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Pairing: Dean x plus size!Reader, Sam
Word count: 683
Warnings: A swear or two

Part 7 of Fat and Beautiful

You and Dean got married at the courthouse, nothing fancy. You wore your favorite sundress, and he wore slacks and a dress shirt. As did Sam. You didn’t care about the bells and whistles. All that mattered to you, was the man you were marrying.

Life went back to normal, except for Dean would call you ‘Mrs. Winchester’ from time to time, just to see your face light up. The two of you fell into a routine, enjoying a sense of normalcy.

It had been nearly a year of marriage when Dean left you little hints that he wanted to move to the next part of your relationship. You were confused at first, wondering about the random items you were finding in places you were always in- a stuffed bear, a rattle, things like that. What finally made you ask what was going on was a box of pregnancy tests, that had been left on the bathroom counter like the damn things belonged there.

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Eventually, the character evolved to a point where it made sense for him to leave. After all, explains Eisendrath, “It’s super-hard because he has a kid now and a woman who he’s actually at a good place in his relationship with — that’s good drama.” And it’s that personal story that drives the show.  Tom and Liz are split apart physically, but not emotionally, Bokenkamp stresses. “For me, the fact that he’s a dad and not a single dad, the fact that he has a real commitment and a desire to be a father is a very important dimension of who he is,” he says. That willingness to put in the work of being a father is an important point for Bokenkamp: “It centers the show that, ultimately, with all the bells and whistles that it’s going to have, is really about family.”

So great for Tom - he gets to have it all - but how is any of this good for Liz? Split apart physically but not emotionally?  Going to tag this as anti for the sake of those that block tags.

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Frisky Friday idea: the first time you wear proper lingerie in front of Harry

Maybe you’ve been dating for…a month? You’ve had sex a few times but it’s never been an “event”. So you go out and specifically buy lingerie in the color he’s mentioned he likes. He’s also said that he loves when lingerie doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles; he’s all about simplicity. So you end up with a very basic, but sexy, red set that has a few bows and strings, but nothing too complicated for Harry to have to remove.

You wait for him to get home as you lay yourself out on the bed with your back up against the wall. You hear him come in and call for you - because you had told him earlier that morning that you would be at his place when his meetings were over - and answer that you’re upstairs. Your heart beats in time to the sound of his footsteps on the stairs and the second he opens the door and gets a good look at what awaits him inside, he stops dead and swallows.

“What’s all this?”

“A surprise. For you.”

“Yeah? You picked this out for me?”

You nod and give him a sly smile. He plays with his bottom lip for a few seconds before taking strides toward the bed, crawling up from the foot until he’s hovering over your body on his hands and knees.

“S’pretty,” he comments, running one finger under the strap that sits on your shoulder, “What would you like me to do with it?”

There are only three words that Harry needs to hear before his lips are on yours, and it’s whispered huskily in his ear by you as your hands find their way up around his neck.

“Take it off.”


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Fuck Disney

This movie, Moana, seems great in theory. But when I see that problematic white people are defending the fact that Disney literally exploits and profits off of not just Hawaiian culture as well as many others, I know that’s a bad sign.

Disney made so much, so so so much money in revenue from Moana. What do they give back to Hawaiian people and Hawaiian land? Nothing, not even crumbs. 

Americans highlight and commandeer the bells and whistles of many cultures. Hawaiian culture is ornamental to them. All it means is fakey luaus and mumus.

There are entire populations of natives in Hawai’i who are struck to the streets due to gentrification and the plasticization of Hawai’i. 

The movie itself is great I guess but Disney as well as anyone else needs to speak more on the struggles and turmoils of Hawaiian people that of which was brought onto us by Americans. You cannot keep taking and taking and taking. What will you do when we have no more blood to give?

Americans want to erase us, erase our culture and our people. What they do not know is that we are strong. We will never burn, no matter how many matches they light. We rise from the ashes as we always have. 

