belle saw that he was more than just the monster of bedtime stories

BTS when their son wants to be a Disney Princess


Are you serious? This man child is going to be the PERFECT Prince Charming to his son’s Cinderella. He went through store after store searching for the outfits and while he found his that only requird some embroidery here and there, he had to compromise and find a dress that was larger than his son’s size and alter it home. Seokjin was disappointed greatly in the children’s costume industry. They did not have a proper Cinderella dress selection to choose from. This is why he had to get a larger dress. Becuase they simply did not fit his son right. And he would be damned if his son looked anything but pefect for Halloween. Halloween was a huge deal for his son and therefor a huge deal for Seokjin. Seokjin worked late into the night making adjustment’s to the dress so that it fit his son just right. When Halloween dawned they went hand in hand down the line of houses and made a killing with candy. Luckily no one notices the bandages on a majority of fingers because it turns out hand altering a dress his not as easy as he thought

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“Even though you are a princess it does not mean you get to eat more than 3 pieces of candy!”


Yoongi didn’t show much of a reaction when his 6 year old son suddenly ran up to him with heart eyes holding up the Snow White outfit he found to wear to his classroom Halloween party. He looked it up and down and calmly asked his son if he was sure that was what he wanted because he wasn’t going to buy him a different one if he changes his mind. His son determinedly said he was sure and marched to the checkout person. However when the kid running the cash register asked his son if he realized that he picked up a dress. His son looked at the cashier in confusion a look that was suspiciously similar to Yoongi’s. Of course he knew he got a dress! The cashier rolled his eyes and made a snide remark. But you are a boy! Boys don’t wear dresses! You should go back and pick out something else! Yoongi quickly got PISSED and was ready to murder this asshole but an idea occurred to him and he just smirked at the kid. You know what? You are right. Come on squirt. Let’s go find something else. His son’s eyes welled up with tears but Yoongi quickly picked him up and whispered in his ear. 15 minutes later they are back in line still holding the dress but this time with a proper crown complete with plastic jewels, a wicker basket that looks just like the one in the cartoon, adorable little heeled shoes, and red play lipstick. Yoongi looked at the cashier as if to dare him to say anything. He didn’t. But that didn’t stop Yoongi from calling in and making a warning complaint to the manager.

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“Hello? Yes, you see I just came from your store and spoke with a certain smart mouthed little shit and you should know that the next time I see him…”


You never would of known that Hoseok had a minor freak out when his son excited told him that he wanted to be Ariel for Halloween. Don’t get him wrong it’s not that he had a problem with his son wanting to be a princess but what if the other kids tease him? His son is only 7! His feelings could be hurt and it could affect him for the rest of his life! But none the less he took his son to the costume store and helped him pick out a “tutu” version of Ariel because the traditional one didn’t fit him right. He had to admit his son was adorable dancing around in a purple seashells and bright green tutu and green leggings. He even found the long wig in the proper bright red to go with it! And if anyone asked he of course did NOT follow behind his son at a safe distance to make sure no one said anything. He didn’t have anything to worry about. The kids all loved his son’s costume, the parent’s however… Well the police weren’t called but it was a close thing after Hoseok was done with them.

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“Okay I hear what you are saying but hear me out… If you say that again about my son you will be shitting out my shoe for the next month.”


Namjoon could not of been happier to see his son express himself. So when he came up to Namjoon exclaiming Merida was the bestest pwincess ever! I want to be her for Hawoween! In his adorable little lisp Namjoon found himself spending a bit more than he planned for his Halloween outfit. But come on! His son clearly needed a custom made bow! Merida HAS to have her bow in the cartoon therefor his son must have bow! And okay so he didn’t have to buy the expensive velvet green dress and then pay to have it altered. But the look on his son’s face when he saw himself in the mirror with it on was worth every penny. His son even sat and listened intently on the importance of making choices in your life and how to think carefully before acting. As depicted in the cartoon making a rash and selfish decision could hurt someone else. It did seem to escape his notice that his son was only 5 and fell asleep while Namjoon was starting to explain the mythology of Wil-o-wisps.

