I know other people already caught this, but this is what Mr. Gold and Henry were saying:
  • Henry: Hey, Mr. Gold.
  • Mr. Gold: Good morning, Henry. What can I do for you?
  • Henry: I want to a gift for Miss Blanchard.
  • Mr. Gold: Oh, I see.
  • Henry: Since she didn't kill that woman.
  • Mr. Gold: Good thinking.
  • Henry: Are these bells? *bell rings* Cool.
  • Mr. Gold: See anything you fancy?
  • Henry: It should be something special, like [unintelligible]
  • Mr. Gold: You're asking a lot from a bell.
  • Henry: [unintelligible] (("I like the one I rang before?"))
  • Mr. Gold: Sometimes it's best to go with your first instinct.
  • Henry: *bell rings* This one's good. How much?
  • Mr. Gold: The price on the back.
  • Henry: Oh. Wow. [unintelligible]
  • Mr. Gold: I have some th-