72 Obscure Questions to Ask

1. Do you keep your childhood art?
2. Oddest purchase at a garage sale or thrift store?
3. One thing you tried to learn but never have?
4. How long do you typically chew gum for?
5. Which one of your childhood trends was your favorite?
6. How many pillows do you sleep with?
7. Favorite holiday decoration you own?
8. Have you ever waxed? If so, where?
9. What’s the first injury (serious or not) you recall?
10. Favorite way to stay warm in the winter?
11. Favorite way to cool off in the summer?
12. Do you enjoy singing cards/balloons?
13. Favorite museum?
14. Do you prefer bells or whistles?
15. What social media network did you first join?
16. What’s one habit you wish your favorite person would break?
17. Do you prefer curtains or blinds?
18. Favorite condiment?
19. When was the last time a stranger made you blush?
20. Do you do most of the cooking in your home?
21. What was your first day of kindergarten like?
22. What did you spend last Saturday doing?
23. Do/Did you ever play sports?
24. What’s your favorite calm down method?
25. Last dream you remember?
26. Do you collect anything?
27. What was the last picture you took?
28. What do you see yourself doing this time tomorrow?
29. Are you flexible?
30. What is your least favorite sound?
31. Do you share hobbies with family members?
32. Do you still talk to your first best friend?
33. How many freckles do you have?
34. Which swear word do you use the most?
35. Last time you got serious butterflies?
36. One fact you recall from elementary school science?
37. Do/Did you like high school dances?
38. What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
39. What was the first major cosmetic change you made?
40. Who would play you in a movie?
41. Are you a good hula hooper?
42. When was the last time you volunteered?
43. How often do you check weather reports?
44. How many twins/multiples do you know?
45. Have you ever written a love letter?
46. Which Friends character are you most like?
47. Which book or movie ending was your least favorite?
48. How many doors are in your home?
49. Have you ever been in a video on YouTube?
50. How do you feel about being on time?
51. Are you listening to music right now?
52. Favorite warm beverage?
53. How many hats do you own?
54. Have you ever danced in the rain?
55. What was your most recent intimate experience?
56. Where are you at noon on Tuesday’s?
57. How many pairs of jeans do you own?
58. What’s the first thing you check when you get home?
59. Why did you join Tumblr? 60. Last song you danced to?
61. What kind of flavor was the last food you ate (sweet, spicy, savory, etc)?
62. What is your favorite color for underwear?
63. How did you meet the last friend you talked to?
64. Do you prefer wrapped gifts or gift bags?
65. How many keys do you own?
66. Last kind of art you took part in?
67. How often do you travel out of the city?
68. Last time you spent more than an hour naked?
69. Which aspect of nature do you feel most connected to?
70. Which phrase do you overuse?
71. Do you prefer paint, pencils, markers, or crayons?
72. When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Would You Like To Group-Watch Bride of Re-Animator?

The second movie in the Re-Animator trilogy is weird, uneven, half-complete, and a wild experience to sit through. It’s also pretty hard to find streaming.

@vraik and @anton-mordrid own copies of the Fancy Schmancy Arrow Video release, with its nice remastering and bells and whistles, and we thought we’d cordially invite you to weigh in if you’re interested in viewing with us.

This would probably be over something like Hangouts, on a day between 1/9 and 1/16 (Details to be added.)

Much hilarity and our voices are on offer!

Fun times?


The wall clocks at my parents are multiplying to dangerous levels already. Pendulum swings and mechanical clicks, bells and whistles every half hour, there’s no way you can sleep in this vintage exhibition room which happens to be also the guest room. Unless you wait until the rest of the house starts snoring then sneak behind every one of these doomsday devices and, slowly but with a steady hand, keep its pendulum in place until smothered it gives up clicking and chiming. Twenty five kills later it’s finally off to beddy byes… but don’t worry, there are another ten or so clocks in the rest of the house, no risk time would stop flowing. And no, I didn’t make up the numbers and the pictures above should prove it. You’ll notice above also a beer photo, nothing extraordinary here I know, but worth mentioning as I had it already half a year beyond its expiry date. Vintage beers deserve to go down the drain most of the time but this Zăganu IPA pulled out a nice surprise. A Romanian brew originally of fairly fine quality turned with age into a Berliner weisse impersonator: fruity and tart, fizzy almost gushing, refreshing and still bitter… fully enjoyable and not only for the surprise factor.


