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Musee des Blindés Part 19

1 to 3) Sturmpanzer IV. German WWII armored infantry support gun. The Sturmpanzer was a development of the Pzkpfw IV and was designed to provide a vehicle offering direct infantry fire support, especially in urban areas. It mounted a new 15-cm StuH 43 L/12 gun. This is a mid production version as seen by the ball-mount for a MG34 on the upper left of the case mate.

Sturmpanzer IV. Arma blindada de apoyo alemana de la SGM. El Sturmpanzer  fue desarrollado a partir del Panzer IV, diseñado para proveer un vehículo que ofreciera apoyo de fuego directo a la infanteria, especialmente en areas urbanas. Montaba el nuevo cañón 15-cm StuH 43 L/12. Esta es un vehículo de producción media, denotado por la montura ovalada para una MG34 en la parte superior izquierda de la casamata. 

4 to 6) Leopard 2 Prototype. One of 17 prototypes of the Leopard 2. All the prototypes used the Renk transmission from the Kampfpanzer 70 and twelve also used its MTU engine. Ten were equipped with a Rheinmetall 105mm smooth-bore gun and the others with a Rheinmetall 120mm smooth-bore gun. The hulls were similar to those of the Leopard 1 but with a more sharply angled glacis plate whilst the turrets resemble those of the Leopard 1A4.

Prototipo de Leopard 2. Uno de los 17 prototipos del Leopard 2. Todos los prototipos usaban la transmisión Renk del Kampfpanzer 70 y doce también usaban su motor MTU. Diez fueron equipados con un cañón de amina lisa Rheinmetall 120mm. Los cascos eran similares al del Leopard 1 pero con una placa del glasis mas pronunciada, mientras que la torreta se asemejaba a la del Leopard 1A4. 

7 to 9) T-62MV. Soviet modernization to the modernization of the T-55. Essentially just a T-62M fitted with ERA. The T-62MV was a general upgrade to the T-62, adding appliqué armor to the turret, additional belly armor, anti-neuron liner and a new laser range finder and ballistic computer. The T-62MV uses the “Kontakt-1” ERA package on the sides of the hull, the glacis plate, and in the front of the turret. This example was captured in Iraq.

T-62MV. Modernización soviética del T-55. Esencialmente solo un T-62 equipado con ERA. El T-62MV era una modernización general del T-62, añadiendo armadura extra en la torreta, armadura adicional en el vientre, un nuevo telémetro laser y computadora balística. El tanque usa el paqueta ERA “Kontakt-1” a los lados del casco, la placa glacis, y en el frente de la torreta. Este ejemplo fue capturado en Iraq. 

10) T-62. Basic improvement of the T-55. In contrast to previous tanks, which were armed with a rifled gun, the T-62 was the first tank armed with a smoothbore gun that could fire APFSDS at higher velocities. The T-62 became the standard Soviet tank but did not do well on the export market due to its expensive price and manufacture. Probably another Iraqi trophy.

T-62. Mejora básica del T-55. En contrate con tanques anteriores, armados con cañones riflados, el T-62 fue el primer tanque armado con un cañón de amina lisa que podía disparar munición APFSDS a mayores velocidades. El T-62 se convirtió en el principal tanque sovietico de su tiempo pero no le fue bien en el mercado de exportación debido a su alto costo. Probablemente otro trofeo Iraqi. 

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I’d argue that given RWBY’s penchant for skipping over things (timeskips between volumes, interactions between Ruby and Pyrrha that led to their friendship, interactions between Blake and Ruby, any kind of team training montage, just to name a few) they most likely skipped over the part where Ruby shares her plan with everyone else. (I would think that was assumed tho? That Ruby told everyone else of her plan? Otherwise what was the point of saying “I have a plan”?? It’s like when Ruby took Zwei with her to Mountain Glenn: we didn’t see her put him in the bag, but we assumed she did, because Zwei later on popped out of the bag)

“Weiss, go for its belly! There’s no armor underneath-“ -Ruby Rose, Volume 1, Episode 10

“I have a plan.“ “You always do.“ -Conversation between Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee, Volume 3, Episode 12

^that right there is the only confirmation of Ruby’s strategies we’ll ever need. Because the writers are fond of tell, not show.

And because you didn’t really notice:

Freezerburn was to impair the mechsuit’s cameras, making it rely heavily on its laser tripwire thing (fog/mist, really)

Checkmate was to take away the laser tripwire thing (Blake to cover Weiss while she stabbed that one weak spot, like only Weiss can)

Ladybug was to hack away limbs (Blake and Ruby have weapons that can hack away pieces of things, Yang can, but at this point her semblance hasn’t really kicked in yet, and they can’t just feed Yang to the robot so she’d get stronger, that’s cruel and unusual)

Ice Flower was to immobilize it (ice dust from Weiss fired from Ruby’s long range, cuz apparently even without arms it could still kick)

And Bumbleby to deal the finishing blow (Yang’s destructive power multiplied by the momentum from being swung from Blake’s Gambol Shroud)

“But why didn’t they just use Bumbleby from the beginning“ because if Torchwick could see them he could just easily y’know, move. So after they took out all the means he had of seeing, then they went to work on crippling/immobilizing it, so that Bumbleby had a clear shot.

