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When you finish Winter of the Lunar Chronicles you feel like

but then you realize the series is over

but you think about it…. and you’re ok because it brought so many feels and wonderfulness

Beauty and the Beast Retelling.... ACOMAF?

In the first book they told us that ACOTAR was a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story but we don’t know what retelling is ACPMAF….

I’ve been thinking that perhaps both books create the complete retelling, here I live you what I would think the characters are:

Feyre - Belle
Rhys - Beast
Tamlin - Gaston
The inner cycle - members of the castle (lumier, potts, etc)
Lucien - LeFou

If you give it a chance you can see Rhys we thought he was the bad guy at the beginning as we do with the beast in Beauty and the Beast story and Tamlin in ACOMAF acts exactly like Gaston; The inner circle supports Rhys as all the dishes and stuff do with the beast as LeFou and Lucien to Gaston and Tamlin, and well Feyre is exactly like Belle. I know is an Hades an Persephone retelling but beauty and the beast fits perfectly. Theories by my best friend @aagalathynius and me @fey

Books I’m Excited for in 2018

These are the books I’m most looking forward to reading, in no particular order:

Bright Burns the Night by Sara B. Larson (Dark Breaks the Dawn #2)

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas (A Court of Thorns and Roses #4)

The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth (Carve the Mark #2)

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen #4)

Queens of Fennbirn by Kendare Blake (Three Dark Crowns prequel)

The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemison (I’m actually in the process of reading this now)

The Flame in the Mist by Renee Adhieh (it’s been sitting on my kindle and I’m resolving to actually read it)

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott

Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

La Belle Sauvage by Phillip Pullman (this is a continuation of His Dark Materials, which I LOVED growing up)

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle (this is actually a re-read, I read it when i was growing up but I wanted to re-read it before the movie comes out in March)


I’m so glad to see that Warlic is doing well!

That’s the first mention of Celestials in this game, isn’t it.

And would this make Belle a Loreweaver? Or, maybe a Manaweaver?

I bet Tomix would have loved to see this…

Ooo, Warlic is going to train her! This is awesome!

Haha, Nythera and Warlic are still friends, it seems.

Oooohhh, we’re gonna learn Theano’s story next time! And it sounds like it’s something big.

“Wedding Night” - Digital Oil Painting

What I love most about this, is the soft look on his face as she mentions her nervousness over the consummation. How he’s reaching out his hand for hers, just nearly out of frame. He cares. And that’s not something she expected. Partially inspired by a couple of my favorite Rumbelle writers, @charlotteashmore13​ and Nym (of Bed of Thorns). 

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift!


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 4, episode 4 : Fathoms Below

present : Upon realizing that Nathaniel Thorn is still looking into Storybrooke, Evelyn understands that natives of the other realms are unaffected by the spell, prompting her to investigate his true identity. Emma and Mr. Gold meet with Jefferson and Alice in Boston, both of whom are reluctant to divulge too much information about realm-jumping. They do, however, reveal that there are always three jumpers at a time, for the three Lands of Wonder, Never, and Oz – Alice, Peter, and Dorothy were the most recent, and before them were Hightopp, Tinker Bell, and Glinda. Nathaniel Thorn leaves Storybrooke to seek out Regina in Salem and he invites her to join his campaign to expose Storybrooke – but the two soon find common ground they didn’t expect. Regina decides to return to retake her home alongside a man who seems to resent the town almost as much as she now does.

past : When mermaids attack the ship during a terrifying storm, Killian manages to capture one of them, a beautiful siren with fiery hair who identifies herself as Ariel, the youngest daughter of the sea king. Baelfire learns that Ariel has been watching them from afar and has developed an infatuation with Killian. As the mermaid princess grapples with her bloodthirsty nature and a painful transformation into human form caused by a prolonged absence from the water, the pirates gradually begin to earn her trust – until Peter Pan exposes the romance between Baelfire and Killian. Devastated, Ariel attempts to return to her home in the sea, but she has become too human and can no longer breathe underwater. The pirates are horrified when they find her body floating in the water the next morning.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Salma Hayek as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Daniel Gillies as Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Ben Barnes as Baelfire, Corey Stoll as Nathaniel Thorn, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Peter Pan, Angela Bassett as Monique Hamilton

guest stars include : Anthony Mackie as Tarrant Hightopp/Jefferson, Diane Kruger as Alice Liddell Hargreaves, Santiago Cabrera as Killian Jones, Sophie Turner as Ariel

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anonymous asked:

How do you two exist?

Tracy: I think they’re referring to our duo and tri breed status.
Jay: Oh, well that makes sense.
Tracy: Technically, I don’t know my origins. The going theory is I was part of a villain’s plan to condense the multiverse into one single universe by overlaying multiple people onto one. In my case, two echidnas, a fox, and a hedgehog, from multiple dimensions, compressed into one being.
James: My mom’s a tiger woman and my dad’s a corgi man!
Tracy: It makes him so fluffy!

anonymous asked:

Do you have examples for intp - infp relationships? That would be great.

Father/Daughter: Maurice [INTP] and Belle [INFP] from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Nakama: Nicco Robin [INTP] and Chopper [INFP] from One Piece

Enemies: Wilson Fisk [INFP] and Ben Urich [INTP] from Marvel’s Daredevil

Father/Daughter: Bubble [INFP] and Professor Utonium [INTP] from The Powerpuff Girls

Romantic: Ada Shelby [INFP] and Freddie Thorne [INTP] from Peaky Blinders

Friends: Dinesh [INFP] and Richard [INTP] from Silicon Valley

Friends: Luna Lovegood [INTP] and Neville Longbottom [INFP] from the Harry Potter Series

Friends: Molly Hooper [INFP] and Sherlock Holmes [INTP] from BBC’s Sherlock

lilpamperedphoenix  asked:

Has Tracy ever tried to do art stuff and James ever tried to do science stuff? If so, how did that work out?

James: Tracy HAS tried to do art stuffs! I think they’re good at it, even if they don’t think so! :D
Tracy: ACK! Don’t post my old scribblings! D:
James: But you should try it more!
Tracy: Rassa frassa.. *shakes head* James tinkers every so often, mostly with little things like playing old video games on toy computer kits we’ve scraped together.
James: :D Love me some Truxton, even though I’m not good at it!