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Between the lines

Here’s the third one! I hope I haven’t bored you all to death. A collection of missing scenes set during 3B. Focussed mainly on/about Captain Swan.

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Moment 3: Trust and good intentions

During 3x15 - Emma confesses while asking Killian to watch over Neal in the hospital.

Emma rejoined the group in the waiting room, throwing herself into the case at hand before anyone could ask her if she was alright. Her conversation with Neal had rattled her and she wanted to focus on finding Gold, hoping to push it to the back of her mind.

“Okay, we’ve got a Dark One to find and a weird symbol to look up, then hopefully we can figure out what the hell is going on.”

Killian watched her launch into Sheriff mode, awaiting her orders. A strong part of him was anxious at what had just been spoken about so privately in the room with Baelfire; his emotions raging war within as he stood tense, letting her finish her instructions as he studied her every move.

He knew he couldn’t ask her outright. It was none of his business, and he knew she’d only tell him rightly so, too.

But the need to know was coursing through him.

“Belle. You think you can make good on that research?”


“Great. Call me if you find anything.”

“David, you and I are gonna search the woods. That seems to be where all the action is lately, I think we’ll have more luck there.”

“I’ll bring the truck around.”

He nodded as he and Belle left the waiting area leaving Emma standing with Killian.

“What do you need me to do, Swan?”

She hesitated as she turned to him before squaring her shoulders with determination.

“I need you to stay here. Keep watch over Neal and make sure he stays put.”

“You can’t be serious.”

Of all the things he expected her to ask of him, this was not on the list. He stared at her incredulous, awaiting a further explanation.

“I am, now will you do it or not?” Emma asked, not in the mood to be arguing.

“Swan, he’s neither an infant nor incapable, he doesn’t need a minder. I’m sure if you asked him nicely, he’ll remain where he is.”

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World in Our Way (Ch 1)

Clarke moves back to town with a little more baggage than she intended.

Chapter 1: Not My Girlfriend

It had been a summer day like any other until Clarke Griffin wandered into his coffeeshop. Bellamy had heard from a few people that Clarke was moving back, but he still was shocked to see her standing there smiling at him, as if no time had passed. Her hair was shorter, and she looked a little more polished than he was used to, wearing shiny boots and a perfectly tailored trench coat, but underneath that she was the same girl he’d known for years, and seeing her again brought more than a few unresolved feelings to the surface.

Raven saw her just after he did and rushed across the cafe to lock her in a hug. Bellamy remained frozen in place until he realized Murphy was nudging him, trying to move by him with a large tray of muffins.

“Move, Blake,” Murphy grumbled, wiping the flour off his forehead with a clean towel. “Go talk to your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Bellamy muttered, but he took off the apron he’d been wearing, asked Echo to cover bar, and stepped to the other side of the counter.

“Ex girlfriend, then,” Murphy called after him far too loudly. That wasn’t correct, either, but Bellamy ignored him and walked over to meet Clarke.

“You look great!” Raven was saying, “I can’t believe you’re finally back, it’s been so long!”

“Three years,” Clarke nodded, and turned to Bellamy. “Hi, Bell.”

He wrapped her up in a hug before he had a chance to think twice. She was real, and she was standing right in from of him. She fit into his embrace like she always had: perfectly.

“I missed you, too,” she whispered into his ear, and he blushed but pulled her closer.

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Paid to be Popular ~ Pt. 4

Requested: the idea came from this anonstein!

Words: 1587

Pairing: Uhhh, let me know who you think it should be!

Summary: When Calum, Michael, and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?


Hair Color

Request & Masterlist


Just seeing the glimpse of Y/N hair in the hallway made Michael go nuts. He started to speed up and accidently pushed into a random kid before he ran. In between classes, it was always chaos in the halls. Some students were running because their next class was at the other end of the school while some walked slowly and talked to each other because their next class was right in front of them. Michael wasn’t far away from the classroom he was supposed to be in, but he ran anyway – mostly to get to talk to Y/N.

Michael had never been in love. At times, he wondered if he even knew what love was? But let’s not make love more complicated than it is; Michael just didn’t know if he actually was in love. However, when he caught up on this very special girl, he lost his breath – whether it was because of the running or her, he didn’t know. He firmly grabbed her shoulder, making her stop her walking and turn around to face him. Michael put his hands on his knees and exhaled before standing straight, looking her in the eye.

