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You know what i think is kind of funny? In art and merchandise and everything, people always show Belle with the enchanted rose and/or the magic mirror. But like in the actual movie…those don’t even belong to her. They’re the *Beast’s* symbols. They represent his fate hanging delicately in the balance and his yearning to be among other people again. The only objects really associated with Belle are her books.

I just think it’s interesting that these two traditionally “feminine” objects are the symbols for our male romantic lead, whose foil Gaston is a more traditional macho man that likes beer and guns. And then the Beast’s human form is actually very soft-looking (the long hair, the full lips), which I’d say is meant to represent what he already is underneath his beastly exterior. I’d call all of this a big “F you” to stereotypical gender roles. But then Disney conveniently forgets that in order to sell princessy merchandise.

Something there

The most beautiful things in this remake are costume and scenic design: i would love live in that castle, even if is dark and ruined, and the yellow dress is amazing. SOme friend tell me that the beast i draw is too kawaii, and resemble my beloved husband, i tell him and he was pretty proud about, maybe because this is the scene where we can clarely understan that there is love and understanding. And afterall i always prefer the beast than the prince ahahah

Belle: “Romeo and Juliet is my favorite.”

Beast: *scoffs* “Really?”

Me: “I have never related to a Disney character more in my life.”

Later: *Belle and Beast reading their books while they eat*

Me: “Ok, NOW I have never related to a Disney character more in my life.”


Happy birthday to bell, book, and candle by @skittidyne which shook my world almost 2 years ago and I hope everyone reads it because seriously, it’s exquisite.


SO, I’m back to using ArtRage bc THAT’S MY BABE. And I drew a couple of Isabelles!!! <3 Hope you enjoy these small sketches! 

OH! And a little guest star from The Violet Diaries is in here :D (Hope you don’t mind, @helthehatter :P)