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Bells might just be the earliest form of superstitious practise that I remember. My baba attached three sakura-patterned suzu bells on my schoolbag as a kid, purportedly for good luck and protection from evil spirits – and Japan is far from the only place to have associated bells and bellringing with mystic practise. They’ve been used worldwide to ward off evil and carry messages – and in a more metaphysical sense, sound is the movement of energy through substance. Sounds have the potential to work powerful magic.

Here are some of the ways I’ve found utilising bells to be helpful to my craft. While I’m more likely to use traditional suzu type bells, your own background, path and culture will likely have its own types of bells – and as ever, bells can be ornate antiques or they can be a bottle cap in a tin can, as long as they’re used with intent.


🔔 As with so much of the craft, if you’re new to the witching bell, it’s a matter of exploration and experimentation. Get a “feel” for what works for you and the specific bell you’re using.

🔔 It’s good practise to ensure that the bell itself is cleansed, warded and protected – you don’t want anything nasty tapping into that power. All witching tools can do as much harm as good, intentional or accidental.

🔔 A good way to begin incorporating bells into your craft is infuse them into any typical ritual that you’re comfortable with, or even just a prayer or moment of contemplation at your altar if you have one.

🔔 Give the bell a soft ring while focusing on the energy it’ll ripple and move, try to track the movements it creates and what it touches. The tone it’s sending out.  The most primal and versatile use of the bell – and what many of the below come down to – is simply another manner of physically channelling energy, giving it shape and direction.


🔔 “Passive” bells such as windchimes or small bells attached to belongings you don’t want disturbed are a starting point. They will scare off some forms of spirit all by themselves, especially if appropriately blessed, charmed or enchanted. Or cursed.

🔔 Gently tolling can draw energy into a ward or circle you are forming and enforce its protective properties, or for a simple cleanse, letting the sound travel to every corner of the area you are protecting. It’s a little more “cutting” than a smoke or incense cleansing, which I view as more “gentle” forms of cleansing. Both have their uses.

🔔 Harder tolling is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful ways in which to enforce a banishing – however, it’s best to you know what you’re doing with the bell before you go bashing it about.


🔔 Bells can have quite the effect on your perception and awareness. Ringing and then stopping, listening to the silence left in its wake, can bring you new perceptions or make things you’d previously missed obvious. Let it attune your mind and senses to something new, whether that’s in your thoughts or something with a little more presence. Visualise travelling with the sound, taking heed of the energies it touches and disturbs. Take note of the echoes – you’ll learn what they mean with experience.

🔔 A set of windchimes can let you know if something is passing through or if there’s some unusual energy afoot – and, yes, it may also just be letting you know that it’s a particularly breezy day, but that’s witchcraft for you.


🔔 This can be as simple as calling good energies to witching tools, spell jars, tarot decks, crystals, altars and shrines, your favourite teddy bar, anything at all.

🔔 With spirit work, it can truly help to magnify your “calling”. This can range from gently bringing your latest offering to the attention of your friendly neighbourhood house spirit – all the way to trying to catch the attention of something more. Be mindful, however. As I said, I consider bells pretty powerful tools and a call that’s too loud is not good spirit work practise for the spirit worker’s own sake. It can really help coax something out of hiding if you’re gentle with it, though.


🔔 Some use bells to mark the beginning and end of a ritual, and I’ve read that in Wiccan practise an altar bell can be used to invoke the Goddess, although as a non-Wiccan, I’ll welcome corrections on that if I’m wrong.

🔔 In my experience, very simple forms of communication via bell work a lot better than anything too complex – “come here” and “stay away” have already been covered, and other than that they can serve as greetings or signals of a start or end of some practise or ritual, the opening or closing of a door, etc.

🔔 They can also serve as a warning or a litmus test regarding spirits, a signalling of your presence and awareness, lack of fear, or willingness to defend – but be prepared to deal with whatever responses these garner.


🔔 Bindings are where you most often see that famous (clockwise) circular motion of the bell, embodying the meaning of the spell. This can be a simple binding to seal a spell or charm or enchantment, or a spirit-binding.

🔔 Personally, spirit-binding is something I do as little as possible simply due to my beliefs holding the autonomy of spirits in very high regard. However, sometimes situations arise that call for it, and I’m aware that not all bindings are unwilling. Far from it – and some spirits are dangerous when unbound.

🔔 As an animist (believing that all things, including inanimate objects, contain a spirit of their own), I consider gently nudging a spirit back into its physical form a sort of semi-binding, and that can be useful.

I’ll leave you all with a note that I am an urban apartment-dwelling witch through and through, so I understand that we can’t all be jangling away at all hours. I myself have a glass windchime in my front window that makes a distinct but muted sound when disturbed by passers-through, and highly recommend wooden ones also. I also only use my small and relatively quiet suzu bell for my crafting – one given to me by my baba herself.

Feel free to add any of your own findings, and happy tolling.

DIY: How to Make Your Own Collar

This is a short and simple tutorial on how to make your own kitten play collar! <^~^> It’s super easy and simple, and it lasts for a very long time, and takes 5 minutes to make!

♡ Let’s get started! ♡


❤︎ Ribbon of your choice

❤︎ Bell of your choice (experiment with different sizes, shapes, and colors!)

❤︎ Scissors

❤︎ Measuring Tape


♡ Get your measuring tape and measure the size of your neck - add about an inch or two to this length so you have room to tie the ribbon together!

         *If you do not own measuring tape, no worries! Just guesstimate, you can                                                cut the excess off later!*

♡ Cut the ribbon to your measured length + the extra inch or two that you need extra to tie it all together at the end!

