belle halloween costume


Happy Halloween 2015! I really really enjoyed being Belle, it was even worth wearing heels. I just felt so glamorous, which is weird since I was wearing her ‘servant’ outfit. Belle is a glamorous servant, hehe! :D The first pic was with my mom’s phone, which is a lot better than mine. My phone sucks, but I made up for it (?) in more pictures. I’m really proud of this costume, it turned out so well for being a two day project! It is a little low cut, but I just got to show off my “brave beautiful boobs,” hehe!

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday, if you celebrated. I am very tired, but it was totally worth it. Belle will probably be taken out again the next time I go to a convention.

TACO BELLE : Trick-Or-Treat! 2015 RECAP

No words will ever be enough to describe the joy I experienced bringing this costume to life. I was inspired by this random photo you see below, posted on Instagram sometime last year. I had been saving it in my camera roll always coming back to it and thinking, ‘can I really pull this off? does it make sense to make this costume?’ 

As some of you may have noticed by now, I like a challenge, and I like to execute my vision and imagination down to the ‘T.’ I’m also beyond obsessed with Taco Bell, or ‘Taco Bae’ as I like to call it. So my eternal love for TB, along with my creative spirit made for an absolute perfect union of unions for this years Halloween costume. 

Now, in order to execute the costume I needed a ‘Princess Belle’ base/template. The adult costumes ran anywhere from $50-80 dollars, yeah, no! But just as my luck would have it, I stumbled upon this child size version at the thrift store for $7.99. Initially I thought, ‘who am I kidding, this will NEVER FIT ME.’ But like I’ve said, I like a good challenge.

I somehow managed to expand the template of the costume by taking it apart and creating a bustier top and bottom skirt piece. I basically took the existing fabric and covered a vintage bustier I found at the thrift store. While the back remained white, all that mattered was getting the essence of the front of her dress. 

Overall the costume came out better than I had expected, which was a huge relief on my end. I think putting together the felt tacos was by far my favorite part. I kept telling myself, ‘this is too funny, ahh.’ 

I’m really glad I followed my instinct in creating this costume. Like I mentioned in my previous post, every year the ‘crazier’ or ‘out of the box’ ideas always end up making the best Halloween costumes. 

Until next year my loves! Thank you for indulging me in all my creations this past month and for providing me with a platform in which to share my work. 

Sending all of you lots of love and light,