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Steve: I can’t gain any weight, super soldier serum enhanced my metabolism, it is four times faster than regular. Tony on the other hand…”

Tony: Whut?

Steve: Ah, nothing.. *cuddles to him and holds him gently around the belly* Awww, my chubby hubby..

Tony: Grrr…

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So I was in my usual spot at the cafe, earbuds in, typing fast, every inch the “not now” level of unapproachable.
Enter Fuckboy.
I can tell he’s saying something to me because I can vaguely hear his voice through the music, and there’s no one else around. I ignore. Not here to talk, bro. Eventually he reaches over and taps on the table, clear signal he wants me to pay more attention to him than my work.
“Kinda busy right now.”
“Come on, just talk to me.”
Guys, I’m wearing a frumpy-ass maternity blouse over my huge belly, got on a wedding ring and no makeup. I am not in the mood to coddle his ego. Instead of talking, I turn up the music and Google image search “Suriname Toads.” Note kids: this is a very gross image set if you aren’t ready for it. Fuckboy wasn’t, and I can see him recoiling out the corner of my eye. Wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t looking over my shoulder, mate. I step it up.
New search: “Suriname Toads Hatching Gif.”
He gets visibly grossed out and leaves the table. I carry on working, distraction gone, but see him returning with the cafe manager. It occurs to me that the really gross images​ might be in violation of the “please don’t be rude to others with our WiFi” rule they have in place, but by now all I have open is work, no toads in sight. The manager glances at my screen, says something I can’t hear to Fuckboy, and leaves without bothering me at all.
Fuckboy sits next to me once more.
New search: “Trypophobia”.
This time, Fuckboy does not return. Victory.

Tl;dr: avoided having to speak to entitled dudebro via googling gross toads. It worked better than expecting him to take a damn hint.

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Hi Lauren! I think maybe that question about Tywin being disappointed with Genna and her sexuality might have been about those rumors about whether Emmon Frey was the biological father of Genna’s children. That depends how “known” these rumors actually were, if Tywin could have heard them or not, and what he thought of them. For all I know, Genna wasn’t really bringing dishonor to house Lannister, but with Tywin I have no clue. You know the man better than I do, of course.

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No, surely not. It is implied that Genna had some liaisons.

“She gave Frey four sons, to be sure. At least she says they are this” No one in Casterly Rock had the courage to suggest otherwise, least of all Ser Emmon. (Jaime AFFC)

Genna was a lively, sensual woman who loved food, laughter, music. A woman who may have ‘horned’ her husband. I thought that’s how she disappointed him.

Hi, thank you both for your response! Yes, I’m aware of that passage about the rumors, but I disagree with your theorized connection to Tywin’s disappointment. I think it’s important to look at the “disappointment” passage in context. 

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Hey look, I wrote some Hiccstrid fluff tonight. Mature content, almost smut, below:


“Where’s Ruffnut?” Snotlout asked the group of dragon riders before him.

“Oh, I think she is out back with some dude named Flint she has been meeting for secret randy-views lately,” Tuffnut replied.

“Randy-views?” Fishlegs asked.

“You know, ‘I feel randy. You’re in my view. Let’s meet up and do it,'” Tuffnut explained.

“I don’t think that’s the word,” Astrid chided.

“No?” Tuffnut took a moment to think to himself.

As if on cue, a rosy disheveled Ruffnut entered the ring.

“Glad you finally decided to join us,” Hiccup greeted with a slight condescending tone.  

“Sorry, I was just out getting my primal needs met,” Ruffnut snickered.

The gang curled their lips with disgust in unison.

“Ruffnut, it’s the middle of the day! Aren’t you worried about getting caught?” Astrid asked.

“Technically, it’s still morning,” Tuffnut interrupted.

Astrid glared at him before turning back to Ruffnut, “Are you not at all worried about your reputation?”

“This IS my reputation. Unlike you, I never bothered trying to put up any appearances.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Astrid huffed.

“Look at you, all high and mighty in your spiked skirt and kransen, acting all virginal, talking about my reputation, when the whole village knows you and Hiccup fly off to the gods know where to do gods know what whenever you feel like it.”

Hiccup stepped towards the two woman. Without even looking at Astrid, he instinctively put his arm in front of her to prevent her from pummeling the other blond.  

“I assure you, Astrid and I have never done anything that would bring her reputation into question.”

The rest of the dragon riders threw their head’s back in laughter.

“What’s that smell? Anyone? Oh, it’s bull sh…Owe!” Snotlout yelped as Astrid gave him a hard knock to the face.