If BOTW Outfits could give you other abilities

Zora Armor: Breath Underwater

Rubber Armor: Speak fish language

Barbarian Armor: Run faster on all fours

Flamebraker Armor: Swim in lava

Sheikah Armor: Ninja moves

Snowquill Armor: Paraglide faster

Soldier Armor: Swing two-handed weapons faster

Hylian Armor: Horses like you better

Guardian Armor: Shoot laser beams

Desert Voe Armor: Sand surf w/out a shield

Gerudo Armor: Seductive Belly Dancing

Dark Link Armor: Monsters will stay away from you

Tunic of the Wild: Infinite Stamina


Celtiberian Bronze Helmet, 4th century BC

This helmet was hammered from thin metal and decorated with repousse designs. Plain bands crisscross and encircle it, dividing the helmet into quadrants. A square opening has been cut away in the front for the face. Each quadrant contains a motif of three schematically rendered men beneath a “sun circle” ringed with dots. These lively human figures with their arms raised and one foot lifted off the ground seem to be engaged in an ecstatic dance. Dances such as these are described by Roman writers who observed the bellicose customs of the Celtiberians. Two projections along the transversal band of the helmet indicate that it once included an attached ornament or crest.

The Celtiberians were Celtic-speaking people of the Iberian Peninsula in the final centuries BC. These tribes spoke the Celtiberian language. Extant tribal names include the Arevaci, Belli, Titti, Lusones, and Berones. Celtiberians were celebrated for their fine weapons and armor.

New oc Bestla, the golden maiden.
aka egg mom

She’s a gold variant of a yellow Iratus and works as a maiden in the nursery.
Most of her armor is to show of her status but the belly armor is made of strong metal. The belly is to be protected as it’s where eggs are carried.
Whenever she’s pregnant the armor pieces are taken off of course.

She has a few grown up children and while broodmothers lay most of the eggs, some of the eggs in the nursery are hers but they’re all treated equally.
When she’s not protecting and taking care of the eggs she’s looking for someone suitable to get her pregnant again.

Here’s a little chart explaining maidens

Uphill Battle

Posted before I saw RvB13-7.  Spoilers through RvB13-6.


“Wait, so our AI used to be a Freelancer?” asked Felix as Locus flexed his arms inside the meta armor.

“We found the donor near a simulation base known to be frequented by Freelancer agents. To my surprise, the tissue was still usable even after years in cryostasis.” The Chairman smiled thinly. “I regret we could not run any of the coercion algorithms that rendered our dear FILSS so helpful.  You will have to, ah, ‘break it in’ yourselves.”

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Sea Glass and Ship Sails

My submission to the Makorra Summer Project!

4,500 words

Mako collects glass. Granted, he can’t keep most of what he finds on the ships he boards (the best pieces have to be sold as per his agreement with Captain Zolt, who sails away with the profit), but that doesn’t stop him from squirreling away bottles of rum and broken portholes in the caves along Republic City’s foggy coast. Keeping something, even the tiniest mockery of a true hoard, is better than going without. After all, no dragon worth his salt would ever go without a collection.

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Flobsters Are Getting an Upgrade

((I’m seriously going to take this seriously. I’m serious. Watch me be serious.))

Species Name: Flobsters

Sexes: N/A, They’re a Cybertronian species. They don’t have specific genders. If you have one as a pet, you can call it whichever gender you decide and it won’t care in the least.

Habitat: Their preferred habitat is the cliffs of the Sonic Canyons. They’ll spend most of their life clinging to the cliffs and searching out untapped raw energon deposits. Since the cliffsides of the Sonic Canyon are rather sheer in many places, many of the deposits there are untouched by other species or are too difficult to mine.

However, they are rather adaptable and not limited to this habitat. You might find a few hanging out in the city, mostly clinging to the sides of buildings or roofs, and sneaking what food they can out of garbage cans or from the nice mecha that decide to feed them at the park. They will also congregate around energon mines/energon springs depending on which universe you’re from.

Appearance/Physiology: (Subject to slight adaptation) Most flobsters are a rather dull grey color. Those that have been domesticated may come in more vivid colors (or be painted more vivid colors), but that will rarely/never occur in the wild varieties. They prefer to blend in to their surroundings instead of drawing attention to themselves.

They’re rather small by Cybertonian standards. Depending on the variety, they can vary in size, but they’re not going to get any longer than 6’-7’ feet long, and keep in mind that’s on the extreme end of the spectrum. Most are between 4’-5’ in size. In other words, they are the perfect size to cling to your giant, metal faceplates.

Their claws are about ¼th of their mass. The claws are not as large as those you will encounter on organic lobsters; however, you shouldn’t underestimate the strength. They use those to defend themselves against predators, other flobsters who might steal their prey, and sometimes to help break off shards of energon. They’re probably not going to snap their way through armor (unless you have light armor), but they might leave a mark if they manage to latch on to bare protoform. They also have mandibles and proboscis in order to help with breaking off shards of raw energon and consuming them. 