“Hi.” He said out of breath. The left corner of her mouth raised as soon as she saw him. Michael knew she didn’t like him at all, but if he didn’t act now it was too late; he also knew she had a sweet spot for one of his best friends, Calum.

“What’s up, Clifford?” She said with a mean chuckle and started walking again. Michael looked up and followed her.

“I wanted to ask you something.” He almost had to yell to get her to turn around again. She then did and her sparkly eyes made the butterflies in Michael’s stomach more aggressive.

“What?” She said with a tilted head, holding her books to her chest. Michael figured out that her next class was history, because of the boring cover of the book and the tired look on her face. And even though, she looked tired and annoyed, she couldn’t be prettier.

“Uhm…” There were about five meters between them, making the conversation awkward and stiff. The bell rang and Michael had lost his chance to say something to her.

“I have class.” Y/N said and turned on her heel. Michael sighed as he watched everybody run to class. He had lost his chance – what was the point anyway? What was he going to ask her?

“Please, Y/N, “ He shouted, instantly regretting it. But because Y/N was one of the nicest people, she turned around to listen to him. Michael licked his lips before speaking. “I know you don’t like me-“

“Because you bully kids.” She snapped. The hallway was empty and the doors to all classrooms were closed, but it didn’t seem like she cared. Michael sighed again, feeling hopeless. He didn’t stand a chance with Calum, who was funny, nice and he didn’t use to be a bully!

“Not anymore,” Michael mumbled and looked at Y/N with big eyes. She chewed on her bottom lip as she nodded for him to continue. She looked beautiful. There was something about her eyes that made every guy and girl swoon. They always looked for the best in people. A trait Michael definitely was lacking.

“I was wondering,” Michael coughed to release some of the tension, “If you’d want to go on a date with me?”

Red started to flush in Michael’s cheeks as soon as he had spoken. Y/N groaned and collected all her hair in a bun. She looked at Michael as if the question was the worst thing he could have asked her. Michael avoided her eyes by looking at his feet.

“I have to go to class.” She said and walked away, this time only walking a few steps before Michael opened his mouth, regretting it again.

“It’s only one date,” Why wouldn’t he just let it slide? “That’s all I’m asking for.”

Y/N walked towards him until she was only inches away from him. She batted her long lashes, looking up at him. The sun was shining right on her face, making her squint her eyes. But she still managed to look amazing. Her perfume smelled like lime and all kinds of flowers and Michael was actually wondering if she even were wearing any. It wouldn’t surprise him if she just smelled that nice without soap or perfume.

“I,” She stopped and thought hard about her words. She hated to see Michael getting hurt, even if he was a douche sometimes. “I can’t Michael. It’s not us two.”

“Okay.” It felt like Y/N just shoved a dagger into his chest and she kept twisting it with every word she spoke.

“Sorry.” She mumbled before smiling, trying to make it all better. Michael wanted to smile back, but he couldn’t get his lips to act that way. The only thing his lips wanted to do was to kiss hers. She turned around and walked away.

“What about friends?” Michael yelled after her. She walked backward so she could talk with him. “A friends date? Just two friends hanging out?”

Every time Michael said the word “friends” it felt like the dagger was going deeper and deeper, but Y/N seemed happy to hear the word. She stopped walking and yelled back from the other end of the hallway.

“Friends sounds great! What about tomorrow?” She gave him a thumbs-up as he tried his best to come up with a smile. It didn’t matter, she was so far away she couldn’t see him, but he did his best anyway.

“I’ll text you the details then!” Michael smirked as Y/N walked out of sight.

Michael didn’t go to class afterward. He wandered the halls like a ghost, waiting for the bell to ring again. He leaned against the door to Calum and Ashton’s classroom, waiting for them to go to lunch with him. No matter what they said, those three were nothing without each other and they all knew that. Even Ashton knew it. Michael was scrolling through the ideas of restaurants, cafes, parks etc. for tomorrow. His stomach twisted by the thought of seeing her outside of school, alone. She maybe thought that it was “hanging out as friends” but Michael saw it as an “I’m going to convince her to date me”. The bell rang which gave Michael a huge surprise, making him jump away from the wall, to realize he was standing right under the bell.