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“You see son, they are fascinating creatures that were actually known to lure travelers into the forest to get them lost inste- Oh. Well I suppose it is your nap time…” 


When his son quietly came up to him and sat his lap, Jimin knew that he wanted something. His son took after him completely. He had his sunny personality, his award winning smile, and his love of singing and dancing. He also inherited his small body structure, so when his son shyly asked if he could be Belle for Halloween, Jimin’s heart sank. He didn’t consider himself old fashioned. He was all for the world changing and becoming more accepting but boys wearing dresses… That was not something that was widely accepted and he just couldn’t bring himself to let his little innocent sweet boy deal with bullies. When he calmly explained that No you can not be Belle for Halloween but you can be the Prince! Or even the Beast! Or maybe Chip? And Jimin’s heart broke when he saw his son’s face fall. His son did not argue but instead nodded sadly and walked over to the corner of the room and faced the wall. Why his son just put himself in time out was baffling to Jimin and he did NOT want to think about how it looked like he was punishing himself for something. Maybe Jimin was spending to much time with Namjoon because surely this thing was not that deep and his 7 year old did not have a complex… Jimin agonized over what to do but in the end he decided that his son’s happiness was more important to him than society standards. So when he presented the golden ballgown and pretty plastic heels with a matching adorable little tasseled purse (not necessary but it was just too cute to pass up), his son’s face lit up like the sun and Jimin knew he made the right choice. His son may face bullying in the future but Jimin would be behind him and his choices 100% of the way. 

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“I don’t care what you think. If my son wants to be a princess he will be a princess. You can go find something place dank and horrible to stuff yourself in.”


Taehyung teased Yoongi that his son and Yoongi’s son must of been switched at birth. Who knows?  They were born on the same day…  Because Taehyung’s son slept more than any other kid on earth! Taehyung had heard the horror stories of nap times and bedtimes and was fully prepared with books, songs, and night lights by the time his son was born. But he never had a single problem. In fact he had caught Yoongi napping with Taehyung’s son during play dates. So the irony was not lost on Taehyung when his son runs in screaming about a dress that changes colors and getting a kiss from the prince to break the curse all the while going in circles around the couch. (His son always did wake up with excess energy when he woke up from his naps.) His son came to a skidding halt in front of Taehyung and begged to be Princess Aurora for Halloween. Taehyung dropped his face in his hand for a moment before jumping up and chasing his overactive 9 year old who screeched in terror of the tickle monster. It was at times like these there was no doubt in his mind THIS was his son. After the spontaneous game of tag that was initiated when his son turned and started chasing Taehyung instead of being chased, they sat down in front of the computer. They scrolled through website after website to find the PERFECT dress for his son. Once they decided on a dress that was that shimmery fabric that changed colors as your turn they turned to then find the perfect crown even if son would most likely have the thing broken within a day of wearing it. He took after his Uncle Namjoon in that aspect, it was still the perfect look for Princess Aurora. 

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“I know you are excited to be Princess Aurora but you can’t wear the crown or dress until Halloween because your Uncle Namjoon has rubbed off on you to much and I don’t want the dress spontaneously bursting into flames or anything…”


Jungkook fully blames Seokjin for why his son was wearing a green sheet wrapped around his chest so it flows almost skirt like. I’m Pwincess Tiana! He exclaimed and danced around happily. Not that Jungkook cared about what his son was wearing as long as he was warm in the winter and didn’t get too hot in the summer. But really a bed sheet is not an appropriate dress. So Jungkook let his son pick out a reasonably priced costume dress from a resale website and his son wore it threadbare from all of the times he wore it. It was almost an everyday event where he put on his dress and watched Princess and the Frog which Jungkook knew by heart now.  He admitted that it was adorable when his son sang along. When preschool came around Jungkook tried to convince his son to leave the dress at home because knowing from experience multiple kids in one place normally means something gets broken. But he could not persuade him so in the backpack the dress went. Evidently no one had a problem with son wearing it until late October came around and Jungkook received a phone call from the new Principle. I am sure you were not aware but your son has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a dress. Jungkook was confused. Yes? I know because I pack his bag everyday. Jungkook hears a sigh through the other line. I am sure you think there is no harm in your son wearing a dress but I assure you this will… The woman goes on but Jungkook doesn’t hear her finish her statement because anger fills his ears. How dare she imply his son is wrong to wear what he wants. He catches the last of her montage. Halloween is in three days and I expect to see him in appropriate costume. I know you don’t want your son to grow up to be a deviant to society. He is only 4 so there is time to fix him. Jungkook hung up on her. Rage filled him but he pushed it aside and determination filled him instead. He went online searched for hours until he found exactly what he wanted. He put a rush order on it and when Halloween arrived his son is ecstatic in a brand new Princess Tiana dress… and his father in a green bridesmaids gown. It was the only thing in his size that looked close enough to Princess Tiana. They went to school hand in hand and had the best Halloween party ever. And if Jungkook accidentally spilled the punch on the Principle… well that was of course not on purpose and he defiantly did not smirk at her as she frantically tried to wipe it off her Gucci sweater.