“I am afraid, whether you think that to be true or not, there has been talk among the town and perception is often more powerful than reality.” Fishlegs twittered nervously.

“I am pretty sure Not So Silent Sven has a lottery set up where you can place your bet when Berk will get your swords over belly wedding,” Ruffnut gestured over her own flat stomach.

“What?!?” Hiccup and Astrid sputtered together.

“It’s true,” Fishlegs responded, “Not that I placed any bets.”

“My guess date already passed,” Snotlout lamented, “I would not have picked this spring if I would have known you were actually keeping it in your pants. What’s wrong with you, Hiccup? If I had a gorgeous girl like Astrid, I’d take her to my bed every chance I got.  Astrid, if Hiccup is unable,” Snotlout pointed his finger up in the air and then let it dangle limply, “ to, you know, I would be more than happy to provide you some much needed sexual relief.”

“Ugh!” Astrid grabbed Hiccup by the strap on his leather flight tunic, “Practice is canceled for today. Hiccup and I have to, have to, talk.”  

“Where are we going?” Hiccup asked when they were outside the academy ring.

“Just grab Toothless and follow me.”

* * *

When Toothless and Stormfly landed in the cove, their riders dismounted.

“Look, Astrid, I’m sor-”

Astrid planted a long hard kiss on Hiccup’s mouth before he could finish his apology.

When Astrid broke away, Hiccup ran his hands up and down the leather strapping that graced her forearms.

“Ahh, well that was unexpected. Nice, but unexpected. I didn’t figure you’d want any-”

“You’d be surprised what I may or may not want.”

Hiccup thought Astrid’s eyes might bore right through him.

“I, I, I might…be…surprised.” Hiccup swallowed as he watched Astrid ran her hand down his chest and over than under his tunic.

“I want you to make love to me, Hiccup. If we are all ready found guilty of a crime, we might as well get some enjoyment out of committing it.”

“Make love to you? Here? Now? Ahh, hmmm,” was all he could muster as Astrid wrapped her hand around him.

Hiccup removed her hand from his pants and pulled her close to kiss her passionately.

Astrid began to undo his buckles and Hiccup hers. Freed from his tunic, he began to pull up hers but stopped.

“Uhhhh,” Hiccup scrunched his nose up, with turmoil written all over his face, and placed his forehead against hers before stepping back, with his hands still on her waist.

“Thor damn it. I can’t believe I am saying this, but, no.”

'No? What do you mean, 'no’?”

“No, I will not be making love to you today.” Hiccup braced himself for anticipated violence.

“Are you really rejecting me?”

“No, yes, maybe, no. Look Astrid, I love you and I would love nothing more than to make love to you everyday for the rest of our lives if that is what I thought you wanted. But I don’t think this,” Hiccup motioned to the space between them, “has anything to do with us and everything to do with what Ruffnut and the gang said. I want our first time to be because you really want to. Because you really want me, in the moment.”

A silence fell between them. Hiccup bore it with a sense of dread.

A grin broke Astrid’s sober expression, “That is surprisingly romantic of you, Hiccup.”

“Maybe I’m a romantic guy?” Hiccup pulled her into his chest and rested his check on her head.

“Maybe. You do actually love me then?”

“What? Of course I do. Was there ever any doubt?”

“No, but it was the first time you said it.”

“What? No. Really?”

“I think I’d remember.”

“Huh. Well, I do love you, Astrid, the Fearless, Hofferson.”

“I’ve always perceived that to be true, it’s just nice to hear it,” she kissed him sweetly then squeezed his thin frame a little tighter before turning up to look at his face, “You know, I thought you were going to propose to me there for a second. To make up for not banging me.”


“You know, all that talk amount making love to me for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh, ugh, eh, well…” Hiccup released her and ran his fingers nervously through his hair.

“Relax. I plan on taking you for a test drive before I’d agree to that. And you all ready said there’d be no love making today.”

Astrid closed Hiccup’s agape jaw with a fore finger, bent over to pick up her should pads, and whistled for Stormfly.

“I think I’ll head back to Berk before people start questioning our where abouts. Coming?” Astrid asked as she mounted the Deadly Nadder.

“I’ll catch up,” Hiccup replied. He needed a moment to process what just happened.

“Sounds good,” Astrid said as she prepared for take-off, “Oh, and Hiccup, I hope you know, I love you too.”

In a quick beat of wings she was gone and Hiccup was left, shirtless in the cove, smiling to himself.

Plus Size Preggo Style

I wanted to share with you all that I’m expecting my first baby girl in 7 weeks!!!! So much has happened this year and it’s hard to put it all in one post. For now, I’ll just share that I’m so happy to become a mom and my perspective on life and love have truly changed for the better!

