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Adventure Awaits

Summary: A year has passed since Erebor had been reclaimed and everything seemed to be going well until you are forced to go on another adventure not only with dwarves, but elves and men as well.

Chapter Summary: Insults are made.

Pairings: Haldir x Reader

Notes: I’m actually trash at writing anything that isn’t dialogue. Elf!Reader, Lord Elrond’s Daughter, OoC Characters.

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When you wake up, Haldir is gone, but you hear movement in the next room. You yawn, standing. You make your way into the living area.

“What time is it?” You ask as you see Haldir moving around the kitchen as if making food.

“The sun set about 30 minutes ago so I’m guessing 7?” He suggests putting two bowls of salad on the table.

“I could get used to this,” you tell him, kissing his cheek and taking a seat. He chuckles and sits across from you.

“What are we going to do?” He asks after you two are halfway through your meal.

You look at him confused.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“How are we going to work out? It’s obvious that you want to live here, but what about me and us?” He asks.

You frown a bit. You haven’t really thought about it. You haven’t really thought about anything lately. The dwarves always came first for you no matter what. You were more focused on them than the confession you were given a few hours ago.

“How far are you willing to go?” You ask.

You did not want to leave Erebor and go back to Lothlorien. You made a home here. A home that you loved and you have become loved by it’s residents.

“My place is with the elves of Lothlorien,” he states. “And my place is here with the dwarves,” you reply.

He sighs.

“I was expecting that answer,” he states.

“I love you Haldir, I really do, but I love these dwarves as well. For two years, I have known them and they have become like family and because of that I am no longer accepted by the elves. The only ones that still accept me is my family and yours and that includes Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. I cannot live with people who see me as disgusting,” you state, putting your fork down.

It took a large toll on you, not being accepted by your kin. You no longer wore anything remotely elvish except for your braids and weapons. Your clothes were made by either a seamstress of Dale or a seamstress of Erebor. The only thing you kept was your favorite blue tunic that was a gift from your father.

“Then I will stay here with you. I will ride back to Lorien, gather my things and stay permanently if that is alright with King Thorin,” Haldir tells you.

“Will you do that? For me?” You ask.

“I would do anything for you,” he states and you smile, making your way over to him.

You straddle him and look down at his blue eyes. He moves his hands to grip your outer thighs and you bend your head to finally put a kiss to his lips, but you both are interrupted by a knock on the door.

You groan, resting your forehead on his. He lets out a breathy laugh as you stand to open the door.

There, on the other side of the door, stands Bilbo.

“Bilbo? When did you return?” You ask, letting the small hobbit in.

He had gone back to the Shire, but not to live there. He went to collect all of his belongings. He could not live in the Shire after having this wonderful adventure. It would not be the same living in a quiet place and after speaking with Thorin, it was decided that Bilbo would live in Erebor in the royal wing which you also lived in.

“I came back an hour ago with Gandalf. Bofur, Ori, Dori, and Kili helped me settle in and it turns out I’m now your neighbor - oh hello, I didn’t realize she had any guests,” Bilbo explains, cutting himself off as he notices Haldir sitting at the table.

“It’s quite alright Bilbo. This is Haldir, Marchwarden of Lothlórien. Haldir this is Bilbo Baggins, the Burglar of our company,” you introduce.

“Oh so you’re the one she doesn’t shut up about. It’s nice to finally meet you,” Bilbo says, holding out his hand. Haldir smiles and shakes it.

“I’ll give you two time to catch up. I need to go speak with my brothers,” Haldir says, standing. He kisses you on your cheek, leaving. You can’t help but smile.

“Tea?” You ask, grabbing the pot of boiling water that Haldir placed on the fire earlier.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Bilbo replies, sitting on the chair with a couple of cushions.

Although you were living with the dwarves, you had replaced all of the furniture to be your size but two of the dining chairs had cushions just in case a dwarf, or hobbit, stopped by. You were lucky all of the ceilings were twice your size, if not, you would’ve had major back problems. You thank Valar that dwarves liked to building things 100 times their size.

You set a cup of chamomile tea in front of him and he thanks you.

“I have something to tell you,” he states, putting his cup down.

“What is it Bilbo? You know you can tell me anything,” you say.

“I have found something. I’m the goblin tunnels. Something that I’m sure I shouldn’t have and I don’t know what to do,” he states nervously.

You frown at the hobbit. You’ve never seen him so troubled.

“What did you find in the goblin tunnels?”

“This,” he says, digging his hand into his waistcoat procket and pulling out a golden ring and you instantly get a bad feeling.

“It can’t be,” you mutter, grabbing it for yourself. 

“What? What is it?” He asks. 

You ignore him and stand moving over to the fire. You throw it in and grab the poker waiting for a bit. A few seconds later, there is lettering that appears on the inside and outside of the ring.

“ One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,” you mutter in the common tongue.