“Lunch?” Ashton asked when he appeared with Calum right beside. Michael nodded and together they walked to the canteen.

The canteen was the usual; screaming freshmen, boring nerds, and hot cheerleaders darted around the room. Michael told his two friends that he wasn’t in class.

“Why?” Calum asked curiously and just seeing him made Michael fill with rage. Not only had Calum a better chance with Y/N, but he wasn’t playing fair. He seemed like the “good boy” when in reality he was nothing like that.

“Just didn’t feel like it.” Michael lied and sat down at their usual table, but Ashton pulled him away. Calum was already a step ahead and was now sitting at an empty table, waiting for Ashton and Michael to sit. Ashton almost threw Michael down at the bench and sat comfortably beside him.

“What’s the idea?” Calum whispered exited. Ashton had told him that he knew how to get Luke popular. Calum sat with his hands crossed on the table, leaning in as if it was a big secret.

“Luke’s not popular-“

“We know that, fool…” Michael murmured, earning a death glare from Ashton.

“But guess who is?” Ashton sang and looked behind Calum. “Y/N Y/L/N.”

Calum turned his head and saw Y/N sitting with her friends, laughing her adorable laugh. She was sitting on the table with wide eyes, probably listening to a funny story. God, if only it would be Calum telling her a funny story.

“What’s your suggestion?” Calum asked, taking a bite of his apple and looking back. He almost choked when he saw Michael’s expression. He was looking at Y/N with thin lips and literal heart eyes.

“We play matchmaker,” Ashton smirked, but neither Calum nor Michael thought it was a good idea. The thought of Y/N being with someone else made Calum sick as Michael instantly started hating Luke. It felt like the air from their lungs had been pushed out as they sat in silence, staring at Ashton.

“I mean, I get it. She’s hot and all,” Ashton glances in her direction, “but she’s just a girl. Nothing special about her.”

Boy, was he wrong… For both Michael and Calum, Y/N was not just a girl. She was the only girl that seemed nice, the only girl that seemed right. Michael looked behind Calum again, daydreaming off. Her laugh sounded like music and her eyes sparkled every time she smiled. She was beautiful, sitting on the dirty lunch table. When she was around everybody and everything became less important.

And Michael wished, no, prayed that he wasn’t a jerk. He prayed that he would’ve thought about the consequences of bullying when he was younger. Because if he had acted nice, he would actually stand a chance upon ‘nice’ Calum.

“Right, guys?” Ashton snapped in front of Calum, making him and Michael burst back to real-life.

“Of course,” Michael said and fixed his hair, trying not to show how much he cared.

Calum nodded and faked a smile, “Let’s play matchmaker.”

A/N: Ok, so I really want to know your thoughts. Like really want to know your thoughts. Give me ideas and tell me who Y/N should end up with! Aka, we’re playing a game called “Fill My Inbox!”. The title is self-explanatory. 


Veronica Mars Movie Anniversary Day 3 - Favorite Series Callback/Continuity

Do You Have A Name?  Rumbelle Fix-it

Fic Summary: Belle visits Rumple in the shop and they look at the baby’s sonogram together.
Rating: T
A/N: Here’s a Rumbelle fix-it–a little something I was compelled to write after tonight’s ep 6x07. Spoilers for baby name conversation, but for those of you who DO NOT want to know the name, it’s not actually used in the story though its meaning is discussed. A little angsty, but there’s some happy and some hope.

On AO3

Her walk is cold this morning, and Belle shoves her frigid hands deeper into the pockets of her trench coat as she turns the corner to walk down his street. It’s the same street the library sits on, across the street and catty corner from the shop. It’s her street too, but it feels like his. The shop, the town, her heart. Despite the lies she tells herself, her heart still belongs to him.

It seems like only yesterday that she’d stood on the sun-drenched deck of the Jolly Roger toe-to-toe with her True Love, spewing bitter draught she never thought would pass her lips. She was just so angry. Angry at him, angry at fate, and most of all, angry at herself.

