An admirer sent me some money to buy junkfood!  Here’s some shots of a couple of the pies I went for.  One’s a vanilla caramel, and the other’s a chocolate cream.  Normally, I prefer vanilla pie to chocolate, but that chocolate one blew the vanilla away somehow!

Thanks for the ca$h, Billy boy!  And thanks for the pie (;


Speaking of round inflation type stuff. These are pics I actually drew a while back but never got around to scanning… A lot of times I see people kinda forgetting that there’s bones under all that and stretch the body out more than it should; and while I can appreciate the aesthetic, I like to respect anatomy as close as I can even with things like this haha…  

But yeah, Finally attempted some more spherical expansion/inflation. I can dig it. Just don’t even mention anything with popping around me.

I guess Walter ended up the first victim this time.