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“Hearts and Steel” - Digital Oil Painting

Inspired by “A Game of Hearts and Steel” by @suchadearie and also by all the eye sex Rumbelle had been having while not ‘together.’ I really like how this turned out, Rumple is leaning in, even with her foil against his cheek and her hand guard digging into his chest, he’s not intimidated at all. And I made this picture pale on purpose, so you could see the slight flush on Belle’s face! ALLLLLL the eye sex. ALL OF IT.

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“Lord and Lady of the Underworld” - Digital Oil Painting

She put on the gown to impress him and was shocked to find he’d cut his hair to impress her. Perhaps love isn’t impossible, even in the Underworld.

My last in this series (for a while, anyway) so I can work on the next one, hot guys with cute animals. ^_^

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Prompt - Ruby sees her neighbor Mr Gold having sex through her window & calls up her friend Belle. Suddenly the woman Gold is with reaches for her phone & it is revealed to be Belle.

The Best Gossip


Notes: I am not responsible for anything that happens during this promptathon.

Ruby Lucas could hardly believe her eyes. Well, actually, she kinda wanted to remove her eyes right now and possibly bleach her brain, but not before she called her best friend and told her the best gossip since Leroy made out with Sister Astrid. Mr. Gold, the grouchy, reclusive landlord and pawn shop owner that everyone was not-so-secretly afraid of, was having sex.

The ringing seemed to go on forever as she paced around her living room. She peeked through the curtains again, into her neighbor Mr. Gold’s house. He had stopped - moving - (Ruby shuddered at the thought) and sat up. She could see his hair was mussed and his shirt was wrinkled and unbuttoned. His suit jacket, waistcoat, and tie were nowhere to be seen and she could only imagine what a wrinkled mess they might be. Or did he actually take the time to hang them and fold them properly?

Nah, she thought. No guy delayed sex, not even one as fastidious about his appearance as Mr. Gold.

Finally, the ringing cut off and Ruby heard her friend’s voice.

“Rubes?” came Belle’s very out of breath voice. “What - what’s going on?”

The phone fell from Ruby’s hand, landing on the floor with a thud and skidding over towards the couch. She looked through the gap in the curtains with something between horror and shock as she saw Belle sitting on Gold’s couch, cell phone pressed to her ear. Her hair was mussed and her blouse wrinkled and unbuttoned.

Belle’s head slowly turned towards the window as Ruby backed away, her mouth hanging open. Her eyes went wide and her cell phone fell from her hand as she met Ruby’s through the window.

To Kiss the Fingers of the Rain
Rated Explicit

(6.5K words - Complete)

The March smut prompt for @a-monthly-rumbelling
Storm, Adultery, Warmth, Loneliness, Rough


Mr. Gold poked sulkily at the dying fire. He needed to put on another log but he barely felt like leaving the chair, his limbs heavy with the bottle of red wine he’d almost polished off entirely.

He eyed the blanket on the back of the nearby sofa, noting with vague disinterest as lightning flashed through the half open blinds behind it. He exhaled loudly and glanced down at the book that lay open in his lap. He’d probably read the same page three times by now but he couldn’t seem to recall what it said. Rain began to patter against the window. Earlier, he’d had half a mind to watch the sun set by the lake but the sky had turned so gray, it hadn’t been worth the effort of getting up.

It was nearly night but he wasn’t sleepy enough to retire to the lonely little bed in the next room. Maybe he’d sleep in front of the fire, if the sofa wouldn’t be hell on his bad leg. Maybe the rain would help, a little soothing ambient noise to drown out the roiling storm in his mind.

He drained the glass beside him and refilled it, noting another flash of lightning and counting the seconds until the roll of thunder to gauge the distance. The raindrops were heavier now, pelting hard. They almost sounded like tapping. Or was that knocking?

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” A familiar voice was calling on the other side of the door. A female voice. With an accent he wouldn’t soon forget.

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“Flower of the Underworld” - Digital Oil Painting

Another painting with Rumbelle as Hades and Persephone! Based on the photography of Teresa Yeh. I had a lot of difficulty with this one, I wanted to make it look like he was materializing out of the smoke and magic and I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. But I wanted them to look kind of serene and god-like… instead I think I made them look stoned. LOL

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I don’t know why everyone seems to be so either or but are there any Captain Swan fans that also love Rumbelle or vice versa?

or can someone like explain why they love one pairing so much but dislike the other with a passion? I love both dearly, always have and I want to follow and interact with people that ship both pairings but to find them is like trying to locate a needle in a haystack???!

Fic: Textbook

Summary: Kisses aren’t on the curriculum.

Rating: Explicit/NC-17

Pairing: Rumbelle

Other: Explicit language/Explicit sexual content/Student relationship/Age difference/My usual brand of wordiness

Author’s note: For Rufeepeach and her year-turning. I hope you find your own Scottish professor with a propensity towards the sarcastic.


“I shouldn’t.”

Of course this is the first thing he says to her standing outside the apartment she shares with Ruby, looking guilty beneath the yellow streetlight.

