bellefonte pa

I feel bad for speaking somewhat disparagingly about Bellefonte yesterday, so I am now apologising publicly: I am sorry, Bellefonte. You are a beautiful place with many fine Victorian mansions like this one. You are pretty. I will visit you again, and this time I will pay close attention to the roads and if it snows and I get stuck in you again (that’s what she said), I will not kvetch. I will be grateful to be held to your beautiful Bellefonte busom.

(My brother says I post too much, that I am one of “those people.” He is, without question, correct.)


Bellefonte, PA houses by army.arch *Adam*
Via Flickr:
Found in the Bellefonte historic district which is on the National Register #77001136.

Hey, everyone! Just a heads up, I will be attending Independent Comic Day at Jake’s Cards and Games in Bellefonte, PA on August 3rd. I only have one copy each of OD volumes one and two (maybe I can do a raffle), but I plan on selling a minicomic and a few small prints, as well as sketch cards, buttons, commissions, and caricatures! 

(You get a goody bag just for coming in the door!!)

If you’re in the area, consider putting it on your calendar and coming to see me :)