belle was crying inside my head

 you could have it all (my empire of dirt) -  l i s t e n

studies show intelligent girls are more depressed, because they know what the world is really like (a mix for spencer and alison)

i. patron saint // regina spektor (and you know she’s never coming home) ii. haunting // halsey (i was as pure as a river but now i think i’m possessed, you put a fever inside me and i’ve been cold since you left) iii. girl with one eye // florence and the machine (i’ll cut your little heart out cause you made me cry) iv. head is not my home // ms mr (secrets lie in our way, your kiss tastes better outside the light of day) v. hurt // nine inch nails (i wear this crown of shit upon my liar’s chair) vi. bitter rivals // sleigh bells (i need you for survival) vii. lonely bones // marina and the diamonds (doesn’t mean you left us, you just grew out of your homes) viii. cake // melanie martinez (you’re filling up my senses with empty calories) ix. she used to be mine // sara bareilles (if i’m honest i know i would give it all back for a chance to start over and rewrite an ending or two for the girl that i knew) x. esc // basecamp (a ghost from the past had come back to play) xi. miss nothing // the pretty reckless (and as I watch you disappear into the ground, my one mistake was that I never let you down) xii. better // regina spektor (born like sisters to this world in a town where blood ties are only blood) xiii. how strange // emilie autumn (you know what they say about the visions in your head and what they mean) xiv. think of you // ms mr (i still think of you and all the shit you put me through) xv. better girl // best coast (what i’m putting inside of me is making me crazier) xvi. blame me // the pretty reckless (blame all your life on me) xvii. competition // little mix (i can do it better every night and every day) xviii. somewhat damaged // nine inch nails (tried so hard to be like you) xix. girls like you // the naked and famous (everything you say is fire, all the claims you lay, you liar) xx. play date // melanie martinez (it’s getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you) xxi. opheliac // emilie autumn (you know the lies i tell when you’ve gone through hell) xxii. strange love // halsey (that’s the beauty of a secret, you know you’re supposed to keep it) xxiii. take me to church // hozier (i’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies) xxiv. glory and gore // lorde (secretly you love this, do you even wanna go free?) xxv. i’m not calling you a liar // florence and the machine (just stop haunting me)

Creepypasta #662: Patient Zero

Story length: Medium

In the beginning they said I was sick,
But I got worse, and I got worse quick,
Then they said that I would die,
But nobody could tell me why.
I coughed up blood; a sticky black,
And swallowed pills by the pack,
Wires hooked up in my veins,
Dreading all my aches and pains,
Sitting crying through the night,
They said that I would lose the fight.
And then, miraculously, I was well,
I’d dodged the Reaper’s tolling bell,
But still I had a road to go,
Pain; depression; feeling low,
But none of them could ever tell,
That I was still inside my Hell.
The sickness spread into my soul,
Hot as any burning coal,
And deep within I was still dead,
From the sickness in my head,
But everybody laughed and smiled,
Said that I had had it mild,
Claimed I was a sight to see,
That I was lucky as could be.
But, then the sickness claimed my heart,
And a change began to start,
Suddenly the world turned black,
With the sickness that came back,
My heart was slowing down its beat,
In my head this horrid heat,
All I wanted was to bite,
‘twas the only thing that felt quite right,
Ripping, tearing, chewing flesh,
They taste better when they’re fresh!
Now they all curse and shout,
“The apocalypse without a doubt!”
Patient Zero I’ve been named,
For the zombies I am blamed,
But I simply cannot help myself,
I did not choose to lose my health,
This all began when I got sick,
And then got worse, and got worse quick.

Credits to: HTFA 

No but seriously, the greatest bookstore in the world.

The entire second floor was a literal labyrinth of books, each priced for only $1. They had shopping bins that you could use to carry your finds.

There was a book tunnel and book-art and everything smelled good. I want to go back and live there.