Be Our Guest! ((Belle))

                  The looming oak trees expanded as far as the eye could see. The sailor prince and his trust sheepdog were surrounded by nothing but Mother Nature’s creation. Eric inhaled the fresh air and sighed with delight of the tranquility. He needed this. Some time to himself. To be away from the bothersome noble, reading the vapid pacts and treaties from neighboring countries. His solitude was pure bliss. Although there was a deep twinge of longing for his family to be by his side. However he was called to duty by the French royals. He knew he couldn’t stay outdoors for too long for there were people expecting his presence at the castle. 

                    “Let’s go Max!” Eric shouted in the silence. His eyes scanned the vast forest but he did not see a patch of white and gray fur. “Max! C’mere boy!” he called loudly. Blue birds flapped above him while tweeting an angelic melody. He wasted no time in bolting through the woods knowing that Max was hidden somewhere behind the shadows.

                       Eric bent down as he tried to catch his breath. He placed his hands on his knees as he continued to take strenuous breaths. “I’m gettin’ too old for this.” he muttered softly with aggravation in his voice. He suddenly heard vigorous barks from afar. He immediately straightened from his hunched position and gazed forward. Lo and behold, there was the gleeful sheepdog yipping by the palace gates. Eric blinked several times and shook his head. He strode over to Max and ruffled his fur. “Glad you’re okay old mutt.” Eric smiled through his comment thankful that Max was unharmed. Max barked a joyous s reply to have his devoted master back. “Hm.” Eric mummbled as he peered through the iron gates to the colossal castle. “This seems like the place since there’s no other castle around, but it looks deserted.” he commented to himself. Max whined as his nose poked Eric’s thigh. “Don’t worry boy.” Eric soothed as he glided a hand through the fluffy fur. “Hello? Is there anyone here!”       

Ann and Belle | Bruenettes in Waiting

Ann made her way to to Searbrooke, excited for some nice coffee from one of the coffee shops there. She loved how homey they made their cafe, making it always worth the drive.

She ordered herself a drink and looked around at the tables. She saw a brunette nearby that looked very intent in some kind of work. Ann slowly walked over to her and looked over her shoulder, curious as to what she was doing.

"Hey there, whatcha doing?" she asked.

Charming in Colmar: Charming and Belle

Charming finished packing and saying his goodbyes. He felt a little sad leaving his pregnant wife behind, but he knew it would be worse having her come with him. He got in the carriage and waved at Cinderella until she was nothing more than a speck in the distance. Then he turned his attention to the journey ahead. He was visiting the nearby kingdom of Colmar for a political meeting. It was not a long trip from Andalusia to Colmar, but it was long enough to give him plenty of time to think. It had been some time since they were able to meet with the rulers of Colmar. Something happened in the royal family. But the issue had been fixed apparently. That is why Charming was being sent to deal with them. He had to do a check up with the kingdom to make sure that their policies were all still in tact. He arrived at the castle late in the day. He stepped out of the castle and was ushered in by servants. He was led to his room and then given time to roam the castle before eating dinner with the owners of the castle. Their meeting would take place in the morning. He walked down the hall and saw a door ajar. He peeked in and saw a magnificent library. He walked in and noticed a young woman sitting by the fire with a book. He walked over to introduce himself. “Hello there!” he said with a smile.

Smoothie Me |Modern Belle and AU Shego|

Finally the long tiresome day of teaching was over. The sun was blaring that March day and Shyla was in need of a smoothie. She got in her mustang and drove a few minutes till she got to the parking lot of Starbucks. 

Shyla exited her mustang and pressed the button on her automatic car lock. She stepped in Starbucks and the waft of coffee hit her. Oh how she loved the smell of this place. The black heels she was wearing clicked as she walked towards the counter. When it was her turn to order, she flashed a fake smile at the cashier. “I will have a venti berry smoothie please, with whipped cream.” Shyla got her debit card ready.

France Again | Belle and Oswald

(Crearive tittle, I know XD)

Oswald was back in that small village again. He was being careful to not meet any of those crazy girls. He didn’t like the idea of being called cute or being called ‘pet’. He was everything but a pet. The rabbit was walking around, avoiding other’s looks, since he was definitely something different there. He was near a book shop when the door openned and someone ran into him by accident. Both fell on the ground. Oswald saw a young brunette girl wearing a blue dress, that was probably the one who ran into him. “I’m sorry miss, are you alright?” He asked.

(Sorry it’s short)

A Spell Gone Wrong | AU | Maleficent and Belle

     Maleficent was studying another spell on her Study Room, thinking on who she should use it. Supposelly it would bring the one cursed with it a great deal with pain and eventually a slow death. Indeed it was a perfect spell to cast on one of her enemies… but who? She wondered. Than an idea came to the fairy’s mind. It had been far too long since she had seen or heard of that freach girl, Belle. Since she had corrupted her heart. She knew that, by now, she was pure once more but still. Perhaps it was time to pay her a visit and make sure it would be the last one.

     The dark fairy turned to her most trusted pet, Diablo. “My pet I have a tast for you. Search the world if you have to, but I want you to find Belle for me.” She casted a spell on him, that would allow her to know when he had completed his task. The raven perched on her hand as she walked to the window. “Go and do not fail me.” She said, releasing the bird throught the window.

Elizabeth and Belle |

Elizabeth joined her father on Port Royal’s journey to France in which they would discuss important matters there. Once they arrived, she curiously wandered around the village. She walked into a bookshop, but turned around while walking as she thought she heard her name being called by someone, and accidentally bumped into someone and several books. “Oh!” She exclaimed. “I am terribly sorry. Here, let me help.” She bent down to pick up the books strewn all over the floor. 

É fácil balançar a cabeça e dizer que não sinto nada quando você volta e vai embora. Mas é apenas outra mentira porque é como se eu quebrasse toda vez que você passa por mim.

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