♡ Get your bell and put the ribbon through the bell, centering it in the middle of your ribbon!

          *KittenTip: Make sure to coordinate your bell with your ribbon - don’t get                too thick of ribbon or your bell may not be able to fit through the bell hole!            Be sure to check the thickness of the ribbon and coordinate this with how                                             big or small the bell hole is!*

♡ Wrap the ribbon around your neck, making sure to center the bell in the middle while adjusting the tightness to your comfort! {Do not make the ribbon too tight on your neck, you could end up cutting off your circulation! Be sure it is not too tight, and understand that overtime the ribbon will loosen if you wear it all the time or if it’s exposed to water!}

♡ Tie the string in either a double knot tie or a bow tie! Make sure it’s tight and make sure to double knot if you do a bow tie for extra reassurance that it won’t undo itself!

♡ Cut off the excess string and enjoy your new, simple, and cute collar! Be careful though, the bell may find itself as a distraction to playful kittens! 


After hundreds of years of detailed observation and study, our closest companion in the vast universe, Earth’s moon, remains an enigma.

Six ‘supposed’ moon landings and hundreds of experiments have resulted in more questions being asked than answered. In 1962, NASA scientist Dr. Gordon MacDonald stated: “If the astronomical data collected is correct, it is found that the interior of the moon is more likely to be hollow than a solid sphere.”

On November 20, 1969, the Apollo 12 crew jettisoned the lunar module ascent stage causing it to crash onto the moon surface. The LM’s impact created an artificial moonquake with startling characteristics - the moon reverberated like a bell for more than an hour, leading to the conclusion that the moon has no - core, bring rise to the well founded ‘hollow moon theory’

More strange moon facts in the video here

A dor emocional que eu sentia naquele dia era maior que qualquer dor física, depois de muitas brigas com ele, horas sem conversar, eu tomei uma decisão. Era hora de terminar o que não dava mais certo. Escrevi um daqueles famosos textos clichês e na hora, tomei a decisão, deixei de lado, todos os meus sonhos ao lado dele, todas as lembranças que fizeram parte, deixei o orgulho de lado, e enviei. Meu mundo caiu, eu não sabia se era o certo, no momento, parecia ser. Ok, era definitivamente o fim. Em meio às coisas boas, à também as coisas ruins. Finalmente, consegui me colocar a cima de toda essa confusão que ele me causava, consegui olhar para tudo isso e não sentir a necessidade e ver como eu e minha felicidade somos mais importante que toda a dor que eu sentia. Claro, eu sei que não sou de ferro, eu iria ter recaídas em pensar nele, só o fato de ouvir sua voz e ver o seu sorriso se dirigindo a mim já me faziam querer ama-lo mais do que nunca, mas, naquele momento, eu podia dizer que aprendi não necessitar da sua presença, aprendi a não desejar ser a dona do seu sorriso a cada segundo do meu dia, aprendi que a vida continua. Como eu estou? Não posso dizer que fiquei completamente triste, por que não fiquei, e a felicidade também não me descreveria no momento, então apenas digo que eu estava normal, juntei minhas forças pra suportar tudo, pronta pra seguir em frente, mas eu sabia que, eu frágil do jeito que eu sou e frágil do jeito que eu. estava, minhas recaídas não iriam parar, mas eu realmente não me importava, a gente só aprende a levantar de cabeça erguida após várias vezes termos nos encontrado no chão, sem rumo e sem alguém para nos levantar, mas acredite, cada vez que estive no chão me tornaram mais disposta para levantar e seguir minha vida, recomeçar meus caminhos e reescrever minha história e dessa vez, sem ele. Se passaram semanas, fui lutando contra as recaídas que surgiam hás 2 ou 3 horas da madrugada. O cérebro insistia em lembrar coisas que o coração insistia em esquecer, eu me lembrava de todos os momentos agradáveis que me faziam querer voltar no tempo, e lembrava de todo os momentos ruins que me faziam querer esquecer tudo isso de uma vez. Eu sorria quando a vontade era chorar, e dizia para todos que perguntavam “Eu superei.” Mas de verdade? Aquilo partia meu coração, era como se eu estivesse levando uma surra no peito, só me trazia mais vontade de te querer de volta, mas eu pensava: “Porque insistir em algo que não dava mais certo? Porque insistir em algo que só me machucava e me fazia querer sumir?” Eu olhava casais felizes, sorrindo um para o outro e me fazia lembrar ele, o famoso “ele”. Me fazia lembrar que em meio à turbilhões de coisas ruins, em meio as vezes que nós acabavamos se machucando só pra ver se toda aquela dor cessava, nós também éramos felizes. Eu escutei por muito tempo: “Vocês eram tão lindos juntos”; E eu dizia baixinho: “ Eu concordo.” E é quem é que eu estava tentando enganar com toda aquela história de que eu havia superado? Meu coração se partia ainda ao lembrar dele. 2 meses e meio depois. Lembrar dele já não era algo mais constante, já não me dava saudades e eu não tinha recaídas, não mais. Eu conheci outras pessoas, senti outros sentimentos e entendi que quando duas pessoas nascem para ficar juntas, elas ficarão juntas. É o destino. Não adianta contrariar ou insistir em algo que não vai dar certo. Não é homem nenhum que irá te fazer feliz, é você mesma. Cansada de borrar o rímel, porque afinal, não é barato para ficar gastando com qualquer idiota que machuque seu coração. Os dias de sofrimento viraram apenas lembranças que já não venham a tona igual antes e aprendi que, o tempo resolve tudo, nada é eterno, o sofrimento é inevitável, mas não é para sempre.
—  Naiara, colaboração de Drinkerofstars.