belle saturdays

  • [LeFou reveals to Belle that he is in love with someone]
  • Belle: It’s alright, LeFou. I wish you’d brought this girl with you tonight, LeFou.
  • LeFou: You’re very kind, but I’m afraid it’s unlawful, Miss.
  • Belle: What do you mean?
  • LeFou: It's a man.
  • Belle: I see.
  • LeFou: It's Gaston.
  • Belle: Oh sh*t…
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  • Source: "The Story Of Tonight (Reprise)" from Hamilton
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SNL did a skit on legally blonde the musical being done in schools and it’s accurate af 😂

Un applauso alle amiche che al sabato sera si sbronzano con te e uno a quelle che non bevono e ti regalano i loro drink.
Un applauso a quelli che quando in discoteca sentono “la loro canzone” si fanno largo tra la folla e alzano le mani al cielo dimenticando la vita.
Un applauso a quelli che aspettano il sabato sera tutta la settimana per godersi le cose belle.
Un applauso agli amori nati quando sei ubriaca perché sono quelli un po’ più veri.
Un applauso a questa adolescenza che ci rimarrà per sempre nei cuori.
  • [Belle and Adam talking about Shakespeare]
  • Belle: Everyone I know says that he’s the greatest writer that England’s ever known!
  • Adam: And that’s ANOTHER thing I hate about Shakespeare! Is all the twits who bloviate about Shakespeare! And how they prattle on about his great accomplishments, well la-di-da-di-dah! And once they start their gushing there’s no stopping them, and then it’s “blah blah blah blah blah Shakespeare!” And he walks in, it’s “dum da dum ta da Shakespeare!” He’s holding court and they say “Will, you’re such a genius and your writing is divine, 'a rose by any other name' is such a clever line!” And they’re all “Ooh!” and he’s all “Stop!” and they’re all “Yay!” and I’m all “Ugh!” And I’m really getting sick of it! And oh, oh, oh, oh, I HATE SHAKESPEARE!
  • Belle: I think by now I sorta know you hate Shakespeare...
  • Adam: Shmakespeare!
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  • Source: "God, I Hate Shakespeare" from Something Rotten!
Best Friends with Jungkook Include:
  • buying you food 
  • watching scary movies together because you’re too scared to watch them alone
  • him not complaining about how tight your grip is on his arm smile through the pain
  • so many inside jokes
  • sharing your favorite music
  • loud singing in the car
  • playing with your hair when you’re stressed or sad because he knows it helps calm you down
  • letting you put makeup on him ‘for practice’
  • is a little protective when you go on dates with other guys but he just wants the best for you
  • with you through every heartbreak
  • acts like your boyfriend when another guy won’t stop hitting on you and sees that you’re uncomfortable
  • dances with you at prom
  • tried to help you in the subjects you’re bad at if you tutor him too
  • invites you to get taco bell at 3 am Saturday night because you said you’re bored
  • holds your bags when you go shopping
  • attends concerts with you even if he doesn’t like the music
  • pushes you to do your best in school
  • walks with you to class so you’re not alone
  • talks about anything and everything with you

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Tom’s Girl

It was never supposed to end up like this, Beca thought as she winced from the sudden harsh yelling and close proximity to Tom.

No, it was never supposed to end up like this, Beca thought as she scanned the room, looking at the trashed furniture and broken items, scattered everywhere as the three of them stood in it, Chloe crying and Tom yelling and Beca standing, so utterly helpless.

This was never supposed to happen.

But let’s back up.

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