belle x rumpelstiltskin

True Love’s Kiss is a Powerful Thing.

Request from @blackenedlips:Reader was cashier in Gold shop during curse and they became inseparable friends, despite his rep; during this, Gold confides in her, telling her about Belle and son. Thus, when curse broke and Rumple reunites with Belle, reader steps away and ignores her crush; he assumes it’s because he’s the dark one, but she didn’t actually care. When TL kiss didn’t work on Belle to get memory back, he realizes his feelings has changed – reader is his true love. He confronts her, which is where you come in?

Gold x Reader

Words: 2,643 (I am sooo sorry! I got carried away!)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Gold had gone on his lunch break and given how picky he was with how he had his sandwich prepared at Granny’s diner it gave you the perfect amount of time to conceal yourself inside his shop properly. In all the time you had worked here you rarely went into the back of the shop, that was his domain, you much preferred it in the main area where you could speak to the customers that came in. You had made friends with many of the residents of Storybrooke but the owner of the shop you worked in, the man you were about to scare out of his wits, was the closest one you had made. It hadn’t been an expected friendship, not in the slightest, as you were two very different people but somehow you’d had a connection with the other from day one.

He didn’t have the best reputation but it never crossed your mind. You saw him differently….always had done.

As a mischievous smirk started to tug up on your lips you snuck into the back room, knowing that he wouldn’t expect for you to be in there, and hid yourself behind a rather odd-looking statue. You made a mental note to ask yourself what it was because right now it looked like something that would be the main focus of a horror film or something…..god you hoped he wouldn’t be too picky because the faster you got away from this thing the better. The way it made the hairs on your arms stand on end made you think that said horror movie was about to start playing out and you were the main protagonist in it.

The bell above the shop door sounded out, snapping you out of the rather anxious mindset you had started to head into.

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“Tale As Old As Time” - Digital Oil Painting

1/3 in the Shall We Dance series. I decided to go for very impressionistic, since the original photo was a bit small. I like how it turned out, because you can still tell who they are. (Always a plus, lol.)

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

“Care To Dance, Mrs. Gold?” - Digital Oil Painting

2/3 of the Shall We Dance series. Rumple’s jacket was hell to paint. WORTH IT. Look at their sweet little faces! OMG, this moment. I’ll never be over it.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.