Hijabi Cosplay: Disney Princesses

Cosplayer/Makeup Artist: @queenofluna


Winter Belle Gif Set
Hiya! :D

I made my very first gifs today! <3 Took some time to get the size right to upload them here. But my Sina gave me some tips! <3
I’ve always liked the gifs here on tumblr, now I can make my own, yay! :D
You can find the original video here! Be sure to check out Diesel’s channel as well! :)
Also will be making gifsets for my Tangled Ever After and X-men Cosplays soon! Yay :D


Belle Winter Set 1
As promised have some Winter Belle! I absolutely looove the pictures <333 The colours are more bright than in real which is why my skirt looks mor pink than the original, but it’s a nice touch with the snow and all I think <3

I hope you like them as much as I do! :D Dominik is an amazing photographer! <3
I love cosplaying Belle so much! It’s a dream come true *A*

(Unfortunately it started to rain towards the end of the shooting, which is why my dress is wet)

Cosplay: me as Belle (The Beauty and the Beast) // Photography: The fantastic Hasengott


Richard Schaefer. Just follow him k? He is pure awesome and sass.


Wow <3


quickie tutorial time! most of the cosplay bow tutorials i see out there result in a pillowy, unrealistic-looking bow since they usually involve no loops. this is how i make bows that result in one that looks slightly more “tied” in place with no visible seams.

  1. start with a long rectangle that’s double the width of your bow and at least twice the length. if your fabric is too flimsy to hold its shape, you may want to add interfacing. double this over and sew to make a long tube, which you will want to press with the seam centered in the tube.
  2. with the seam on the inside, pin the two ends where you want it to meet in the middle so it is the width you want. cut off any excess because we don’t want extra bulk.
  3. sew that pinned bit together to make your tube into a ring. if you want your bow to have tails, now is the time to make them. you can do so using the same method as the first tube, but then closing off the ends.
  4. tie it together in the middle, being careful to “crimp” the middle in a way that will be visually-pleasing. make a small second tube that’s long enough to fit around the middle and then some. if you have tails, you may wish to tie them onto your bow now.
  5. hand sew the middle tube around the bow, and ta-da! you’re done!

there’s tons of different ways to attach this to your hair or wherever. you can sew/glue on clips or snaps, or if you’re super lazy like me, you can just loop a hairband through that middle part on the back. it’s more likely to sort of rotate that way, but meh. good enough for me!



For some reason Tumblr killed the quality some of these.  For higher quality check it out on Flickr >>>>HERE<<<< (download for best view)

I still have steps I need to add but I haven’t done them yet. So keep an eye out and I will update this with the following:

-Materials list

-Adding the elastic waistband to the underskirt (EDITED IN)

-Making the shirt

-Making the bloomers. 

-Wig (maybe. The one I’m using for the event might not style how I want it to.)

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on here BUT I will warn you I’m terrible at checking this so getting a hold of me on my cosplay page might be better and you can get to that by clicking >>>>HERE<<<<