soooo… I’ve had a lot of interest lately about buying my perler crafts so I’m going to be opening commissions! That’s right! Send me a reference, I’ll name a price, and then make it and send it! The more you want, the bigger the discount you get.

Little ones like charmander are $5
Slightly bigger ones like espeon and charizard are $8
Mew and bellosom would be $15
Pieces like inuyasha are $20
Giant ones like rayquaza and raikou will be $40

If you are interested please PM me! I will be putting these on etsy shortly. HOWEVER, until I set up my etsy links, I will be taking payment through PayPal.

All purchases can be made throw my *paypal*, but message me on tumblr OR send me an email ( about purchasing before sending money! I want to make sure that I get a notification before I start working (PayPal doesn’t always notify me when money is in it)

***How payment works****
if you are sincerely interested, I will require a 50% payment before I start working on them, and then the remaining 50% once I am finished. I will then package and send them directly to you!! :)

*****please know this is helping me pay for lots of things like food for my reptiles and income while I am job searching. I am mentally ill and having a hard time finding a job so please please help if you are able. I also love making these and it helps with my panic disorder.*****

mutuals send me a hey and ill tell you which pokemon you remind me of the most

hmm, I don’t know, you’re a pretty awesome person. so I’ll go top three.

cubchoo, because you’re at your best when you’re happy and content,

lilligant, because even if it takes a while to bloom, it’s always worth it, and

bellosom, because you might think you’re a gloom, but you’re a lot more than that

anonymous asked:

Just deposited a wingull :D bellosoms are pretty when shiny :3

Mkay. Thorn is working on the GTS rn, so you will get is soon, hopefully.


anonymous asked:

You said you like to make Pokemon teams for your characters can you tell me some of the teams

ill just tell you all of them

the first is there starter/main

Mine (typhlosion, mantine, torkoal, pyroar, talonflame, zorak)

Baha (spiritomb, gengar, mismagius, froslass, rotom(wash), jellicent

Tex (dedenne, ampharos, manectric, kinklang, plusle, minun)

Jack (rotom, genesect, magnezone, porygon-z, excavalier, bisharp)

Ed (smeargle) - Ed’s a simple man

lotus (venasaur, roserade, bellosom, sunflora, lilligant, exeggutor)

Dawn (Delphox, ninetails, zoroark, sylveon, smeargle, sawsbuck)