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a lullaby cube playlist for anyone who cannot sleep

Holocene- Bon Iver/ Falling Down- Muse/ Glósóli- Sigur Rós/ No Surprises- Radiohead/ Hiding Tonight- Alex Turner/ Fairytale Lullaby- Bombay Bicycle Club/ Plastic Stars (acoustic)- Freezepop/ Bed Space- Darwin Deez/ Lullaby- The Courteeners/ VCR- The Antlers/ Take Care- Beach House/ Half Light I- Arcade Fire/ Sail Song- OH!hello/ Sleep The Clock Around- Belle and Sebastian/ Lately- Memoryhouse/ Asleep- The Smiths


8 Characters You Relate To {Any character is fair game!}

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1} Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing | Hellsing
2} Esmeralda | The Hunchback of Notre Dame
3} Belle | Beauty and the Beast  {@domntepes that image is for you~}
4} Hanji Zoe | Attack on Titan
5} Remus Lupin | Harry Potter
6} Vegeta | Dragonball Z
7} Smaug | The Hobbit
8} Sebastian Michaelis | Black Butler

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