bellua monstrum

girl who are you waving at shouldn’t you be in class 

her arms came out so WONKY but I don’t feel like fixing it right now 8| 

Anyway, this is Kerry Denner, and she’s a kelpie…thingy! She’s in 12th grade at Bellua Monstrum Academia ’ u ’. Kerry’s got a foul mouth and she’s not really interested in school because she’s TOO KOOL or something 

She likes boys, especially for eating. 


I’m sorry the head is on its side; I took the pictures with the ipod camera and it sort of just, you know, flipped it turnways. EDIT: HUH!  It didn’t flip.  S'all good then.

This is Matilda!  For Chesi’s Monster Girl AU.  No, she’s not supposed to have trapezoid hands.  I just can’t draw hands worth a crap.

Matilda is a dullahan.  For those who don’t know about Durarara, it just means she’s an Irish death spirit who carries around her head, can use a spine-whip, pass through walls, and is repelled by gold.  The spooky plumes are just for affect because it looked weird with just a stump.

She’s a tomboy brat who likes to sneak into the other girl’s dorms and rifle through their stuff, plays soccer, and her favorite joke is to play dead with ketchup smeared on her neck stump and this horrible expression on her face like she’s gotten murdered.

No one ever laughs, and I have no idea if she has friends or not.

I have no idea what her hair or her skin tones would be.