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I did plenty of sketches because I love beauty and the beast and MLB and together they make an explosion of hypeness 

Still can’t see Adrien as a grumpy cat-thing beast lol 


endless list of Disney AUs (4/?)

anon asked for: Belle & Adam Chuck Spy AU

Belle is completely and utterly average. Her life is in no way, shape, or form exciting. She works at a quiet second-hand bookstore, and she’s content. 

That is, until she receives a bizarre email which fills her brain with confidential government agency secrets contained in a database known as The Intersect. With the database now embedded in her brain, rather than in that of the agent whom the email was intended for, she’s officially branded a threat to national security. A threat which needed to be disposed of. 

Agent 004, referred to by most as the Beast, is sent to take care of the problem. What he didn’t expect was that ‘the problem’ was going to be a harmless bookworm rather than an imposing hacker. He can’t kill her. He knows it’s his mission, but he just… can’t.

Instead, he opts for a surveillance operation to see what, precisely, the agency is dealing with. Going deep undercover as Adam Walker, Agent 004 disguises himself as a barista at the coffee shop across the street from Belle’s bookstore to keep an eye on her, and then later takes on the persona of her doting boyfriend to keep an even closer eye on her. 

As he quickly discovers, certain phrases, sounds and images trigger the Intersect in Belle’s brain, and while the agency had initially feared that this may make her a threat, Agent 004 convinces them that it makes her an asset. No one would suspect a pretty young bookworm of being their secret weapon. 

Thus, Belle becomes Agent 229, and Agent 004 wastes no time in coining her code name: Beauty

Together, Beauty and the Beast carry out missions of the utmost secrecy and importance… with just a bit of fraternization on the side. As it turns out, Agent 004 isn’t entirely willing to give up the ‘doting boyfriend’ persona.


since everyone loves the beauty and the beast au so much i redraw these screencaps i saved a while ago???????? john needs to stop fighting wolves and yelling at alex for tryin to help (dw alex but him in his place by bein like “listen bitch im trying to help u”)

BATB Modern AU Headcanons
  • Belle and Adam don’t really want children of their own, at least not in the near future, so Belle dedicates her time to starting her own children’s literature company called Beauty and the Books. It’s hugely successful. 
  • Plumette is her head of her marketing and is literally a genius, Lumiere is constantly blown away by his fiance’s beauty and fucking brilliance and honestly he’s lovesick for her
  • Lumiere himself opens up a classy af five star restaurant in the city, and Cogsworth agrees to work with him if it means he gets to work his own hours
  • Mrs. Potts and Chip move back in with Mr. Potts and Chip grows up in a very simple household. He goes to school where he discovers his passion for dance, but the dance school he wants to attend is super expensive so Adam and Belle help his family out with the tuition :3
  • Cadenza and Garderobe tour the world as an operatic/musical duo, being a fabulous power couple together and booking shows anywhere from italy to israel. They are literally living the dream man
  • Lefou is head of Belle’s company’s creative team and has his own really big office and stuff where he frames all of his boyfriend’s shirtless selfies
  • Gaston is a bodybuilder who makes all his money from his ultra-famous instagram. He’s also a stay at home dad since he and Lefou adopted a cute lil son 
  • Meanwhile, Adam is a professional model and does really classy perfume/cologne commercials and stuff. He’s been offered a few movie roles, but he doesn’t like travelling or people that much, so he’s turned them down to live a relatively quiet life with his Belle
  • Maurice lives in a little cottage out in the country, where he’s been content for a long time. Everyone frequently visits him because Maurice is the best grandpa :))

Hollywood!Belle x Adam AU

         Adam Bête is the most unhirable actor in all of Los Angeles. Known for his short temper and selfish behavior on sets (along with a fight with a director that landed him on the cover of Us Weekly), his reputation makes it impossible for him to book parts, despite an impressive career. Enter Belle Beaumont, a young scriptwriter who moved to LA to get out of her hometown and is quickly leaning that it isn’t as easy to make it in the city of angels as she thought. Adam’s publicity team, Jean Cogsworth and Claude Lumiere, make a deal with Belle she can’t refuse. Act as if she is in a relationship with Adam for at least a year and she’ll be compensated in addition to using Adam’s Hollywood influence to get her scripts in the hands of producers. Adam gets the image of a devoted boyfriend instead of a bad boy and Belle gets her jumpstart into her career. What could go wrong.
         The two start off icy towards each other, posing for a picture with the paparazzi before disappearing to opposite ends of Adam’s mansion, but between scheduled photo ops and overly planned “candid” couple moments, quickly learn to appreciate each other. Belle is a level head who isn’t impressed by his fame like every other girl is and Adam is a surprisingly well read and trained actor, interesting to bounce ideas off of. The trouble with balancing photographic romance with real life friendship is never simple and Belle and Adam begin to realize their may by something there between them…

endless list of Disney AUs (2/?) [for @noplacelikeacadiaroad]

Belle & Adam: College AU

Both vying for the top spot on the Dean’s List for the faculty of English Literature at the University of Cambridge, Belle Delacour & Adam DeLeroy Tolbert are constantly clashing heads. They definitely - definitely - don’t like each other.

Adam is the president of a fraternity on campus, and Belle hates parties. Adam practically bleeds Starbucks coffee - black, with five shots of espresso - and Belle would rather drink tea - simple, uncomplicated tea. Belle loves Romeo and Juliet, and Adam hates it. 

But when they both end up working for the Cambridge University Press bookstore to gain extra cash (and solidify themselves in the Dean’s favour), they discover that maybe they have more in common than they thought. Maybe they even… like each other.


