a moment, “wait. For God’s sake, wait a minute and as a warning,” dodging his leg as he lifted it in a vain attempt to relieve the nightmare, “if you knee me in the mouth, I’m never going to share a bed with you again, clothed, unclothed or any variation therein.”

His leg stopped moving and she couldn’t help but smirk as she lay her hands on his thigh, “this will not be fun for you but suck it up, please and remember the kneeing thing.”

She pushed down hard on his muscle, knuckles digging in, twisting, turning, torturing the hell out of him while he could only focus on not groaning too loudly, desperately wanting to beg her to simply cut the leg off because it would be so much easier and probably less painful at the moment.

Scully ignored him, continued to minister to his leg until she finally felt the coiled tissue give way to pliability, the worst of the knots unraveling under her practiced hands. She felt him touch her, stopping her fingers momentarily, “wait, not so hard. It feels better now.”

Switching to a lighter touch, she kept up her massage, “it might feel better but if I stop now, it’ll just seize up again.”

Blissfully happy he didn’t want to die anymore, he let her do whatever she wanted, relishing in her hands on him until suddenly, he realized he was starting to enjoy it a little too much. Sitting up, he batted her away gently, “I’ll take it from here.”

Surprised he’d lasted this long with her in such close proximity to certain parts, she moved away without a word, keeping her grin to herself as she turned towards the balcony, checking her watch, “so, your little muscle spasm there woke us up before 6am. Who gets up before 6am on vacation?”

“Apparently, we do.” Still rubbbing, “sorry for the abrupt wakeup. Never had one that bad before.”

“Think you’ll be able to stand on it okay today? Kind of tough to surf with a bum leg.”

Standing, he put weight on it gingerly, wincing slightly but then nodding, “just need to walk a little. Loosen it up some more.”

Scully agreed, then caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the wall, “I was just about to suggest a walk but then I see that I resemble the bride of Frankenstein with this hair so I think I should shower first, then we go walk around and find some breakfast?”

Plucking at a few completely wild, red waves, “it’s the wind-blown, charley horse kind of hair-do. You make it look good.”

“When was your last eye appointment again?”

With a laugh, he pointed towards the bathroom, “go shower.”


The more walking they did, the better his leg felt and, on Scully’s advice, he made sure to drink extra water, which apparently helps with muscle insanity. By the time they returned to the room a few hours later, he barely made it to the bathroom to pee, his bladder so full he was getting a little queasy. Not by her own choosing, Scully could hear him peeing … and peeing … and peeing … and peeing … through the closed door. Feeling a little saucy, she called out to him, “um, you’re coming up on a minute, Mulder. How much did you drink?”

Hearing the falter in the stream, she grinned when he called back to her, “go away. I don’t do well with interruptions.”

“Good to know.” She wiggled herself into her bathing suit in those few extra moments, just pulling up the straps when Mulder burst from the bathroom, about to make some kind of comment but he stopped dead in his tracks, sarcasm switching instantly to regret, “I’m always just a few seconds too late. I need to do my shit just a little faster and I should be good.”

“You goal in life is now to catch me changing?”

“No comment.”

Her radiant smile made him grin, “get your suit on while I go sunscreen.” And, because she was truly evil and devious, she gave him one minute then burst out of the bathroom, just in time to catch his bare white butt slide inside his swim trunks. He stumbled in a circle at the door opening, nearly taking out several pieces of furniture in the process of turning towards her. All he saw was her retreating form, hand waving over her shoulder, “that was much appreciated. Thank you.”

He stomped into the bathroom, grabbed her around the waist and hauled her wiggling form to the bed, where he tossed her, sending her bouncing to the other side of the mattress, “this is just the beginning, Dana Katherine Theresa Scully. Mark my words.”

Scully looked at him incredulously, “Theresa?”

“Yeah. I know your confirmation name. What are you gonna do about it?”

“I have got to limit the time you and my mother spend alone together. I’m surprised you don’t know how old I was when I got my first period.”

“12. I believe it was sometime in January.”

“Good God.”

Tickling the bottom of her bare foot, “come on. We have surfing to do.”


The both dutifully ignored the fact that the doctor said he would call sometime today, having understood the fear and the time crunch and the distance from home. Scully brought her phone to the beach, against her inner voice telling her it could get stolen, destroyed, soaked, stepped on or melted. She piled towels on top of it and followed Mulder into the ocean, determined to enjoy her day.

Although, unspoken between them, they seemed to frequently get out of the water, claiming thirsty, sunscreen reapplication, feet were getting too wet. That last one was Scully’s sadly pathetic attempt to explain what in all seriousness needed no explanation and Mulder told her so, hand on her arm, “we’re just going to call it what it is.”

“Checking the phone?”

“Sand removal from hidden cracks.” Her scrunched face and eyebrow raise made him shrug, “I’ve had to do it every time I come up here and don’t tell me you haven’t.”

Wiggling a little for his benefit, “sure. Fine. Sand removal.”

The waves were big enough today that she began teaching him how to swim into them, dive under them and ride across them, belly flat on the board. He took to it much faster than she expected but even Mulder, with his new found love of ocean and wave, had to call it quits eventually, riding up on shore, Scully close at his heals.

As they trudged through the hot sand, then twisted to sit on the towels, “tomorrow, I think I should try to stand up.”

Not wanting him to hurry to much, “let’s see how big the waves are first, all right?”

He nodded, then picked up his towel, flinging the phone onto Scully’s lap accidently. He looked from it to her face, hesitantly reaching for it, “you want me to check?”

“No, actually. I think I’ll wait until we get back to the room. Ready to go?”

Even if he hadn’t been, he jumped back up beside her, ignoring the slight pull in his charley-horsed thigh, “yup. Why don’t you get our stuff together and I’ll go return the boards?”

Already gathering items, she nodded, soon making her way towards the hotel, Mulder a couple hundred feet ahead. Meeting in the elevator, they were back in the room after a silent ride, both heading to the balcony to drip dry a little before showering and changing. Scully pulled the cushion off the chair, tossing it to the ground so she could sit on the end of the bamboo seat without soaking anything. Mulder hesitated for all of half a second, then moved to sit behind her, feet on the ground, legs vee’d along hers.

“If he didn’t call, Mulder, we have to wait again.”

“I know and we will. We’ll wait as long as we need to. We’ll surf and eat and sleep and wait.”

Deciding that was the courageous statement she needed, she opened the phone and found a message icon waiting for her. She immediately handed the phone over her shoulder, “you listen, please.”

“I don’t want to hear something before you. What if they say something I don’t understand.” Taking the phone, he moved his arm beneath hers, holding it against her bare leg, “put it on speaker and we’ll listen together.”

He felt her cold hands as she took it, pressed a few buttons and then gripped his hand. All Mulder heard through the blood pounding in his brain and the whooshing in his ears was that she needed to call back before 5pm today.

Scully, who had been able to comprehend more than Mulder, immediately dialed the phone, putting on her best, detached, Scully voice, the one he despised most in the world. He couldn’t take it any longer and inching his head forward, rested against the back of hers, lips against her upper spine, just below the hated scar at the base of her skull.

He couldn’t hear the doctor on the other end of the line but Scully remained detached, giving away nothing in either inflection or response. His heart raced, then slowed, skipped then sped back up, the adrenaline from fear pouring into his system. He felt his arms moving closer around her middle. He felt himself scooting nearer. He felt his mouth kissing the remnant salt from her skin. He felt his world pinpointed to this very instant and he felt that if she were to die, he’d have no choice but to follow her into the dark.


He found reality in her voice and opening his eyes, spoke in a low thrum that rattled through her bones, “what did he say?”