The Family You Choose

Rumbelle Secret Santa 2014

Recipient: neelixnoodles

Prompt: Neal, Rumbelle, and wedding preparations

Summary: Neal helps Belle and Rumpelstiltskin plan their wedding.  He’s determined to bring his growing family together.  All of them.

Dear Neelixnoodles,

I couldn’t wait to post this, I was too excited.  It’s been a pleasure being your Santa this year.  You’re so sweet and I love your art.  You’re so talented!  Your prompt was really fun to write.  I hope you like it!

Love and hugs,



To their surprise and delight, Neal is not only supportive when they tell him they’re getting married, he is downright giddy.  His eyes light up and his hands clap together in a way that is totally incongruous with his image of world-weary 32 year old man.

With such a reaction, it shouldn’t have come as a shock to either of them that he was more than eager to have a finger in every pie when it came to planning the big day.  He arrives at the pink house bright and early the day after they tell him their news, arms laden with ribbon and scrapbooks and bridal magazines.

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