belle saturdays

Belle Saturdays

Hi People!

Belle Saturdays is here again and this time, I travelled for a wedding. (Well, Abuja is not that far, but it still counts). My hair situation was Bantu Knots! I have never quite done Bantu Knots all over my head without tweaking it a little so this is a first for me.

I used Desert Essence Daily Essential moisturizer, (yes, you read that correctly, a face moisturizer), to set the Bantu…

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Belle Saturdays

I failed to mention in my post yesterday that in this week, Belle Saturdays will come in three posts. The first explaining the the kind of wedding, the second, explaining how and why I styled my hair (this one) and third, on how my hair complimented my head wrap (Gele).

I decided to style my hair based on the idea that I did not want it to be in the way or give me any need to adjust it during the…

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Otakon cosplays!

WOOOOO OTAKON APPROACHING. This is what I’ll be each day!

Friday: Satsuki (Kill La Kill)

Saturday: Belle (daytime), Ella (evening)

Sunday: nada because I’ll be leaving fairly early in the day D: 

…and now to start packing. >.>

Francesco Yates on pop music's 'coming of age'

He’s already scored the “song of the summer” with his ultra-funky Better To Be Loved tearing up pop radio, teaming up with Happy hitmaking machine Pharrell Williams, who’s producing his upcoming debut.

He’s got the look, he’s got the hair, he’s got the golden voice and the slinky electric guitar chops.

He performed to tens of thousands nationwide from Parliament Hill on Canada Day, but if you don’t know the name Francesco Yates by now, you will soon.

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I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone’s heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.

I could do this review in two sentences. This movie is an absolute pleasure to watch. You will not regret watching it. But you did not come to read this review for only two sentences, so I will do my best in telling you what exactly formed this positive opinion of mine.

Just like one of the main characters, Rusty (Nat Wolff), I have started with the most attention-grabbing sentence I could think of, from the movie itself. And the quote itself describes the movie perfectly. If you’re a sucker for eye-catching opening lines like I am you’ll immediately make some popcorn and watch it, without even glancing at the summary or the trailer (That’s actually exactly what I did. Except I saw a different quote. But don’t tell my friends. They think I put a lot of thought into things before I do them. Which is true. 20% of the time.)

Each of us has different tastes in the movies we watch just like we have a different preference to how we live our lives. I dedicate this one to the hopeless romantics. To the dreamers. To the kids who got lost along the way and had to stop and find themselves. This. This one’s for you.

I bet some of you are thinking “Okay, okay, stop rambling. And stop making it seem out of the ordinary. Just get down to business and get to the ‘movie formula’.” I’m getting there, don’t worry. I just think this one needs a bit of a different approach. An approach that allows feelings in and not just a formula determining its quality. At least that’s what it felt like for me. But for the sheer usefulness of this review I will get down to business.

So, what is the ‘movie formula’? What I’ve labeled as the ‘movie formula’ is the sum of all the characteristics of a movie that make it worth watching. Those would be the plot, the pacing, the cinematography, the emotional resonance, the surprise effect, the intensity and the actor pick.

Let’s dig a little deeper. The plot.

I want to start this off by looking at it from a writer’s point of view, since the movie was focused around a family of writers. A plot can be mind-blowing, thrilling, exhilarating… Simply amazing. But the plot is nothing without a good opening line. No one would ever even give the plot a second glance if the opening line doesn’t grab your attention by the collar, pull you in and refuse to let you go until you figure out what the author meant to show you with that powerful little sniff of the story.

I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt.

These were the opening lines of the whole story which later on took different twists and turns and ended in a way that was not the least bit predictable.

Essentially the story revolves around Rusty, his sister, Samantha (Liy Collins), and his father, William (Greg Kinnear), who are all stuck in love, each in a different way. Rusty is pining after a fellow class-mate, Kate (Liana Liberato), whom he thinks he has no chance with. Samantha, scarred after her parents’ divorce and being witness to her mother, Erica (Jeniffer Connelly), cheating on her father, refuses to let love in, becoming a cynic and thinking that love will always and inevitably end up with either one or two of the parties getting hurt. And William has become a moping mess of the person he used to be after his wife left him for another man. Insert an innocent and a firm believer in love Louis (Logan Lerman), a new husband for Erica, a gorgeous neighbor around William, a heroic act on Rusty’s part that wins him Kate and you get the perfect cake mix for a love story. However, add a few twists and turns that life has to offer and you don’t really end up with a cake, but with something you didn’t really expect.

So, we’ve established that the plot was very well developed and delivered its message through and trough. Now, let’s take a pace forward and look at the pacing.

