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FAQ Sheet for The Collective & The Faceless

{We decided it would be best to make a FAQ sheet for those of you who may have just stumbled upon this event or would like to see all the helpful information we can provide in one place. Please see below for your knowledge!

||Is this a Horde only event?||
No! In fact, this is an event that spans Azeroth and all of its inhabitants. If you are living (or unliving as the case may be) you can join in!

||What do we need to do to get involved?||
If we’ve missed you in the first round of whispers, please let us know via a personal or anonymous message with your tumblr handle in the message! We are not all knowing and some people will unintentionally slip through the cracks. We’re here to assist, but we need to know you want to be involved!

||Where is this taking place? Is this an in-game only event?||
While there will undoubtedly be things that occur in game, having a subscription to WoW is not a requirement to get involved. This is an event for anyone and everyone on any writing platform you may have. We are reblogging posts with our handle in it to spread to the community the array of RPers that are involved. Skype, googleDocs, e-mail, in-game - whatever you have at your disposal, you can use to join in the fun! It’s time to break down those barriers and throw yourself into the fray. Don’t be shy! We’re all mad here.

||When is this starting? Did I miss it?||
Nope! We’re still in the beginning stages of this event as of September 20, 2015. Whispers can still be given out, plots can still be made. Information will be leaked slowly, but in enough advance so that those of you who wish to join in still can. When it starts, you will definitely know.

||How am I supposed to answer these ‘whispers’?||
The whispers can actually come to your character as you see fit. Whispers, dreams, visions or even a simple letter. There is no wrong way to respond to them.

||Okay, I answered the whispers and haven’t heard anything back. What now?||
Well, Suzie Sleuth, it may be time to get your detective pants on and ask around! See who knows something, who else has had visions, if they’ve heard the same voices or different ones. There were quite a few people who were involved in the last event that may be a wealth of knowledge (or in hiding) so seek them out and ASK!

||What if I want to be directly involved with the villains and be on the Collective’s team?||
Send us a message saying such! Tell us why your character would fit in well with these creepy whispers and disembodied voices. Tell us what they can bring to the table. We will be making selections based on who would ‘fit the bill’ best, not who is the most popular belle at the ball.

||What’s the Faceless? Who are the Collective?||
The Faceless is an unknown entity that has tried before to take control of the minds of the so called ‘Children’ in the attempt to bring about their ‘Reckoning’ (chaos, destruction and the ultimate death of everyone and everything that draws breath. So bad, right?) The last time this was attempted, They failed and were banished beyond the veil. They were enraged but powerless to do anything about it. Now there is a group known only in whispers as ‘The Collective’. They’re gathering a flock to their side to assist them with their plans (which are mysterious and mostly unknown as of now). There is talk of ‘the awakening’ and ‘joining in the chorus’, but what exactly what that means has yet to be seen.

||As a side note…||
We don’t generally step into the realm of OOC drama (because that’s just not the business we’re in) but we felt this needed to be stated: Under no circumstances will abusive behavior in an out of character context be allowed within our walls. If you are going to perpetuate this behavior in any way, shape or form you can see yourself kindly off this page, out of this plot line, and unfollowing this blog. This is a safe place for people to enjoy a scary story and interact within their own community in a positive light (something we have been needing dearly). This ship runs on happy faces. If you’re a frowny face, kindly get the fuck off our ship.

As ever, if you have further questions, we are here to assist.

Humbly Yours in Haunting,

We the Faceless and the Collective }