The third installment in this series: inspired by @thestraggletag ‘s idea :

“… that Belle is his lawyer who gets him out of trouble every single time.… Emma’s starting to suspect that’s also partly the reason why Gold gets into so much trouble in the first place. And that Belle is loving it. Basically it’s the most fucked-up form of foreplay she’s ever seen.”

(Also, if anyone has any ideas what I should call this series? I foresee this becoming a thing).

belle x adam modern au 1/?


College!AU Belle x Adam headcannons

-Adam is a former football star. He has played football his entire life and plans to join the NFL at the end of college. He is in a car accident due to drunk driving and becomes paralyzed in one arm so his career is over. He also suffers from massive scarring down his face.

-When he returns to school in the fall semester after the accident, Adam makes a deal with his father that if he gets A’s in all of his classes and manages to graduate on time despite being very behind, his father will pay for his expensive plastic surgery.

-Belle is an English major with a dedicated love for Shakespeare. She is going to her school on scholarship due to her father’s economic issues. Belle needs to find work to pay for books and food while at school, so she agrees to begin tutoring one of the most difficult students imaginable. Hey, a job is a job.

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Reyna’s BatB Fic Recs

To celebrate hitting the 100 follower mark (!!!), here is a list of my fav BatB fics so far that are focused on Adam/Beast and Belle’s relationship. I’ll prolly be adding to this list as I read more.

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But first, I want to remind you guys of something:

Stories take time and effort to write. As I writer myself, I know how excruciatingly awful writing can be but love it anyway bc im weird and how it feels to have someone recognize the effort that we writers put into the stories that we’ve shared with the readers.

In brief, leave a kudos. Write a comment.

Don’t know what to say? Pick your fav line and explain why it’s your fav! Keysmash! Did the author do something new with the characters? Tell them what you thought about it! Did you laugh, smile, wince at a certain part? Let them know! Too shy to say anything? Just write something like “Good job :)” or “I liked this!”.

Basically, the excitement you get at reading an amazing fic is the excitement we get for ppl reading and giving feedback on our fics, only multiplied bc these things are like our babies.

So please please please comment or give a kudos. They actually help motivate writers to write more, so if you liked a fic, be sure to tell the author! Who knows, maybe they’ll be inspired to write more fic bc you wrote an awesome review ;)

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for she had eyes and chose me by @piercephone/ @notmiliica

(psst read it right now she’s a great writer and an overall awesome person so yeah you need to read this fic asap)

Summary: a series of interconnected chapters detailing the evolution of belle and adam’s relationship over the course of their life together (WIP)

and when he could not climb, he reached by @scarfblogs

Summary: the castle came awake that night. (Complete)

I Love You Too, By The Way by @funnygirltthatbelle

Summary: Short conversation between Belle and Adam between the kiss and the reunion with the servants. Because you know Adam would be excited more by Belle being in love with him than by the curse being broken. (Complete)

pouf-pouf by @je-suis-em-jee

Summary: “Not for the first time, Belle found herself curious about the dusting of gold Plumette so often applied to the corner of her eyes and the swell of her cheeks. ‘Actually. I did have one question. How do you…’ She touched the side of her face to indicate where Plumette’s skin shimmered.
'How do I do my makeup?’
Plumette shook her head in amazement. 'There were really no other girls in Villeneuve?’”

In which Belle makes a friend and learns more about her fiance. (Complete)

When We Touched by @daysinthesuns

Summary: The five times the Beast had human contact for the first time in years, and the one time he had it as a human himself after the curse is broken. (Complete)

Lessons For The Lost by KayMoon24

Summary: Once the former Beast, newly human King Adam, alongside his newly wedded wife, Belle, attending various social gatherings featuring the rest of the Disney Royal kingdom. It gets awkward. (WIP)

Embers & Ash by telepathy

Summary: During the “Evermore” scenes in the new Beauty & the Beast film, Beast reflects. (Complete)

She’s never out of sight by @jomiddlemarch

Summary: They have a second courtship after the marriage. (Complete)

What a puzzle by @jomiddlemarch

Summary: Maurice came to dinner on Sundays. (Complete)

The Master of My Fate by @jomiddlemarch

Summary: He’d slipped into the alcove for just a moment. (vignette about Adam before the curse) (Complete)

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind..” by @kotaka-kun

Summary: What happened in the short span of time from when the Beast demanded Belle leave, to him rescuing her from the wolves. (Complete)

Behold the Beast by P_Artsypants

Summary: An alternate ending to the Disney Animated Movie. (Complete)

The Anchor by sancallisto

Summary: Chapter 1: A short vignette immediately following the transformation kiss.
Chapter 2: A short vignette immediately before the Celebration dance.
Chapter 3: A conversation that occurs the night following the breaking of the curse. A series of vignettes following Belle and Prince Adam based on the live-action Beauty and the Beast. No set number of chapters or timeline
. (WIP)

Mirrors by @greensearcher

(ok confession time so i actually haven’t read this yet but i’ve glanced through it and it looks AMAZING so yeah next free time i get imma read the whole darn thing in one sitting)

Summary: Everyone knows the Beast was selfish and unkind—which, of course, is exactly what a jealous enchantress would want the world to think. A retelling in which young Adam was an innocent victim caught up in his father’s past mistakes, and Belle a willing presence seeking to repay her own father’s debt. And with a vengeful witch on the loose, Gaston is the least of their worries. (WIP)

open doors, closed doors by  @ice23hot

Summary: Her selflessness angered him, reminded him how much he did not deserve her or the child. She looked frightened when the midwife shooed him away. Now all the prince could think of were the worried eyes that had met his before the door slammed in his face. (Belle and Adam have their first child) (WIP)

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Don’t forget to thank the authors for writing these wonderful fics! Happy reading!