Hijabi Cosplay: Disney Princesses

Cosplayer/Makeup Artist: @queenofluna

“She’s read all the stories from a strange blue book she found in the beasts library, she’d never expect those stories would be true. Especially when she stumbled across a peculiar blue box.”


Winter Belle Gif Set
Hiya! :D

I made my very first gifs today! <3 Took some time to get the size right to upload them here. But my Sina gave me some tips! <3
I’ve always liked the gifs here on tumblr, now I can make my own, yay! :D
You can find the original video here! Be sure to check out Diesel’s channel as well! :)
Also will be making gifsets for my Tangled Ever After and X-men Cosplays soon! Yay :D


Little 6 year old Alana sent me an invite to her party and it really touched my heart.  I wanted to do something extra special so I made a scroll and mailed it to her with a rose.  Her mom told me that she was so excited when it came and she took it school for “show and tell”.  Before I left her party, she ran upstairs and grabbed he scroll to show me the drawing of us.  <–Melting.


Sometimes we forget that Disney is someones name. The very word “Disney” is synonymous with happiness, wonder, love, childhood, fairy tales. As someone who genuinely wants to work in animation I can only dream of creating something so incredible that it could stand up to the vast empire that is Disney.


More of our Hannah Alexander Artwork-inspired Art Nouveau Disney Princess series. This time from the wonderful WeNeals Photography and Retouching.

Snow White - Ginny Di
Belle by AlyCat Cosplay
Rapunzel - Morgan Danielle
Ariel by Pudding Cosplay and Photography 
Mulan by Jade Song
Pocahontas by XIII Cosplay
Jasmine by JessoLaurus Rex
Merida by Ampersand Costumes & Props
Esmeralda by Killer Bea Cosplay

See more from the WeNeals series here

See the artwork that inspired the costumes here.

I asked him to take a Disney princess photo


Belle Winter Set 1
As promised have some Winter Belle! I absolutely looove the pictures <333 The colours are more bright than in real which is why my skirt looks mor pink than the original, but it’s a nice touch with the snow and all I think <3

I hope you like them as much as I do! :D Dominik is an amazing photographer! <3
I love cosplaying Belle so much! It’s a dream come true *A*

(Unfortunately it started to rain towards the end of the shooting, which is why my dress is wet)

Cosplay: me as Belle (The Beauty and the Beast) // Photography: The fantastic Hasengott