belle cosplay once upon a time


So today my Belle cosplay dress for Cleveland Comic Con came in! I absolutely love it, and can’t wait to wear it out! If you’re anywhere around the Cleveland area you should be sure to check out Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con (it’s happening in February). It’s going to be amazing! I also had some help taking pictures from my little friend Scout :) 

theninjabreadkid  asked:

Peter I'm feeling really sad ,can you cheer me up please?

Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling sad!

Hang on, Tink’s telling me she wants to tell you a joke.

Okay, she says “Why is Peter Pan always flying?

Do you know the answer? I’ll ask her.

She says “Because he Neverlands

I don’t get it…




So I met:
Sean Maguire - Robin Hood in OUAT
Georgina Haig - Elsa in OUAT
Tyler Hoechlin - Derek Hale in Teen Wolf
Bob Morley - Bellamy Blake in The 100

OMG I HAVE NEVER FAN GIRLED OUT LOUD IN MY LIFE TILL TODAY! I usually tend to hide it since I’d freak people out but I did after my photo op with Bob! Essentially this is how it went

Me: *walks into photo booth* “hey Bell!”
Bob: “hey!”
*photos taken*
Me: “Thank You!”
Bob: “see you later O!”
Me: *dead*
I literally ran out of the booth jumping up and down going “he called me O!!!!!” (Yer I was cosplaying Octavia)


And here are the first photos from Romics 2015 (April edition)! :D On Saturday I was Belle from Once Upon a Time - I had much fun & I met other fellow OUAT cosplayers (but sadly, not a single Rumple that day - AGAIN! There was a fab one on Friday and of course I wasn’t Belle *sighs*)! Well… I hope you like these first four of many more photos (thanks to my dear hiddlebum​)! C:


I decided to a spontaneous Belle make up test today and it turned into a photoshoot with myself XD Then I decide to go full out and make it Disney bound day. I put on a blue dress I had and rock the frock in 7 degree weather. I reused my old Katara wig so I need to cut and re-curled it.  I think I need to finish her actually dress very very soon and get a real photoshoot. Once Upon A time starts up again soon too! If you happen to have a Rumple cosplay and are going to Colossalcon and want to have a photoshoot with me you should pm me!