Their tails are actually pretty long and used for steering when they glide or fly. That means they are shaped more like an airplane tail than that of an organic lobster. They even have a vertical stabilizer, unlike an organic lobsters. They even have small, rudder like appendages to help them shift directions.

Their armor is pretty thin by most standards in order to help them fly. If you give them a good, hard whack, it is going to end up damaging them. They can be rather fast while in the air though, and difficult to get a hold of. The armor on their bellies is particularly scant to help with flexibility.

What makes them edible is the fact that they have a secondary storage tank where they store energon that their systems have processed and refined for scant times. If you manage to capture a flobster and open them up, that’s the part you want to go for. The energon running through their lines is as corroded and dirtied as that going through any other species. They will get you a mouthful of refined energon, though. If you have enough, you might just make a cube. (Desperate times, desperate measures?)

The magnets they use to create electro-magnetic fields are located on their thinly-armored belly. As a way of self defense, if you pick them up, they can create a strong electro-magnetic pulse that will briefly numb your circuits and make your movements clumsy. That, hopefully, will give them enough chance to fly away. This usually only happens if you’re picking them up in a rough or threatening manner, though.

Eyesight is not overly great or bad. They have a hard time making out details, but their color vision is pretty good in order to spot the blue shade of energon. They tend to be attracted to the color blue, even if it is not energon. They also have antennae that function as sort of a taste-tester. If they’re running their antennae over something blue, they’re probably trying to figure out if it’s edible.

Personality: Flobsters are prey animals, and they act as such. They prefer to flee instead of fight, but they will fight if you back them into a corner. As mentioned above, their main weapons are electro-magnetic pulses and their claws (both of which are weapons that the predator has to be close for them to use). They tend to travel in flocks both for safety and companionship. It’s a lot less likely a predator will attack one that has a flock than one on its own.

They are not very smart animals. They spend most of their waking hours looking for food, even if they are full. They spend approximately ½ of their day in recharge, so the approximate of a normal Cybertronian. It’s pretty easy to tame a flobster. Once they have identified you as a “food source” they will return to you on a regular basis unless you start attacking them or showing signs of aggression.

You can teach them tricks. It will just take a lot of time and patience.

Early warning, they like to cling to things. If they like you a lot and you have adopted them as a pet, they might take up the habit of clinging to your back strut like a backpack. It mimics their natural tendency to cling to cliff walls and fulfills their need for socializing at the same time.

They actually don’t make too many sounds. Noot noot is their warning call, but they only make it when they are in danger as a way of warning their flockmates away. If you noot noot at a flobster, it will probably send them into a panic and scurrying away to the nearest hiding place. It is possible to scare away whole flocks that might have congregated (unwanted) at energon mines. All you have to do is scream it at the top of your lungs and they’ll probably fly away.

If you don’t lock down your cabinets or raw energon supplies, there is a chance that they will weasel their way into them and start munching away. It’s suggested you take proper measures to ensure this doesn’t happen. Energon is precious as it is! As long as you were being careful with it before, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Flobsters have one very special talent. They are naturally drawn to energon sources, and so they can be trained to sniff them out. This is a particularly useful (even life-saving) ability for Cybertrons where it is scarce. Can’t find any food? It’s wise to follow the flobsters. They are also kept around docking bays in order to clean space barnacles off the sides of ships. This is one of the few things that they prey on besides raw energon. They like space barnacles a lot and giving one to your flobster as a treat is sure to ensure automatic love.

In sum, they can be very useful as long as you are careful to keep your energon supplies out of their reach!

Predators: Scraplets, Predacons, Cybertronians, etc. Almost any species on Cybertron, pretty much.

Food: Their top favorite food is space barnacles. They’re designed to eat small shards of unrefined energon. They can also drink refined energon, but it is best to keep it normal grade. It’s kind of mean to give your flobster high-grade in order to see them fly around drunkenly. It’s funny, but be nice. Energon that is too high a grade can actually overwhelm their systems and lead to death, as they are not adapted to process energon that concentrated. They tend to avoid drinking it as long as there are other options around and they’re not starving. They’ll always choose to eat raw shards over refined cubes (even normal grade). It’s best to feed them that because that’s what their systems are adapted to handle and it keeps them at their healthiest.

little thumps

It’s mpreg with fluff and a light dusting of angst without any plot really??

Idk, man. I just keep thinking of things and writing them.

~1400 words


Loki ran his hand up and down the swell of his belly as he looked out his window, Asgard’s golden city sparkling in the midday sun. He shifted his weight as the child squirmed around inside him. He looked down at himself, taking in how his tunic was getting tight around the middle, his trousers pinching his broadening hips.

“You can’t go,” Thor said behind him, his boots scuffing loudly as he paced the width of the room.

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Imagine during Thanksgiving week, Loki continues to eat large amounts of food for long periods of time until he develops a noticeable through his armor belly bump from all the food. He whines and complains to you about his ‘royal belly’ aching and that you have to give him tummy rubs for him to feel better. To keep yourself from feeling awkwardly shy, you place headphones on and avoid all eye contact with Loki as he contently gives you lazy looks of love from your lap.