I wanted to share some personal style tips if you’re a plus size and preggo gal. I’ve had to really find what worked and what didn’t. Everyone grows differently and for me, it’s been mostly my belly, hips and butt. 

Here are some styles for work I’ve chose. Mostly fitted dresses (sometimes with leggings), loose cotton pants and stretchy blouses, and ponchos with leggings. I wore works pants with my belly band for a while, but now my butt will not fit into those pants anymore (haha). Try to find leggings without the tight bands for better fit on your growing belly.

My styles for hangouts and being cute yet comfy are maxi dresses and sweaters with layers. I LOVE LAYERING. Summer was harder but once fall hit, I pulled out all my sweater and light jackets for the outfits below. This helps hide some of the lumpiness in your hips you may go through and helps focus on the belly. 

Finally wedding season and date nights I thought would be hard because I wanted to buy outfits where I showed by belly but also not look like a whale. I found some great dresses on ASOS, Target and TJ Maxx for the styles you see below. Many of them were empire cut which allowed me to show my legs (which I love) and still play with the bump a little.

Share your preggo style pics with me and I’ll repost! I love to see my curvy girls work it in all stages of their lives.



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Prompt: Oliver watches as Felicity acts like a mom to Roy. P.S. I hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

thank you :’)

“I can’t believe you’re going to propose to Thea,” Felicity says in a watery voice, and Roy scuffs the toe of his shoe and looks down in embarrassment. “It seems like only yesterday you were asking me what to get for her twenty-first birthday.”

Oliver crosses his arms and runs his eyes down his frame. Roy’s certainly grown over the years. For one, he understands his sister more and doesn’t come running to Felicity for help for every little thing. And he fills out a suit nicer than during the end of his teen years with his broader shoulders and sharper jawline. “Is this what you’re wearing for tonight?”

“No, I like wearing these monkey suits for shits and giggles.” Roy rolls his eyes and snorts at him, to which Oliver returns, before ignoring him for Felicity and spreads his arms wide apart. “Is this okay?”

“You look so handsome.” She reaches out to fix the knot of his necktie before smoothing the tail down. “Oh, wait. Part of your hair’s all mussed up. Here.” She licks her fingers and jumps up onto her toes, but Roy swats her hand away with a grimace.

“Gross, I don’t want your spit in my hair.”

Roy heads off to find a mirror as Felicity clasps her hands under her chin, her elbows resting on her slightly protruding belly, and sniffles. Her wedding band glints under the lights of their living room.

Oliver grins and shuffles over to her. He places an arm around her shoulders and pulls her in to kiss the side of her head. “You’re already a great mother,” he murmurs, intertwining his hand with the one she stretches out for him.

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You don't think stabbing your pregnant sister in her belly at her wedding is irredeemable? It's funny to you?...oh. ok. Anything for a ship I guess.

Anything to feel smart, I guess, uh anon?

Oh, man, did you go to Bonnie Bennett asking her why she thinks Damon is redeemable even thought he killed a pregnant woman?

Why is Kai’s gesture worse? At least he has an excuse: he’s a freaking psycho.

Now, excuse me while I go shipping Bonkai harder.

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Name: Sarah Elizabeth

Time: 9:00 PM

Last thing googled: “can the president officiate a wedding”

Gender: female

Sexuality: bisexual

Height: almost 5'1"

Favorite color: yellow

One thing that makes me happy: Bradley Whitford is a real human being.

Movie: Legally Blonde

Last book: well I read half of the Notebook yesterday. (It was lying around and I’ve never read it before.)

Most used phrase: I say “that’s the most __ (or __est) [thing] I’ve ever [verb]ed” a lot. Ex. “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Beverage: Capt'n Eli’s blueberry pop

Food: lobster and/or fried whole belly clams

Dream wedding: wedding at Disney World, Minnie and Mickey (or another Minnie!) cake toppers, mouse ears and tail incorporated into wedding party outfits, mouse ears will be handed out to guests at the door. The cake is probably going to be a tier of assorted flavor cupcakes with white frosting and I’m going to wear a somewhat traditional dress with red high top sneakers and possible roller skates.

Dream job: I basically want to be Eli Attie; I want to work in DC doing political-y stuff for a while and then go to Hollywood and write for TV shows.

10 people I want to get to know better or whatever: abbeybartletmd, greatestheights, live-in-to-the-answer, klaineharmony, elphabacee, angeltruespirit, basicallylizziebennet, agentpegster, theboywiththekeyblade, lillieofthevalleyofthenile