Here in this strange little town where time stands still and circumstances shift in the blink of an eye whether the town is cursed or not, there’s a permanent mark on their heads designed to destroy their happiness. Over the years, that destruction has taken on many forms. Misunderstanding, cruel words, lies, blindness, darkness, wicked witches, and now, the Evil Queen. 

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lizicia  asked:

Between a crucifix and the Hollywood sign, we decided to get hurt + Bellarke.

You know how sometimes, you look at a prompt, and get an idea and start writing, and then you’re done and you look back at the prompt and what you wrote and have no idea how you got from point A to point B? That definitely happened here. My bad.

“Come on, Bell, please. She doesn’t have anyone else to get her. You aren’t going to make her spend the night at South Station, are you?”

Bellamy rubs his face, trying to keep his irritation in check. He worked a full day on his construction job and picked up the dinner rush for Miller at the restaurant after work; the last thing he wants to do is deal with some fucking crisis. But–it is a genuine crisis, and someone has to deal with it. “If she’d told someone she was coming, maybe she wouldn’t be in this mess,” he grumbles, but there’s no heat in it.

“Just let me take the car, okay?”

“No way,” he says, sharp. “You have class tomorrow.” She opens her mouth to protest, and he continues, “I’ll get her.”


“It’s fine,” he says. “We haven’t had a chance to chat in a while.”

“And you and Clarke love chatting,” she mutters.

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Fic: Extra Tears, Hold the Dagger

Rumple/Belle, G

(NB: S4 Rumbelle break-up scene– went for angst, got a farce instead. What’s a girl to do?)

It’s dinnertime at Granny’s, and Belle holds a frozen dagger hilt on the tabletop– the tip broken off to spell only “Rumples–.” Rumple sits across from her, hunched over, seemingly shrinking into his black Armani suit.

“I’m so glad you’re okay, sweetheart,” Rumple says. “That’s what’s important, isn’t it?”

Belle looks up at him, her bottom lip wobbling. “Is it?” she whispers.

At the counter, Ruby gestures at Leroy. “Might want to get out of here,” she whispers. “I have a feeling it’s going to get ugly.” Ruby looks at Rumpelstiltskin, then adds: “Well, uglier.”


Ruby leans over the counter. “Leroy, shh!”

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anonymousnerdgirl  asked:

Serendipity prompt: Gold continues to be the biggest bastard to ever bastard, meanwhile Belle gets to know Jefferson and Neal.

(Okay so less of a bastard, but I did get Jefferson and Neal in there!)

Serendipity ‘verse - Gold is Belle’s new boss and before she starts her job and officially meets her new boss she has a drunken one night stand with Gold. Cue Belle finding out she slept with her boss.

Belle’s first week passed surprisingly uneventfully after that first terrible morning, and she was both surprised and relieved to find that Gold almost never left his office. They never seemed to be in the hallway at the same time, or to bump into one another on the way to the water fountain or the bathrooms, a fact for which Belle was deeply grateful. After the things he’d said to her, the terrible way he’d assumed the worst in her, she had no desire to see or to speak to that man ever again.

The other people in the office were, thankfully, all of better nature than their boss. Belle hadn’t had a chance to really make any new friends, due to how busy the office was with a massive case that was going to court in a few weeks. 

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Pulse Points:  Chapter 8

You can read it here or on I hope you enjoy it!  Happy Saturday, dear readers. 

“It’s doesn’t look crowded,” Henry observed as they pulled into a parking place directly in front of the restaurant.

“It’s three o’clock,” Mary Margaret stated, switching off the ignition and taking a deep breath. “Not exactly prime time for either lunch or dinner.”

Henry nodded, feeling for the letter in his coat pocket, squeezing it harder than he probably should. He grabbed the car door handle and sat up as tall as he could manage.

“Let’s do this,” he said. “For my mom. She deserves a happy ending.”

Mary Margaret reached over and laid her hand on top of his, giving him a gentle squeeze, looking him directly in the eye.

“She does,” she agreed. “But we can’t guarantee that for her, Henry. All we can do is share what we know and try to find out the truth. What your mom and Robin decide to do about it is completely up to them. You know that, right?”

He swallowed, squinting out the window at snow shining so brightly under the sun that it hurt his eyes. He wished he’d thought to bring his sunglasses.

