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An Eye for an Eye (Part 1)

Okay, so here is the first chapter of that Jefferson x Reader story that I was telling y’all about earlier. The first chapter isn’t very long, but I really think it could turn into something further. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Electric Pulse. I’m going to try my hardest to work on both stories at the same time. But without further ado, here is the first part of An Eye for an Eye. 

Word Count: 1,139

Warnings: None

Summary: When Belle is returned to Mr. Gold, she tells him who it is that let her go. He instantly knows who it is that returned her and decides to give him his thanks in the best way he can think of.

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Gold paced the length of the backroom in his shop several times, and it was honestly making Belle a little dizzy. Of course, she didn’t know that she was Belle. Not yet, anyway. She had just walked in and told Gold that Regina had kept her locked away. This didn’t really surprise Gold, even though he was furious about it. No, what kept him pacing was the who. Who knew where Belle was? Who in town would free her? Gold stopped his pacing and turned to Belle, who stood there, quietly shaking.

“Now, Belle, I need you to tell me, who let you out. I need to know,” he stated, walking up to her. Belle’s face scrunched up in confusion. “Who’s Belle? You keep calling me this name, but I don’t know who you’re talking about.” Gold sighed in frustration. “You. You’re Belle. You just don’t remember yet. But you will. Now, please, who let you out.”

Belle shrugged. “I didn’t know him. He was wearing a hospital uniform, but I hadn’t met him yet. He was tall, with dark hair and blue eyes. Oh, and he had a scar that circled around his neck. He was weird.” Gold had resumed pacing again but stopped with that last sentence. “Repeat that last part again,” he instructed, his mind racing. “He had a scar on his neck,” Belle reiterated, her face still scrunched in confusion.

Gold grinned as the answer hit him. He knew exactly who Belle was talking about it. And he knew the perfect way to repay him. After all, Gold always repaid his debts. “Come with me,” he told Belle, holding out his hand. Belle wearily took it, not 100% sure if she trusted this man yet. “I’m taking you somewhere safe, Belle,” he promised as he led her out the back of the shop and to his car.

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Summary: When Belle decides to woo Rumplestiltskin, Jefferson gives her pointers on how to be more alluring with interesting results.
Rating: T | Word Count: 3863
A/N: Written for @a-monthly-rumbelling: “You have a lot of nerve saying ‘hello’ like nothing happened.” An early birthday present for the wonderful @still-searching47, who was excited about Dark Castle fluff with Jefferson in the mix. Happy Birthday, love!

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“Try pushing your shoulders back more,” Jefferson suggested, tenting his fingers. “And lift your chin.”

Belle rolled her shoulders twice and stuck her chest out, pressing her book against her abdomen. “Like this?” she asked, sucking in a deep breath.

“Not quite.” He wasn’t even looking at her as he rose from the plush fireside chair to study the display cases lining the walls of the great hall. He sipped his tea with an ungracious slurp. “But you’re, ah, getting better.”

Belle snorted. “If that’s you feigning nonchalance, you’re a worse actor than I am, Jeff.”

“Fine,” he snapped, spinning on his heel. “I was trying to be kind, but if you’re going to take that attitude, I’ll give it to you straight: for the love of the gods, Belle, didn’t your nurse teach you anything about feminine wiles?”

“She taught me how to read and speak twelve languages,” she said tartly. “I was rather busy.” Her cheeks warmed with the implication that she was lacking.

Jefferson rolled his eyes. “Nobody likes a know-it-all, love.”

“Yes, well nobody likes a giant arse wearing a top hat either, but here you are!” Belle flung her long, chestnut curls over her shoulder, retreating to her chaise by the fire.

She slumped over her book in defeat, more annoyed at herself for her failure than she was with Jefferson. He was only trying to help, but she’d been peevish with him the moment he knocked on the door. She’d told him what happened with Rumple, and now he was brimming with pointers on how she could be more alluring.

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Handprints - Part 9

Mr. Gold/Belle,  G

Summary: Gold, Belle, and Bae go on their little “date,” and Gold acquires a new accessory.

Notes: Enjoy some Gold family feels and bonus Jefferson! We are in the home stretch now folks!


Gold’s smile was so wide he felt like his face would split in two.

If there had been any doubts in his mind about Belle and Bae meeting, they had been thoroughly quashed. Bae wasn’t a shy boy, but he was unsure of Belle at first, staying on the other side of Gold and holding tight to his hand until they reached the first stall in the market. Belle was her usual patient, kind self, coaxing the boy to tell her what things he noticed, what he liked or found interesting about all the little trinkets in the boxes and set around the stalls.

Twenty minutes later, Bae was holding Belle’s hand as they walked through the flea market, smiling up at her as he asked if there were any toys for sale. Gold’s chest ached as he watched them from a few steps behind. He knew Belle was different than Milah, very different in fact, but it was hard to shake the old demons.

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Sorry Rumbelle.
New OTP here.


Title: The Great Pig Adventure
Author: snarkysweetness
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Belle/Jefferson with an appearance by Grace
Summary: With all of the big damn heroes and villains seemingly lost at sea, Belle and Jefferson strike up a friendship that eventually leads to something more.
Warnings: No porn?
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author’s Notes: This title is stupid but it’s for Julie, so I don’t care! I hope you enjoy it, light of my life. Thanks to Tessa for looking it over.

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Randal Gold and the Chance at Love: Chapter Seven

AU: Belle is a student at Storybrooke Community College who has a wild imagination and a love of all things books. Randal Gold is a archaeologist who has decided to teach after being re-injured. The only problem is he’s not a people person. What happens when Belle becomes his teacher’s assistant. Will strangers become friends?

N/A: First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for stopping and reading this. I love writing and I’m using this to warm up for my next semester at school. This idea came to me while looking at a gif set from BloodyDeath11. At the time I didn’t know that DDagent had already written a Professor Rum and Student Belle story. She was gracious and amazing for understanding how much I wanted to write my story. I really hope I get a chance to continue this story and finish it. It really is close to my heart. I’d love to hear feedback from everyone! Also Randal Gold and the Chance at Love is the working title. If you read this and have a better idea I’d love to hear it! <3 I wish you all a beautiful day! Happy reading!

Special thanks to Midnight’s Waltz for being my beta reader and encouraging me to write. Thank you BottledSpirits and Pamplemice for getting on livestream on Sunday and helping me work through some issues that I was having with future scenes. Thank you to everyone who sent me asks begging for a new chapter and encouraging me to write. Thank you for putting up with my little hiatus! I love you all. I’d love to get feedback!

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Knight Jefferson sweeps away a young Jedi Belle giving her the opportunity to show what she can do

To See The World,
To Be A Hero

hedgewitches  asked:

ignore that, I forget to send my prompt! OUAT; jefferson/belle; we're all mad here

she goes back to the basement after everything is done.  there’s nothing of hers here, but after so long it sort of feels like home.  there, there is the mark on the wall from when she managed to get a nail loose and thought she could get out.  there, there is the bloodstain from when she was strapped down after trying to escape once again.  those, of course, are from the early days.  after time there wasn’t any point.

he finds her sitting with her legs crossed in the middle of the threadbare mattress.  she’s cleaned up these days, hair shiny and smooth, clothes complete and clean.  but as he steps into the room and lets the heavy door shut behind him, she catches his eye.

the madness behind her gaze gives him pause for only a moment.  slowly, the side of his mouth slides up.

we are all mad here.