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“In The Stacks” - Digital Oil Painting

I couldn’t resist, I am a massive fan of Rumbelle library smut.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Emilie @ OUATVan 3/26/17

Some pictures: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x)

  • Emilie loves playing both sides of Belle (x)
  • Motherhood completely changed Emilie and it’s affected the way she plays a mom on OUAT (x)
  • Emilie’s favorite episode is still Skin Deep (x)
  • Emilie & Bobby have very dry and inappropriate senses of humor (x)
  • Belle likes the quieter side of Rumple as Mr. Gold but misses the flourishing/openness of Rumplestiltskin. (x)
  • If she was stranded on an island, she’d bring Snow White with her. (x)
  • It’s confusing but interesting to have a grown-up son on OUAT (x)
  • Claire (Lost) and Belle are similar in that they’re honest and transparent characters. (x)
  • Emilie was asked about kissing Bobby and laughed because they’re good friends & it’s part of the job (x), (x)
  • Emilie has to leave Vera at home when she’s working (x)
  • Rumple & Belle are honest with each other now and that’s an interesting change to their dynamic (x)
  • Emilie hates auditioning (x)
  • Hardest scenes to film are giving up Gideon and townline scene (x)
  • Emilie was NOT a fan of Golden Queen. “Was not a fan, didnt like it at all, completely betrayed, haha" (x) (x)
  • “Belle’s happy ending is not reliant on him (Rumple) or any other guy… if it involved any other human it’d be her son” (x)
  • Emilie’s not sure what Belle did in the asylum. Maybe read Harry Potter or did Pilates? (x) (VIDEO)
  • There is no chance of Belle and Will getting back together (x)
  • Emilie is a Gryffindor (x)
  • Emilie says they could not have casted Gideon better & them with Bobby is always fun! (x)
  • Emilie and Bobby work together very naturally and don’t speak much about rehearsing emotions for scenes. They just let it happen. (x)
  • Emilie is excited about watching the show after they film it. (x)
  • Emilie was touched after a fan said Rumbelle gives people hope. (x)
  • There’s funny moments between Emilie & Robert every day. They’ve got a lot of inside jokes but don’t end up on the gag reel. (VIDEO)
  • Emilie doesn’t always agree with Belle’s decisions when it comes to her relationship with Rumple. (x)
  • Emilie thinks Hook & Belle played board games when she was staying on the Jolly Roger. She won! (x)

Thank you to everyone who live-tweeted and posted photos/videos for this event!

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WO Gold and Belle: What was your first meeting like?

SO I DID THIS THING. I’m sorry. (I’m not sorry.), Rated very G

Intervals - Part 13


Belle took a breath and pushed open the door to the pawn shop. The bell jingled loudly, startling her, but it was such an old fashioned thing that she looked up at it and smiled.

“Something I can help you with Miss -?”

Belle blinked and looked at the man standing behind the back counter. He wasn’t very tall, not much taller than she was in heels, and older, with gray streaked hair that hung to his shoulders. She thought it looked very soft, which was an odd thing to think about someone she hadn’t even really met yet.

He tilted his head and gave her a strange look, and she realized she was still standing awkwardly by the door and hadn’t answered him.

“Oh!” She gasped, her fingers squeezing the book she’d brought with her. “Uh, it’s French. Belle French. And you’re -? Mr. Gold?”

The man inclined his head slightly and then stepped out from behind the counter, coming towards her at a slow but steady pace. “Well, that’s the name on the sign, dearie.”

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Fic Teaser: The Little Librarian

Chicago AU. Bobby Gold is Chicago’s finest defence attorney and spin doctor of the roaring twenties, and Belle French is a librarian in trouble with hardly a cent to her name.

This is taken from something I’m working on in between other projects. Interested?


He’s used to black lace on women, along with peach silk and gold headbands, but all the little lady seated in reception has in her possession is a blue felt cloche clasped in her pale hands, her fingers worrying an aged white ribbon encircling the short flick of the brim. Her long, dark locks are bedraggled, dampened and wind-blown by the unseasonal weather plaguing Chicago’s busy streets, and she looks so out of place among the cuckolded husbands and mislead lovers of his office waiting room that she gives him pause as he enters.

Her eyes, he sees when she looks up, are blue. Deep blue. The kind of blue he’d spoken to the currently incarcerated Regina Mills about in that fanciful way of his. The lady’s eyes are dark and worried, but not wet or wavering. She’s troubled but strong, and the slimness of her shoulders beneath her plain, black coat does not match the determination in her gaze as she stands and immediately sweeps towards him.

His secretary leaps from behind her desk to stop the approaching woman, but he holds a hand out to stop her. The lady comes forward, undeterred, stopping in front of him as he removes his grey, rain-speckled fedora.

“Mister Gold,” she says with a faded accent, her gaze finding his and holding it. “I need your help.”

A familiar smile creeps across his face. “Lots of people need my help, sweetheart.” He sweeps his hand around the room, at all the hopeful faces begging for even the merest crumb of his renowned talent. “What makes you so special, dear?”

“I can pay you.”

“Five-thousand?” He glances at her and the scuff marks on her shoes. “I doubt it.”

Her eyes though, they hold firm. “I’ll work off what I can’t pay, but I need your help. A man’s life is at stake.”

He doesn’t know if it’s her offer of working off her debt or the way she so sincerely holds his scrutinising gaze, which has cut down men twice her size before now, but he sweeps his arm towards the open door of his office, bidding her to enter.