So today my Belle cosplay dress for Cleveland Comic Con came in! I absolutely love it, and can’t wait to wear it out! If you’re anywhere around the Cleveland area you should be sure to check out Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con (it’s happening in February). It’s going to be amazing! I also had some help taking pictures from my little friend Scout :) 

anonymous asked:

Do you ave a link to that 609 dress? It's probably too expensive for me anyway, but... I can't help I would like to take a look.

Hey, unfortunately I got it on eBay. It was discontinued by Anthropologie, I believe. I was messaging a friend on Twitter and she was talking about trying to find Belle’s 5x11 dress and then was looking at some other Belle dresses. I said if she found one in my size, to let me know. I just searched “Morning Glory Swing Dress” to find it when she said there was one.

It looks like there’s one “maeve” colored one left and a few different other colors on eBay if you’re interested in looking. I would just keep a watch in general because new stuff can be put up all the time.

I then went down a rabbit hole of looking for Belle clothes and found this lookalike for Belle’s 622 party outfit and oh my godddd if I had $139 to drop on a dress I WOULD SO DO IT.

Here’s what I paid for my dress and how it looked on eBay, for reference. I know @belles-wardrobe normally has her outfits and where they can be purchased posted and if I ever had a Belle wardrobe question I would ask @klairabelle. :)


Belle and her new bff the Enchantress :)


And here are the first photos from Romics 2015 (April edition)! :D On Saturday I was Belle from Once Upon a Time - I had much fun & I met other fellow OUAT cosplayers (but sadly, not a single Rumple that day - AGAIN! There was a fab one on Friday and of course I wasn’t Belle *sighs*)! Well… I hope you like these first four of many more photos (thanks to my dear hiddlebum​)! C:


The caretakers of the blog (Elmee left and Merricat right)… lollygagging around the castle. There won’t be much else to do, for a while, with the upcoming summer break!

In order to combat any stagnation, we are now accepting submissions! Send us photos of your Belle cosplay, or stories of your adventures while cosplaying as the lovely librarian! Just remember to keep it classy, and have fun!



For sale: Belle’s (different color) dress from 2x4 The Crocodile by Armani Exchange in BLACK. This dress is amazing! It runs kinda large in the bust. This listing is for a US Size 6. 

It is fully lined with a lace overlay. It is also a great length, not too long, but just short enough to be flirty. 

It retailed $170 and I am asking $60 plus shipping. I am offering it to my fellow Rumbellers first (before I put it up on poshmark). Please send me a message if you are interested. Thanks!!

Update: SOLD! Thanks!!