losers club playlists (2/7): eddie kaspbrak

real love baby-father john misty//wish you were here-pink floyd//better together-jack johnson//too dark-frankie cosmos//crime-real estate//outside with the cuties-frankie cosmos//piazza, new york catcher-belle & sebastian//crave-waterparks//diet soda society-the maine//young folks-peter bjorn and john//silver bullet-swmrs//wake me up before you go-go-wham!//bohemian rhapsody-queen//hungry like the wolf-duran duran//my medicine-the pretty reckless//holy-pvris//home-edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros//africa-toto//you are my sunshine-johnny cash

Chill Study Playlist for Sagittariuses

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       》rhiannon by fleetwood mac

       》hey you by pink floyd

       》pressing flowers by the civil wars

       》green eyes by coldplay

       》we rule the school by belle & sebastian

       》open mind by wilco

       》the freshmen by the verve pipe

       》summertime rolls by jane’s addiction

       》hurt by johnny cash

       》simple man by lynyrd skynyrd

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What type of music do you like?

:D Y’all are under no obligation to rec me new music but I won’t turn it down!

This is one of those seemingly simple questions that I love asking other people but really struggle to answer.

Like, the easiest response is “indie rock” but that category is so nebulously defined as to convey pretty much no information. 

The next-easiest is to just start listing bands: Sylvan Esso, Camera Obscura, Alvvays, Joanna Newsom, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Aimee Mann, Patty Griffin, Patty Larkin, Immaculate Machine, Janelle Monae, Dessa, Doomtree, Belle & Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens, Gaslight Anthem, Franz Ferdinand, Voxtrot, Lucius, Oh Pep!, Andrew Bird, the New Pornographers, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Zoe Keating, etc etc

But in casual conversation, there’s no guarantee a given person will be familiar with half of those. So trying to break it down into common elements:

  • Throwbacky, 60′s-inspired pop feat. strings or harmonies or a good melodic baseline
  • In general, I am into a good baseline
  • Dudes with weary and/or weather-beaten voices; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a hard time trusting a man who sings like he’s never had his heart ripped out of him

  • Ladies singing about learning how to be stronger and better than their shitty exes. (Unlike with men, I have no problem with female vocals that are pretty or smooth what’s up double standards)

  • Lush layers of sound you can wrap yourself in (can be electronic or organic or a mix)

  • Arch or bittersweet lyrics, or lyrics so dense and abstract as to be open to wild interpretation. Stuff that’s incredibly intricate and clever, but feels effortless. 
  • Stuff that’s angry about injustice but in a way that feels kinda constructive? Untempered rage makes me uncomfortable.

  • Anything that captures that noir hero/heroine quality of “well, this is a probably-doomed situation and I’ve got nobody too blame but myself, but in the meantime, I guess I’ll be stoic and make a witty understatement” (the best noir movie of all time is the song “Dixon’s Girl” by Dessa, don’t @ me)
This is too unwieldy to bust out during smalltalk, but it’s still probably more helpful than “indie”?

8/100 days of productivity

I wasted today very enjoyably, but I did a bit of drawing which counts as productive to me, and I got a couple of hours in at the library this evening and got a bit further on my portfolio. Tonight is the beginning of me officially trying to stop being nocturnal which is tricky as my ingrained habit is to go to bed at 3-4am and get up between 11-12 the next day - this isn’t a problem in autumn and spring as my lectures are at friendly times and my job is very flexible and freelance so I can choose my own hours - but in the summer going to bed when it’s starting to get light gives me panic attacks and right now getting up at 12 means I only get 3 hours daylight which sends my depression into a wild spiral so I’m going to fix it!

Listening to: ‘The Boy With The Arab Strap’ - Belle & Sebastian

30 questions

Thank you, @dottiechan, for tagging me! Oh my god, I don’t even know how long ago this was. I procrastinate so much.

Rules: Answer 30 questions, then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: 

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: Capricorn

4. Height: 5′6″

5. Time: 12:04

6. Birthday: ¼

7. Favorite bands: The Smashing Pumpkins, Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins, The Postal Service, Earlimart, The Pixies, The Flaming Lips, Mazzy Star, U2, The Lemonheads, Belle & Sebastian, Bright Eyes… (honestly, with the exception of my favorite band: The Smashing Pumpkins, it’s sort of subject to change)

8. Favorite solo artists: Regina Spektor, Brandi Carlile, James Iha

9. Song stuck in my head: Funny Little Frog by Belle & Sebastian

10. Last movie watched: 13 going on 30

11. Last show watched: (Of my own volition) Phineas and Ferb

12. When did I create my blog: in 2016

13. What do I post: All kinds of shit. It used to be somewhat reliably GoT/ASoIaF, but lately it’s been less predictable

14. Last thing I googled: Wilhelmina Harker (to make sure I had spelled “Wilhelmina” correctly)

15. Do you have other blogs: some sideblogs

16. Do you get asks: on occasion

17. Why did you choose your url: I LOVE BRIENNE OF TARTH

18. Following blogs: 296

19. Followers: 410

20. Favorite colors: silver (It counts as a color; fight me)

21. Average hours of sleep: It’s a bit inconsistent, but, if I had to guess, somewhere from 6-8

22. Lucky number: I am not lucky

23. Instruments: I played French Horn for seven years. I also tried to learn guitar, but the only things I can play on guitar are simple scales and a few chords.