“Bilbo, please get Gandalf and tell him it is urgent, you say, grabbing the ring with the poker. He runs out the door in search of the wizard. You place the ring in the middle of the table and grab a piece of parchment from the desk, mapping the journey you know is sure to come.

By the time Gandalf gets here, you have already mapped out the journey from the lonely mountain to Mordor.

“Y/n? What is it? Bilbo said it was quite urgent,” Gandalf says, walking in with both Bilbo and Lord Elrond and taking a seat across from you as the hobbit sits with his now cold tea.

“Ada? What are you doing here?” You ask, hugging your father and taking a seat.

“I’ve decided to join Gandalf and Bilbo on the journey here. It has been far too long since I last saw you,” he states, taking a seat.

His face contorts in confusion as he looks under his butt. You blush slightly.

“That is there for the dwarves when they visit. They can’t really reach the table without it,” you explain and he nods, trying to adjust himself.

“Back to the problem at hand. The one ring. It is here,” you state.

They look at the table and Gandalf looks at Bilbo. “Where did you find this?” He asks.

“In the goblin tunnels. I came across a creature named Gollum after finding it. He seemed to have lost it,” he responds, looking down in shame.

“Fear not, dear hobbit. If not for you finding this ring, the world would be in much greater danger,” you reassure, clasping your hand around his.

“We must call a meeting for those around middle earth,” Gandalf states but you shake your head.

“It will take too long. We can no longer let this darkness fester. We must get rid of it now. We will call upon the elves of Mirkwood, the men of Dale and the Dwarves of Erebor,” you state, “But not tonight. The Kings of Dale and Erebor were attacked earlier today. They have lost a good amount of blood and will not be able to leave the bed until I say so and I have made that quite clear to Oin .”

“What happened?” Bilbo asks.

“Bard’s guard attacked Bard and Bain, stabbing them in the artery and then continued to attack Thorin. He would’ve gotten to Fili too if Dwalin hadn’t pushed him over the edge. To get the full story you must ask Dwalin, Balin or Fili. I was not there when it happened,” you explain.

There is a knock on the door and the person opens it. You already know it’s Kili because he and Fili are the only ones that do that and Fili is probably in the throne room in his uncles stead.

“Bard and Thorin woke up but Bain’s condition seem to have worsened,” Kili explains and you stand, moving to but on your boots. You really need to find something to slip on easier. Maybe call it slippers.

When you finishing putting on your boots, you make your way to the healer wing with your father, Gandalf and Bilbo following behind.

You enter the room and Bard and Thorin are holding down Bain as Oin tries to get a look at his injury. Bain is thrashing around, body red and sweaty.

“Thorin, Bard, you need to be resting. My father and I will handle this,” you state pushing the dwarf back to the bed, your father doing the same to Bard.

You move to Bain’s side as he stops and opens his eyes.

“Ma?” He asks, weakly.

“No, sweetheart it’s me, y/n,” You smile, wiping away the sweat as your father assess the wound.

“It is infected,” he states.

“Am I going to die?” Bain asks quietly.

“Of course not little one. You will be better than ever before. Rest now and when you awaken, I will teach you to use a bow like you’ve been asking,” you say as you hear your father muttering elvish words.

His ragged breathings comes to a slow and the redness in his face slowly starts to ebb away. You kiss him on his forehead as his eyes flutter shut.

“Will he really be alright?” Bard asks, worriedly. His heart had sunk to his stomach when Bain first began thrashing around. The image of his wife lying deathly still after the birth of Tilda popped into his head immediately and he could not let that happen to his son. Not after everything that they have been through.

“He will be fine. The infection is now gone. He should be able to walk around come tomorrow morning,” Lord Elrond explains, straightening out.

“I don’t know how to repay you. The both of you,” Bard states.

“We were just doing our duty,” you state, grabbing a rag and wiping down Bain’s forehead. You cared a lot for Bard’s children. Like a mother would their own. 

“So about you and that elf,” Kili starts after a few minutes of silence and Elrond raises an eyebrow at him. Gandalf chuckles as Kili gulps.

“I meant Haldir. About you and Haldir. What is going on?” He asks.

“What do you mean?” You ask, putting the rag back in its basin. 

“I saw him walk you to your room, but he never came out. Are you two together?” He asks and there’s a choking noise. You all turn to Bard who turns red with embarrassment.

“Sorry. It must’ve went down the wrong pipe. Carry on,” he says, placing his water on the chair next to him.

“He and I are courting, yes. We plan to live together, here in the mountain, if that is alright with you Thorin?” You say, looking at the King in question.

“Of course, but he would have to be put to use,” Thorin replies.

“He is not a marchwarden for nothing. Although he does do well as a healer too. We will have to discuss it later. You are not going anywhere Thorin Oakenshield,” you say, pushing the King back to his bed.

“I have a kingdom to run,” he states, trying to slip away.