He doesn’t have demons. He’s not Batman, he doesn’t struggle with inner turmoil. The nature of this character is that he puts himself last and helps the common good. So he could easily slip into a world of boredom, The blessing and curse of Captain America is that he doesn’t have that fancy an ability. He doesn’t live in another world, or turn green. He doesn’t have bells and whistles, he doesn’t shoot missiles. He punches and kicks.

I came up with a Steve Rogers inspired spell! Add or subtract whatever you want to make it work for you. Cast, don’t cast, totally up to you on how many bells and whistles you want to add. 

This one is for when the world is kicking your ass and you need to act like a BAMF. 

You’ll Need

  • Red Candle - Passion
  • White Candle - Purity
  • Blue Candle - Loyalty and a bit of Healing. 
  • Your will and determination. 

Now, for those of you that have seen this movie (if not this may be spoiler-y, you have been warned) you know that Pre-Serum Steve has an issue with walking away from a fight - he just can’t do it. Every now and then we need to call up on that courage and fury and determination to get through a shitty time in our lives. 

We’re going to be using Steve’s energy to get through it.  No, it may not be glamorous, or polished, but we’ll get the job done. 

Light your candles and sit for a moment, thinking about Steve Rogers and his ability to keep going even though he’s always perceived as weak. This is the man that is able to become Captain America, who goes on to save hundreds and hundreds of men. Who has a heart of gold, and a determination to keep going no matter what. 

He started out on the bottom, like you may be feeling right now.  Think of whatever situation is getting you down, kicking your ass right now and try to smile. Smirk even. Stare it in the face and tell it “I can do this all day.” 

Because you can. You can get through this and you will make it out even better than before. When you’re ready stand up and walk away, leaving whatever funk behind it the dust. You have taken your serum, in the glow of the red, white and blue candles and you are strong. 

Go kick ass, like usual. 

In Defense of Poorly Trained Service Dogs

A while back there was a post with the title “At this point, I don’t even count ‘deep pressure therapy’ as a task anymore.” In the future I might share the post with my rebuttal, but I don’t have the spoons for that today.

One under lying complaint of this post was “shitty psychiatric service dogs”. As well as a comment I’ve seen on different Facebook service dog communities. “I have a right to go out in public and not be harassed by poorly trained service dogs!”

Well, depending on what is meant by harassed, no one actually does have that right. Service dog’s can’t be aggressive, and they have to be house trained, but that’s all the law says. It even notes that moments such as barking or lunging, are allowed if the handler can get that dog back under control. The bells and whistles of public access that we as a community throw around as must haves actually aren’t a requirement. Sniffing shelves, soliciting food and attention, walking up to strangers and sniffing their crotch, and even lunging and tugging erratically on leash are all behaviors that a service dog can exhibit while still maintaining its access rights.

There has been a lot of debates about if any type of test should be administered to prove the dog can behave well in public, and from what I’ve seen we as a community have said no. We see it as more important to protect those of our members struggling to live their disabled lives with poorly trained service dogs (dysfunctional aids) than to protect our own comfort and the comfort of the public at large.

These behaviors are not against the law because the are merely nuisances. They pose little to no risk to anyone. Of course it’s annoying to see a dog in a service vest chasing a squirrel and barking - out of control, or one who doesn’t know ‘under’ and so lays down in the middle of an aisle. And, of course, it’s much, much easier to handle a dog who is well behaved, well trained, and well mannered. But many disabled people have to make due with what they’ve got.

They, and their poorly trained service dog, no matter what tasks it knows, have the same right to be in public as you do. I feel like too often we forget that, and forget that these people are apart of our community.

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why are you celibate you're so cute you could be getting fucked on the regualr

i dont really care for sex anymore i want a partner, companionship, all the bells and whistles but that’s asking too much so i just keep to myself and put all my love into my friends, family, and myself