24. What am I wearing: Red tank top, Pink muppet pajama bottoms

25. How many blankets I sleep with: It varies with temperature, but it’s currently three

26. Dream job: Creator and producer of a television show

27. Dream trip:I don’t know

28. Favorite food: sugar cookies

29. Nationality: American

30. Favorite song now: Stephanie Says- The Velvet Underground

I  tag: @direwolfpupy, @hugsandnoregrets, @amster-l, @pandachanda, @landsmanwashere, @lindsaymaknae, @meseob, @unmints, @mzcescapie

30 questions

I was tagged by @fairyslight thanks love!

Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 20 people.

Nickname(s): Tonks, Tyrion, Bichael (that one’s new) and a lot more I guess

Gender: fluid

Sign: Virgo 

Height: 158cm (smol)

Time: 19:45

Birthday: 12.09.

Favorite Bands: Queen, Sunrise Avenue, The Clash, Dropkick Murphys, Ramones, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Muse, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the disco, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Belle & Sebastian, Simon & Garfunkel, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Running Wild, Nirvana … (this is getting out of hand I don’t know how and where to stop)

Favorite Solo Artists: David Bowie, Joan Jett, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, MIKA, Adam Lambert, Bruce Springsteen, Chuck Berry, Rea Garvey, Billy Joel (just to name a few the list goes on and on)

Song stuck in my head: All I want for christmas is you (pls sned help?? it has only come to this because I made a terrible joke and said “All I want for christmas is Finnpoe” )

Last movie I watched: Thor Ragnarok

Last show I watched: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

When did I create this blog: in 2013

What do I post: everything really, but mostly fandom, lgbtq+ stuff and memes

What did I last google: “Mate Tee” cause the girl next to me in class drank it and I wanted to know more about it

Other blogs: yep: @daydreamsexplosion @bookpirate @holistic-actress

Do I get asks: few

Why did I choose this URL: cause I feel like magic sometimes, don’t give two fucks, like both the pirate and the fairy aesthetic and spend a lot of time thinking about and staring at the moon

Following: 1337 (holy shit is that a lot??)

Followers: nearly 1000

Average hours of sleep: 4-6 in the week, everything between 4-10 on weekends

Lucky number: 12

Instrument: guitar

What am I wearing: black jeans, black star wars t-shirt, a greend hoodie jacket, black bandana and three layers of green-ish scarfes wrapped around me 

Dream job: author or actress

Favourite food: spaghetti bolognese with lots of cheese, cheese in general, caramel-ish and cinnamon-ish stuff, chocolate

Last book I read: I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson

3 favourite fandoms: this question is cruel. I’m thinking about boykotting it because of that, but that would mean mentioning NONE of my life contents. Okay so: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Harry Potter and… (I’m actually sweating now) … well.. Star Wars (let’s say disney in general so I can include Marvel and some musicals ;D)

tag 20: @imakeyourdaysuck @helloiamcassandra @4cteen @olivia-is-a-nerd @fanic-tendencies @quzter @neuz8t-picturesoftheworld @holisticmaterial @amazingdirk @missus-spooky @paragraphsoutofpalaces @pumpkino @laurenamy18 @homicidaldirtmuppet @secretaryofthegays @notthatcrowley @farahs-girlfriend @bisexualgambit @avacodasoup @fearofthelivingdead @imagine-my-potato-ate-sparkles @soggyfri @propertyofpoeandbucky @sensatebeing @curiouswildi

Music Tag

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Rules: put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that play

1. The Hidden River of My Life - Sufjan Stevens

2. Silvertongue - Young the Giant

3. Kill Our Way to Heaven - Michl

4. Greek Tragedy - The Wombats

5. There’s Too Much Love - Belle & Sebastian

6. Psychosocial - Brooke Fraser

7. Strong Enough - A Silent Film

8. My First Car - Adam Barnes

9. Adhd - Truslow

10. Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

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Answer 30 questions and tag 20 people.

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Nicknames: Buffalo (long story)

Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′8″ but I always feel short because my best friend/cousin is a 6′1″ volleyball player (fuck her)

Time: 8:20 pm

Birthday: May 25th

Favourite bands: Queen, The 1975, Belle & Sebastian, Neutral Milk Hotel, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, Elton John

Favourite solo artists: Halsey, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana del Rey, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, David Bowie, Lorde Rufus Wainwright

Song stuck in my head: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles

Last movie I watched: French Kiss

Last show I watched: Glee (I’m rewatching and honestly it’s so bad it’s good)

When did I create this blog: I think like 2013

What do I post: Mostly Marvel, but sometimes just stuff that I like and want to save

What did I last Google: The definition of Anthropocene for an essay

Other blogs: My art blog @van-gcgh-away !  I post my art journal, paintings, photos I took, and sometimes reblog other artists work and aesthetics

Do I get asks: Once in a while, but usually i get messages instead.  I want more though!

