I'm gonna gush a bit...

About the performances that Troian was able to pull from her fellow cast mates in this episode.

Aside from the excellent camera work, the thing I most appreciated about this week was how much less… soapy (?) the performances felt. It was much less “Teen drama” and much more “complex story about a lot of people who are really suffering.”

Everyone was really good in this episode, which I think has to be somehow attributed to Troian, because there are a few cast members that I can honestly say I’ve never felt that way about before tonight.

But since I always watch Ian’s performances a lot more closely than most others, I’ve gotta say…

Ian gave a good and complex performance. But I couldn’t read Ezra for shit in this episode. Which I hope, and assume, is intentional. I assume that’s because we are dealing with a character balancing fear, guilt and responsibility. And he seemed, for the first time to me… genuinely vulnerable.

When Aria confronts him about leaving her AGAIN, he actually seems less guarded than in other episodes. He seems like he’s really trying to keep his shit together, but that he is a man burdened.

That certainly doesn’t make him seem any less guilty IMO, but between seeing him show a smidge of frailty and seeing Lucy show some adult ferocity, it was like a totally different relationship dynamic for once. Stopped feeling like there is such a clear imbalance of power, and that maybe things are getting ready to make a shift.

At the very least, if I were a shipper, I’d be thrilled to see that relationship look like it’s matured.