“Fili is running it for you. Besides it’s getting late. If you do not rest, dwarf, I will knock you out myself. I have done so in the past and I will do it again,” you state.

He glares at you, muttering “bloody elf,” as he lies back down on his bed.

“And a bloody good one at that,” you respond making everyone chuckle except Thorin.

It seems that over the past year he has become less strict and more fun and it was befitting of him. Although he did carry more stress around him, he always had a smile on his face. Unless it was a really bad day. That is when everyone knew to stay away.

“In a few days, I ask that you request both of your finest warriors for a meeting. There is something important that needs to be discussed. I will ride out to Mirkwood to call upon Thranduil seeing as he is still probably an ass,” you say, earning a glare from your father.

“Ada, you and I both know that out of the five remaining rulers of the elven realm he is the worst,” you saying trying to busy yourself so that you avoid your fathers glare.

He hates how you talk about Thranduil. It is disrespectful to speak of such a high elf that way.

When he captured you, he had asked you to tell him what you and the dwarves were doing. You did not. He called you a number of things and when he told the guards to take you to the chambers, you refused and asked to be put in the cells with the rest of the Company.

He looked reluctant at first but once he caught your glare he did as you asked stating, “if your father asks, you will tell him that you asked to be put there and was not forced. We do not need to go to war with Imladris.”

“How many times do I have to warn you?” Lord Elrond asks.

“I’m sorry that I am not able to abide by the rules, but I will not sit back and take insults from a King who only cares for himself and his kingdom. I am not my siblings.”

“And that’s why I regret raising you,” he growls and you drop the bowl that you are carrying.

“You are not like us. You are emotional and illogical. You put everyone around you at risk and you are everything that I have never wanted,” Lord Elrond adds.

Your heart grows cold as you pick up the broken pieces.

“I see. Well, I am truly sorry that I have been a burden to both you and Lady Celébrian. I shall burden you no further, Lord Elrond. Thank you for your hospitality after all these years,” you say, bowing your head and leaving the room.

A/N: I read my writing and it turns out to become shit almost every time. I know where it’s going, but they’re not as good as the other fictions that I have read. I wish I could be better. Anyway, chapter four will probably come soon. If not today then tomorrow.


Myers-Briggs Personality test: INFP// Requested by anonymous

I – Introversion preferred to extraversion: INFPs tend to be quiet and reserved. They generally prefer interacting with a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances, and they expend energy in social situations (whereas extraverts gain energy).

N – Intuition preferred to sensing: INFPs tend to be more abstract than concrete. They focus their attention on the big picture rather than the details, and on future possibilities rather than immediate realities.

F – Feeling preferred to thinking: INFPs tend to value personal considerations above objective criteria. When making decisions, they often give more weight to social implications than to logic.

P – Perception preferred to judgment: INFPs tend to withhold judgment and delay important decisions, preferring to “keep their options open” should circumstances change.According to Myers-Briggs,

INFPs focus much of their energy on an inner world dominated by intense feeling and deeply held ethics. They seek an external life that is in keeping with these values. Loyal to the people and causes important to them, INFPs can quickly spot opportunities to implement their ideals. They are curious to understand those around them, and so are accepting and flexible unless their values are threatened.

Done with funkmbtifiction for the choice of the characters


I’ve wanted to do fan art for Take From Me My Lace” for months, but I only just got around to it, ugh. Most of these started as sketches on the train.


Bilba Baggins (alias Belle Bijou) and Thorin

Bofur, Nori, and Ori

Fili and Kili with Minty the dog.

(Ugh this AU is so cute!)

My parents used to put bells in my pockets so they would always know where I was in the house.

What if Thorin gives Bilbo a bell to carry around Erebor because he is always scary quiet?

What if Nori makes a game of pickpocketing the bell without alerting Bilbo?

What if there is a massive horde of bells somewhere in the mountain that Nori just looks at and giggles mischievously?

In other words: please bell your hobbit you will not be disappointed.

(partially inspired by radiorcrist talking about modern AU frodo and squeaky shoes)


LOOK at these fantastic cosplayers! i will never not be impressed with how much detail they put into their costumes!

kat must have been so surprised, because when i went to ask for her picture i ran up piggybacking on eru’s back, wig/cap off and hair/makeup a mess, yelled, “hi! it’s jude from tumblr!” took a pic from above, and roo ran off. im. im facepalming so hard rn bless kat, she was so sweet.

saturday denver comic con photos, pop culture (8/8)


bilbo baggins is kat (hobbitunderthemountain), and her brother is frodo baggins!

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Evening and Evening On

Rose Gamgee cleaned out Bag-End one day and found a trunk of letters written by Bilbo Baggins himself (local legend) Most of the letters have been lost, here are the few that survived the years. Each letter has been donated to the local Hobbiton Mathom House.

A series of letters from Bilbo’s POV from a timeline ranging from just after he returns to Bag-End to before LOTR canon

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Chapter 1: T.A. 2942