“Yeah,” he said, looking back at his godmother. “But we can at least give them a second chance.”

“Yes,” Mary Margaret said. “That we can do.”

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Anonymous prompted: “Rumbelle in a swimming pool.”

(This is set in a nice, happy world where season 3 never happened.)

Ok, again, sorry for the wait, but I hope you like it anyway.

Also, a very small amount of bonus Swanfire.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy.


It wasn’t Mary Margaret’s fault that she had got sick, but Emma had to admit that her timing could have been better. This week was the one that she and Neal had set aside to go to New York and tie up all Neal’s affairs there with a view to his moving to Storybrooke permanently. Since the trip would be full of meetings with lawyers and real estate agents, they did not want to take Henry with them, but he couldn’t really stay with Mary Margaret and David, who were incubating the flu. 

Still, Henry had enough extended family in Storybrooke that finding another willing chaperone would not be too much of a problem, and Belle had jumped at the chance to spend time with her sort-of-step-grandson. Whilst Emma’s feelings towards Gold were still mixed, she had seen enough interaction between him and Belle to know that the little librarian had her true love completely whipped, so she was confident that no harm would come to Henry whilst Belle was around. 

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Forgetting the Planting - 3

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here


I have it?”

“Yes, Mom, it was right there in my own handwriting,” Emma said.

They were back at the loft. David had called her to let her know that Regina’s memories had been altered as well, and that she had no more of a clue about what happened than anyone else in the town did. Belle had returned with them, deeply worried that Rumpel’s disappearance was tied in with the events. Emma didn’t doubt it for a moment.

“What exactly is a memory stone?” Mary Margaret asked.

“I can explain it,” Belle said. “The Rock Trolls make them from the memories that have been hidden from you. A long time ago, some of my memories were hidden because I’d seen my mother die.”

“Did you get them back?” Emma asked?

Belle shook her head. “Unfortunately, no. The stone was lost, broken, before I could use it. And the stone can only be used on the person whose memories made it. So in this case, it’s Mary Margaret.”

“But why me?”

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She Misses Her

Regina works tirelessly. Of course she does. Emma had shouted to her parents to bring her back, but of course they come to her ultimately. 

Then she had looked at Regina with fear and what could only have been love and everything had slid into place and in that moment Regina knew.

Knew the truth that had been sitting there plain as day between the two women. The truth that if either of them had actually taken a moment to consider was heart wrenchingly obvious…

Robin had been supportive, bringing her food and checking on her whilst she sank her time into her books, researching. But he had started to run out of patience, clenching his jaw as she turned down another opportunity to go for walks, or spend time simply… elsewhere. She shook her head each time, a soft “sorry” slipping from her lips before her thoughts returned to Emma. Soon his visits dwindled in the face of her single-minded pursuit of Emma. 

Hook… well who knew what Hook was doing. He had hung around, lurking on the sidelines before just… disappearing.

Rumpel had been surprisingly eager to help, bolstered by Belle and actual second chances. He had fixed her with those cool, knowing eyes when she had approached him with questions before acquiescing with a softening of his features and a hand squeezing hers.

She touches the cool blade, traces the exquisitely delicate lettering of her name. She fears calling those two words, that name that for so long sent her into a snarling rage but one day changed to a benediction. She’s no where near ready to do anything to fix this awful situation, still sifting through screeds of information but she just misses the blonde. She’s not seen her since that night, when one second she was choking in darkness and the next she was choking in sorrow. Not seen her since Emma had once again saved her. It’s been several weeks.

She misses her…

Surely it would be ok to just talk to Emma. Regina contemplated letting the other woman’s name fall from her lips. What was the worst thing that could happen. Regina had never felt anything but safe in Emma’s presence, even when she had fear of losing Henry clawing up her throat. She missed that grounded feeling she had started associating the blonde with, missed the way the other woman had looked at her with steady, assuring eyes.

How could Regina not have known? The startling clarity with which she looked at all their interactions now threw everything into stark obviousness.

She gripped the blade, raising it, narrowing her eyes at the blade and taking a breath.


What if this Emma wasn’t her.

She let her arm drop, the blade coming to rest in the upturned palm of her hand. 

She misses her…