Why did I pick this URL: Because whoever owns the url @/anthonystark is an asshole with no posts except one saying not to ask for the url fuck you sir

Following: 526

Followers: 795 at the moment

Average hour of sleep: Maybe 7 or 8?  But it’s usually from like 3am to noon so…

Lucky number: 11

Instrument: I sing and can sorta play piano

What am I wearing: .An oversized burgundy buttondown and granny panties 

Dream job: An art curator!

Last book I read: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Favourite food: Pizza, burritos  and spaghetti

3 Favourite Fandoms: Marvel, Harry Potter and Sherlock BBC

I’m way too awkward to bother people with tags so I’ll just tage @itstonystarkbitch and if anyone else wants to I’d be fucking thrilled!

Music Ask

Tagged by @chromehoplite thanks sweetie!! I hope to get some new tunes out of this : )

Rules: put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up. Then tag 20 people to do the same

1. “Kid A” by Radiohead

2. “Fatal Shore” by Andrew Bird

3. “Unsolved Mysteries” by Animal Collective

4. “Deceptacon” by Le Tigre

5. “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga

6. “The Wrong Girl” by Belle & Sebastian

7. “French Navy” by Camera Obscura

8. “Coco sans Bulles” by Yelle

9. “Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)” by The Decemberists

10. “The Big Guns” by Jenny Lewis

Not gonna lie that’s a pretty solid playlist, but it’s also my music library so… anyhoo I tag @tasty-kate @dragonsploosh @gin-devil @orangeships @nominalbutler and anyone else who’d like to do this : ) 


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  1. Name/Nickname:   carolina. carol. teddy.
  2. Gender:   femenino.
  3. Star Sign:   escorpio.
  4. Height:   1,58 sale bye.
  5. Hogwarts House:   slytherin.
  6. Favourite Animal:   tigres y doggos. <3
  7. Hours of Sleep:   tbh a este punto quién sabe.
  8. Dogs or Cats:   perros. pero me gustan también los gatos.
  9. Number of Blankets:   tres o cuatro dependiendo del frío.
  10. Dream Trip:   canadá, ya sea toronto, calgary o vancouver. también nueva york pero tipo de entrada por salida. ¿?
  11. Dream Job:   actriz de comedia musical.
  12. Time:   01:05 pm.
  13. Birthday:   30 de octubre.
  14. Favorite Bands:   the 1975, the neighbourhood, belle & sebastian.
  15. Favorite Solo Artist:   carly rae jepsen, lana del rey, marina diamandis, hayley kiyoko, residente, caloncho.
  16. Song stuck In My Head:   ojos color sol–calle 13 feat silvio rodriguez.
  17. Last Movie I Watched:   get out.
  18. Last Show I watched:   wynonna earp.
  19. Last Musical I watched:   hoy no me puedo levantar.
  20. When did I create my Blog:   a principios de septiembre, creo. la verdad ni me acuerdo lmao.
  21. I post/reblog:   pura mamada tbh, perdón por tan poco.
  22. Last thing I Googled:   lenny emoji, JAJAJAJAA bye.
  23. Other Blogs:   pa ke kieres saber eso jaja salu2
  24. Do I get Asks:   a veces. ¿?
  25. Why I chose My URL:   porque dramática se nace.
  26. Following:   60. 
  27. Followers:   75.
  28. Lucky number:   no tengo tbh.
  29. Favorite Instrument:   la guitarra y el ukelele jijiji.
  30. What am I wearing:   mi pijama porque ya no sé qué hacer con mi vida tbh.
  31. Nationality:   mexicana.
  32. Favorite Song:   siempre cambia, rip.
  33. Last Book I Read:   releí carol de patricia highsmith lol.
  34. Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like to Join:   purgatorio nada más para ligarme a waverly earp. algún universo de dc porque quiero tirarme de un puente y que diana me salve con sus enormes y poderosos brazos. idk man, la verdad el que sea.

i crawled out of bed at 8:40 to see in my emails that belle & sebastian were not only coming to syd but that tickets went on presale at 9 and now i have two tickets for me and a friend to go see them holy shit

colorblock  asked:

eden! or percy! whichever is fine!


electronic renaissance by belle&sebastian
dark chocolate by froya
echo train by chad vangaalen
nothing by the blow

pantyhose by tv girl
eyeball soup by the uncluded
red sea by asobi seksu
cardboard box spaceship by little image
year of the tiger by st vincent

justtakeahint  asked:

If you're doing playlist requests can I ask for a soft playlist / acoustic :) following

sea of love//cat power
werewolf//fiona apple
i love you so//the walters
ocean eyes//billie eilish
let’s get breakfast//walter mitty & his makeshift orchestra
piazza, new york catcher//belle & sebastian
passenger seat//death cab for cutie
spaceboy//the smashing pumpkins

send me a color/vibe/general theme for a playlist!

There are legitimately days where I’m like “oh, right, Belle & Sebastian are the greatest band of all time” and then I remember about a whole bunch of good music and music is so good and we are all so blessed and then I circle back around to B&S and I’m like ‘maybe they are though’.