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“No one tells me my son is going to be a deviant just because he wears dresses. My son will grow up to be who the hell he wants and YOU will not affect him at all or else you will not have a happily ever after… Understand?”

Omg I had so much fun writing this react. Like always I can’t escape the plot but I was able to keep them rather short… Well short for me at least. Requests are open so please feel free to send them! 


(Prussia inserting herself into not her reaction: Kids terrify me!)

FallRW Day 03: Criminal

Honey & Spice: Eight years after leaving the syndicate, Levi has found peace, love, and family. However, despite the promises Erwin made of protection, the past comes to call, and to collect.

“And I can only imagine how much trouble that causes for you.”

Petra chuckled as Erd Gin lamented over the nine year old girls in the elementary school and their unrelenting infatuation with his son, Farlan. Reaching into her display case, she pulled out a cupcake, boxing it up and sliding it over the counter.

“Tell him to give that to his favourite one,” she said with a wink, waving her hand when he offered her payment.

“You’re going to get us all in trouble,” Erd muttered, shaking his head.

The door to the bakery opened, jingling the little strap of bells she’d hung there for the holidays and she leaned over to one side, smile bright on her face.

“Welcome!” she greeted, “feel free to look ar—“

Her words were cut short as the four men stepped into the shop, fully armored in bullet proof clothing, weapons drawn. A unicorn insignia was sewn onto the sleeves of their coats and she swallowed, taking a step back.

What did the military police want with her bakery? No. She shouldn’t kid herself. She knew exactly what they wanted.

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One of the boys babysits your child

Liam: “She’s in good hands, (Y/N). Plus, she’s only a year old, she can’t get into that much trouble.” You sighed, “You’re right. Thanks Louis,” and you and Liam left to go on a much needed date. Louis looked over at your baby and smiled, “Hey there, Isabelle. Uncle Louis is going to be taking care of you tonight while mummy and daddy are probably going to make more of you.” She looked over at Louis and started crawling away. “Are you trying to get away from me? Am I that unlikable to you?” She turned around, and started heading back towards Louis, “Momma. Momma.” Louis cocked his brow, “Do I look like a woman? Belle, I’m Uncle Louis!” Isabelle’s eyes glossed over, signaling that she was about to cry. When she did, Louis quickly picked her up, “Okay, okay, I am your mum! Louis the mum is here.” When she calmed down, Louis sighed in relief and smiled, “You know, when you aren’t crying, you’re quite adorable. You should date my son.” She looked up at Louis and gave him a toothless grin. He laughed, “Well, it might be weird dating your ‘brother’.”

Niall: “Shhh, please stop crying, Aurora. It was just a bad dream,” Liam consoled. You and Niall were at a party, and Liam willingly volunteered to babysit his 3 year old niece. “But Uncle Li, there were big monsters!” Aurora cried. Liam was tired after a few hours of playing games with Aurora, and once he finally got her to sleep, he was relieved, but 10 minutes later, here they were. “Do you want me to tell you a bedtime story to help you go to sleep?” She nodded her head, “Tell me a happy one.” “Once upon a time, there was a big ba- I mean, happy wolf. He was walking through a forest and found a house, with a grandma inside. And they had a tea party, and lived happily ever after.” Aurora giggled, “Wanna hear a knock-knock joke?” Liam smiled, “Sure.” “Knock-knock.” “Who’s there?” “Interrupting cow.” “Interrup-” “Moo!” Liam frowned, “You need to stop going to Uncle Harry’s house.” Aurora giggled, “Yeah, Daddy says that if Uncle Harry keeps teaching me knock-knock jokes, he’ll yell at him.” Liam nodded, “He isn’t the only one.” Aurora yawned, “Okay, Uncle Li, I’m going to sleep now. Thank you,” she kissed her uncle’s cheek and giggled, “Your beard is like a cactus.”