A good review does not just praise, but criticize as well. I may have loved this movie, but I feel like I have to set a warning here. For the first 20 minutes of the movie, even though I was hooked by the opening line, I hadn’t the foggiest idea of what was going on and I was bored out of my mind, thinking, “Okay, I’m still waiting for the movie to start. What is this?” But I have to say, the movie was definitely worth the watch and yes, this period in which seemingly nothing happens does serve a purpose in the movie. So give it time and keep watching. It gets better fast. And when you look back after you’ve finished watching it you will not see this period of nothingness as that. Every good book and every good movie needs to set the scene and make you understand what the background is. This is precisely what it is and without it the story wouldn’t have been the same.

The cinematography was perfect for this type of movie. I loved the way in which the movie was filmed and transitioned through the main characters. I will spend the least time talking about this, because I do not want to ruin the experience for future viewers. So, just sit back and see it for yourself. I promise you that there will be nothing in it that will anger a trained eye when it comes to how movies are filmed.

Emotional resonance. It is most certainly there and is portrayed in a way that is fitting for the plot. It shows how the characters feel not just through their words, but through their actions too. It is quite poignant at some points, which will be fully appreciated by the viewers. Feelings of happiness and exhilaration are also evoked and will cause you true love believers to go “Awww!” and melt into little puddles of cuteness.

The surprise effect. I will say nothing, because I promised that I wouldn’t give away any spoilers. But wait for it. Wink-wink.

Moving on to the intensity. Each movie should be intense in its own way, because of its different story-line and genre. Apart from that little part of confusion I already mentioned everything else is fast-paced and quite intense. But it is also calming and relaxing in a way. It’s the perfect movie for a lazy Sunday on which you’d just like to lie back in your pajamas, shut the outside world and fall into a sense of relaxation. It will not cause you too much excitement so that you feel tense and rigid, but it will give you just enough so that you are still thinking, “What is going to happen next?”

I feel as if I shouldn’t even be mentioning the actor pick. It honestly speaks for itself. I will admit that apart from that little quote that got me hooked (In case anyone was wondering it was: You’ll remember me. And you’ll remember this moment.) it was also the fact that I found out Logan Lerman, Nat Wolff, Lilly Collins and Kristen Bell would be in the movie. The four of them, along with all the others, did a fantastic job with their roles and even though I would have never imagined Kristen Bell with a role like that she pulled it off and played it perfectly. The actors are very important for a movie. They are the people who need to make the character come alive. And the cast did just that. They brought their characters to life and with that breathed life into the story itself.

In conclusion, I say give it a chance. What’s another extra movie to that summer list of “Movie to Watch” (Shhh, don’t deny it. We all know you, all, have one.)? So grab that bowl of popcorn, turn the AC on, and get watching. You won’t regret it, because throughout this movie I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone’s heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.

Writer: Ana

WOD: 2015-07-04

Happy America Day! Before heading to my buddy’s bday party, I hit the gym for a Saturday workout. Today was a double hitter.

In 15 minutes :
1200 m run
63 kettle bell swings (8kg)
36 pull ups (black band)

Finished around 14 minutes.

Then we got right into the next.

400 m run
21 kettle bell swings
12 pull ups
3 rounds for time: 16:35.

I feel pretty good about that, but wish I hadn’t walked a bit the first 2 rounds.

I also ran an extra 100 m during the first part because they wrote 1600 on the board and I suck at korean.

Yesterday was another busy one. After 9.5 hours of sleep, I still wanted to die a little when my alarm went off, but I dragged myself out of bed, and Tim and I walked over to the gym. I had a decent workout, considering I had done 100 kettle bell swings on both Saturday and Sunday, so my arms were a little sore.

5 x 45
5 x 55
6 x 70 x 3

5 x 85
3 x 115
3 x 135
5 x 150

Lat Pulls
10 x 60 x 2
10 x 70

Dumbbell Rows
7 x 35 x 3

Work was pretty busy, two different meetings took up a chunk of the day.

This is totally unrelated to anything, but I am looking for new lunch ideas. I used to roast a spaghetti squash and bring that every day with tomato sauce, but they are way out of season now. I am struggling. WHAT DO YOU EAT THAT IS EASY TO PACK, GLUTEN-FREE, HEALTHY AND VEGETARIAN? Not hard at all.

This morning, I cried a little when my alarm went off at 4:40, despite 9 hours and 15 minutes in bed. Regardless, I had a nice, mostly uphill run with Bob. 11 miles before 7 a.m.? I will take it. It’s pretty humid out, but there is a magical working water fountain about seven miles in our route, so I was a happy camper. My legs felt better than they have been, I guess it was the three minutes of foam rolling I did while watching the first episode of the Blacklist last night.

I am actually in a pretty good mood after that run. I prefer running with people so much more these days. It’s really great. Sorry I am slow.