Imagine Naegi going down on one knee proposing to Kirigiri with a pair of diamond-studded gloves instead of the usual diamond ring and Kirigiri gets so surprised she doesn’t say a word and just stares at the gloves like oh my god Naegi would go so far to propose to her like that. Naegi gets a bit nervous because she doesn’t say anything so he looks up to see her giving him a genuine smile before taking the gloves and says yes, while also trying to hide that one happy tear in her eyes.


This is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE- it doesnt matter if you like ballet or not- this is just absolutely insane

I’m a slut for ballet AU’s and since me, sebastianstanns and witchbarnes are writing three different stucky fanfics with ballerina Steve. Here, have ballerina!Steve headcanons 

  • He always wanted to do something about his two left feet and his mom suggested to actually dance, so he joined mostly for being a stubborn motherfucker but he end up loving it and now is his life
  • Steve really wants to be one of the main dancers of his company
  • The first time he used pointe shoes, his feet hurted for weeks and his nails broke skin on his toe fingers but he danced anyway, not telling anyone he was literally bleeding this piece
  • Thanks to that, he won the opportunity to be Siegfried in his company’s Swan Lake.
  • Also, since Siegfried was his first protagonic, people in the company refers to him as Siegfried 
  • Everyone goes D: when they realize he is a very masculine man, no matter his size and what he does
  • This, the fact that he is very masculine, has given him more and more force to keep on his dancer career, because he knows people would look at him with a ? on their faces when he auditions in other companies and his own for parts he will probably win anyway
  • He has a blog full of ballet pictures and pictures he took of his company, he usually gives tips to new male dancers and encorages them to not be scared about dance
  • Steve’s favorites pointe shoes are the red ones Bucky give him for his first birthday with him as his boyfriend, he doesn’t use them often because they were made specifically to fit him and he doesn’t want to ruin them
  • But he does use the red pointe shoes for auditions when he really wants the part
  • Everyone in the company calls Bucky Odette, but they don’t say it in his face because lmao
  • Talking about proud boyfriend Bucky, he never misses Steve’s recitals and always give him flowers after the show. After a while, he started giving all of the cast flowers and everyones loves him
  • Steve is also very proud of this, everyone knows he has the sweetest boyfriend in the world
  • He is also the first one to offers his service as a teacher when his trainer can’t go to his class for little kids, he loves training little kids
  • That’s how he met Natasha, who is his favorite “modern” ballerina. She respects his works as much as he respects her and they become friends really easy
  • Steve loves to go en pointe, it makes his legs look amazing and he knows he is good at it, better than some of the girls in the company
  • Natasha and him did a performance with modern electric music, this impressed the shit out of her company president. He went to Russia with her to present it
  • He cried when he danced in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre, especially when the crowd went nuts after their performance
  • Also, his dream ballet roll is the Nutcracker in Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, of course
  • He is very proud of his work, ok? ok
  • His first solo was in a demostration festival during winter when he was just 13. He danced Albrechts’ variation from act II of Giselle , Sarah cried when she saw him
  • Even when he loves the classics, his favorite ballet is Stars & Strippes, because it makes him laugh and blush of second hand embarrassed
  • His favorite ballet dancer is Mikhail Baryshnikov.

El baile tiene esa GRAN MAGIA que puede expresar tantos sentimientos. En este caso, y solo siendo un observador, sentí que me liberaba y le daba la bienvenida a algo grandioso, nuevo.

La sombra como un ave esta lista para volar y las cuatro sillas son espectadores leales a la antitesis de lo que proponen: cuerpos sentados sin vida.

@ Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC), Ciudad de México.