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Belle dying of old age (OLD, not like 50 something, which would infuriate me) would be fine - except if Emilie doesn't return (which it appears she won't) then Rumple will very likely live forever without her, which is unacceptable and makes no sense. That would be depressing - and not beautiful, but also just like Adam and Eddy.

Look — I am 100% okay with Belle dying of old age and with a Rumbelling of UP. (I agree OLD AGE though. Not 50. I am 50. 50 is not old age.)

UP is one of the best movies ever. Carl and Ellie are RELATIONSHIP GOALS. They had a good marriage and a good life. It’s also very real and reality isn’t always pretty. I’d rather Rumbelle have an “UP” ending than anything even remotely close to the codependent CS bullshit we got last week.

I also don’t have a problem with Rumple being alone. I think it’s in character for him.

All of these are probably unpopular opinions but it’s how I feel.

MY worry is that this writing team is still this writing team. And no matter what they do, they ALWAYS find a way to work in some nasty dig, via a line or a scene, that just negates and taints everything beautiful they had accomplished. They’re incapable of letting something be nice just to let it be nice.

Also — for ME — I really haven’t let go of all of the OOC shit from the last three seasons. It was too much and I’m still pissed off about it. So at this point I’m just not as excited or emotional as everyone else, because of that. I still love Rumbelle. But the last 3 years were draining. So I’m okay with letting go permanently and moving on to fanfic only.

But that’s just me.

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, detail, Portrait of Princess Pauline de Metternich, 1860.

Oil on canvas, 115 × 87.5 cm., oval. 

Private collection.

The signs as period drama movies
  • Aries: Casanova 2005
  • Taurus: Belle 2013
  • Gemini: Shakespeare in Love 1998
  • Cancer: The Young Victoria 2009
  • Leo: Elizabeth The Golden Age 2007
  • Virgo: Pride and Prejudice 2005
  • Libra: Marie Antoinette 2006
  • Scorpio: Anna Karenina 2012
  • Sagittarius: The Duchess 2008
  • Capricorn: Jane Eyre 2011
  • Aquarius: A Royal Affair 2012
  • Pisces: Becoming Jane 2007