VENEZUELA. Caracas. May 10, 2017. Opposition supporters clash with riot security forces while rallying against President Nicolas Maduro.

Since April 1, daily anti-government  protests across Venezuela have frequently devolved into clashes with riot police, leaving thousands arrested, hundreds injured, and 43 dead. Opposition activists are protesting against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, blaming him for a crippling economic crisis that has caused widespread food shortages for years. Venezuelan opposition leaders are demanding immediate presidential elections, accusing Maduro of political repression and trying to cling to power.

Photograph: Marco Bello/Reuters

Im not sure if anyone could ever truly understand what that man means to me. What that hug meant to me. What him, holding my hand and telling me: “you got this” with an encoraging smile after I thanked him for helping me through really hard times, meant to me. Im not sure if I could ever find the right words to explain it.
But because of this man - I will keep on fighting - always! ❤

Un consiglio. Se tocchi una ragazza, anche per scherzo, e lei ti spinge via, allora… lasciala…stare. Non toccarla. In nessun punto, Fermati. Il tuo toccarla non fa altro se non farla stare male.
—  13 reasons why ( tredici )
Dopo tutto è stato bello averti accanto, pensare che sarebbe stato in eterno.
Viaggiare sempre e solo con il cuore spento, illudersi.
—  Federica Carta - Dopotutto.