Zayn: “So Sean, what do you want to do?” Harry asked your 5 year old son. “Come on, Uncle Harry! Let’s go play with my superheroes!” Harry chuckled, following Sean and bringing your 6 month old daughter with him. He sat down on the floor of Sean’s room and watched Sean bring out his little action figures. “See, Uncle Harry, this is Batman and this is Bane, and they don’t like each other, so they fight,” Sean began banging the action figures together, “And then they explode! BOOM!” and flung the toys across the room. Harry covered little Kayla’s eyes, “Well, that’s a little disturbing…” He grabbed the toys and gave them back to Sean, “How about we make them talk out their issues? And help them learn how to love. It’d be better for Kayla.” Sean frowned, “That’s no fun!” Harry chuckled, “Okay, I’m going to go put your sister in bed for her nap, and then we can make your toys explode.” Sean smiled, “Yay! Hurry up!” Harry placed Kayla into her crib and tucked her in, “Your brother is a piece of work, you know that?” “Come on, Uncle Harry! You’re so slow just like your voice! Forget my sister, let’s play games!” Harry laughed, “Okay, okay. Jesus christ.”

Harry: Let’s just say that your 4 year old daughter was more than excited when she found out her Uncle Niall was babysitting her while you and Harry went to visit some friends. Once Niall came over, she immediately attached herself to him, “Hi, Uncle Ni!” He laughed, “Hi, Ariel. What do you want to do?” “I want to date you! And watch a movie!” Niall smiled, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that Ariel had a crush on him, “Okay, I’ll put in The Little Mermaid for ya’.” She looked up at him, eyes shining brightly, “So you will be my boyfriend?” He laughed and nodded, “Of course I’ll be your boyfriend.” Niall put in the movie and went to the couch, immediately being cuddled by Ariel. After a few more movies, Ariel fell asleep on Niall’s chest, Niall soon falling asleep after. You and Harry got home near midnight, only to start laughing when you saw the two of them fast asleep. “Ariel, Niall, wake up. Ariel, go say bye to Uncle Niall.” Ariel got up from Niall’s lap and kissed his cheek, “Can you stay?” You cocked your brow, “Why?” She giggled, “Cause he’s my boyfriend!” Harry frowned, “So I leave you with my daughter for 4 hours and you turn into a niece-loving, daughter-stealing pedophile?”

Louis: "Wait for me, Logan!“ Zayn sighed. Your 4 year old son was as wild as ever, running around on his tiny legs. "Go faster, Uncle Zayn! Faster!” Zayn didn’t know what they were even playing, he only knew that it involved a lot of running and screaming. “Logan…can we…take a break?” Zayn asked through breaths. Logan stopped and ran straight into Zayn, “This is fun. You’re my favorite uncle.” Zayn smiled through the small ache in his chest, “Thanks, Logan… Can we take a nap?” Logan shook his head, “Daddy said if you don’t do what I want, he’ll beat you up.” Zayn slowly stood up and started running, “I hate your daddy. Tag, you’re it.” After a good 10 minutes of running, Zayn collapsed on the floor, “I… I can’t do this, Logan. I’m too tired.” Just then you and Louis walked in, taking one look at Zayn and started laughing, “You okay, Zayn?” He shook his head, panting, “Your son…is a…monster.” Logan came running in, “Daddy!” “Hey, buddy! Have fun with your Uncle Zayn?” Logan nodded, “Can we go play now, Daddy?” Louis nodded and they both ran off, causing you to laugh, “It’s not hard to tell where he gets it from.”