bellie piper

Kiddie Pool

By Skyler10

Summary: Tentoo and Rose take their daughter to meet some kids on another planet: a tide pool full of alien crustaceans!

Notes: Prequel to Big News for the Big Sister 

Prompted by @gingergallifreyan, inspired by this video @jem-scribbles reblogged. Thanks, friend! It’s a huge honor to hear that readers think about and want more of my little OC because she has captured my heart. Also, yes, I wrote another beach fic. Get ready because summer has only begun.

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The TARDIS twirled and landed with a flourish, making the four-year-old inside giggle and wiggle in her seat. Rose unbuckled her and lifted her to the ground as the Doctor moved about the console. Piper looked to her father for the thumbs up and, when she received it, she threw open the wooden doors (with the help of the TARDIS) to reveal the new planet waiting for them.

An ocean of sparkling indigo whooshed and crashed in steady tides onto a golden beach.

“YES!” Piper danced through the tall grass and called to her parents to hurry up. “C’mon! Look, Daddy, birds!”

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spoopy-son-of-rome  asked:

Jasper surfers au

  • they meet when Jason steals Piper’s wave 
  • she gives him an earful on the beach in front of EVERYONE and he didn’t think he could get so red 
  • he shows up at the local surfer bar that night and buys the house a round, delivering Piper’s beer himself 
  • she tells him it’s gonna take a lot more than a beer to get back on her good side 
  • two hours, 4 games of pool and 3 beers each later they’re in the back seat of Jason’s jeep getting hot and heavy 
  • Jason kisses his way down Piper’s neck, to her breasts, down her stomach, and when he reaches her belly button Piper grabs his face and makes him look at her 
  • “If you ever steal my wave again, I swear to Poseidon I’ll kill you” 
  • Jason nods and lets out a laugh and Piper releases him so he can continue on his mission 
  • Piper’s best friend Annabeth, who owns the bar, gives her a thumbs up from the back office door which happens to have a perfect view of the Jeep’s parking spot 
  • Jason’s tongue doesn’t let her focus on that embarrassing detail for long