Mint Boy’s flower ◆ Part III

Requested by the lovely @thefuturewillbeprosperous

Part I ◆ Part II

Genre : Fluff/Smut/Dark/Angst/Mafia/Drugs

Paring : Yoongi x Reader

Summary : When a drug dealer meets the rarest flower.

Warning :

- Very graphic/violent content

- English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

A/N : Thanks again to the sweet @thefuturewillbeprosperous​ for this amazing request. I had a lot of fun writing it & thanks to you, many other cuties came to read some of my other writings which is amazing. Merci infiniment, et j’espère qu’on continueras à apprendre à se connaitre. ♥

And thanks to all the cuties who loved this story. I hope you’ll stay with me for the next ones, and I hope you’ll like it even better !

The room is plunged in the dim light, the daylight barely coming through the blinds. It has been several days since Yoongi didn’t leave his room, refusing to see anyone. He doesn’t eat, empties his reserve of whiskey and saké, and has no more tears to shed. He’s in a lamentable state, alcoholic and drugged to forget, condemned to constantly see you appear in his mind, unable to think of anything else. The rare moments of lucidity are the most painful: all the mistakes, all the evil things that he has made resurface and haunts him. His inability to go back in time makes him mad. How could he be convinced that he could keep you away from this part of himself? His selfishness tortures him. But the fact that you’re deliberately out of his life is much worse. You should have given him the chance to explain, the chance to make you understand why he did so. He just wanted to protect you and he only hurt you.

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The Sims 2 - Riverblossom Hills - Belle’s Boutique and Tailoring - Part 2

And another lot done!


The Sims 2 - Riverblossom Hills - Belle’s Boutique and Tailoring - Part 1

What am I blabbering on about?

The Family You Choose

Rumbelle Secret Santa 2014

Recipient: neelixnoodles

Prompt: Neal, Rumbelle, and wedding preparations

Summary: Neal helps Belle and Rumpelstiltskin plan their wedding.  He’s determined to bring his growing family together.  All of them.

Dear Neelixnoodles,

I couldn’t wait to post this, I was too excited.  It’s been a pleasure being your Santa this year.  You’re so sweet and I love your art.  You’re so talented!  Your prompt was really fun to write.  I hope you like it!

Love and hugs,



To their surprise and delight, Neal is not only supportive when they tell him they’re getting married, he is downright giddy.  His eyes light up and his hands clap together in a way that is totally incongruous with his image of world-weary 32 year old man.

With such a reaction, it shouldn’t have come as a shock to either of them that he was more than eager to have a finger in every pie when it came to planning the big day.  He arrives at the pink house bright and early the day after they tell him their news, arms laden with ribbon and scrapbooks and bridal magazines.

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