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Frank’s Pizza & Restaurant - Belleville, NJ

Me and my father have been baking and creating our own wings and different hot sauces since probably 1996, so I love myself some buffalo chicken and would even call myself the connoisseur of sauce among most of my friends. 

I frequently pass by Frank’s during the winter because me and my buddy sneak into the country club behind the place and go sledding at a sweet spot. I used to get generic slices when I went there years ago but fairly recently I decided to invest in a freshly baked buffalo chicken slice.

First things first, I swear I have never had multiple orgasms before I had this slice. Secondly, I had multiple orgasms when I ate this slice. One of the best buffalo chicken slices I ever had and the ranch on it just made it that much better. They dropped a criss-cross pattern on the pie and then served us right from it. The sauce was plentiful but not too hot, chicken was of great quality, and the slice itself was great. If you are an avid lover of the buffalo chicken slice, you must step to this place. Guaranteed great.

- Casey

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