bellepotter  asked:

HELLO CUTIE. I was just wondering where did you get that amazing fallout/property of paladin danse shirt??? I need to know for science. 💕

Technically, I got it at Hot Topic.
This started out as a plain Brotherhood of Steel T-shirt (that’s what’s on the front, BTW). About 2 hours, a dress form, a lot of frustration, a bit of sewing, and some stenciling resulted in what you see.
It’s true. I wanted a shirt that said “Property of Paladin Danse” on my butt so badly that I made one.
If you don’t NEED the Brotherhood if Steel or Fallout logos, you can do this to any shirt. If you find a Fallout T-shirt and want a better idea of what I did, let me know since I currently have a bag of oversized t-shirts to make into workout shirts and tank tops.