belle campagne


Monet at Poissy (19)
A walk on the cliffs
Monet was eager to show Alice Hoschedé and the children the beautiful spots he had discovered in the Pourville area. He rented the “Villa Juliette” from 17 June to 5 October 1882, and spent a family holiday with them.
He still painted a lot during that period, but also accompanied Alice and the children like on walks on the cliffs, as we can see in the top painting, where Alice and one of her daughters ventured to the edge of the cliff.

“Que la campagne devient belle et quel bonheur ce serait pour moi de vous montrer ces coins délicieux qu’il y a ici.” (Monet in his letter of 4 April to Alice Hoschedé)

Claude Monet, Promenade sur la falaise, Pourville (Walk on the Cliff at Pourville), 1882. Oil in canvas, 65 x 81 cm. The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago (plus detail)