hello there fellow turds

hi der

i’m henna yes hi

i kind of like liam

kind of

i guess i’m a nice person?? this means 75% of the time the other 25% i’m probably suffering liam feels or i’m on my period 

sorry girls b girls

i can do some html and um yeah i love to talk to people

harry says hi

ok so i decided to give you all make overs (well, everyone who had a facepage) ..i hope you appreciate my artistic eye

first we have lucy. you rock that beard, girl

 next is maren. you should totally go for this look more often

here we have sol. she may have been out in the sun too long oops

ayyeee dis be sav. she looks like the little mermaid yay

this is hannah she may or may not be a vampire

and last but not least, we have bre. shes some kind of sea monster or something, i dunno 

ok so i hope you guys enjoyed this because it took me forever yay

you should totes choose me

Skyniam’s One Year Follow Forever!

It’s been one year since I joined tumblr, and I just wanted to give all my friends who I’ve made over the past year a huge thank you! You’re great friends and I love you all. I also want to say thank you to my followers who are the greatest followers ever.

The following blogs are the ones that help make my dashboard sexy. The slanted urls are my favorites. Thank you!

A-D:  assdirectionbradfordbuttfucker belldrake bangchapel beyondpayne biebersrauhl cloudniam calmyourhoranmoans camilacabellos carolineflack cheshirenips cherishhazz curleystyles delousions

E-H: effrons f-entes feelhaz fukhaza grinmy grrimshaw hausofdirectioners horon hjoran harrysthefather hoehazza horanfer heyniam hedstyles harrysedwards homechapel holyniall hazzadear hayhaz haiihoran

I-L: irelanialler its-stylinson jesustommo londns lougasm lerganlerman larrystylinson llpayne louehh loullipops loupotters louisvogue louiswtomlinson louistomlinsob

M-P: mullingarperfection malikamore mullingarrprince mullinguccis oneharm0nyniallsworan niallsitonmyfacenozayn nialleirs niails nialhl payzuh 

Q-T: stripniall suckinglouis sirpaynne starksfell tumlinshire turnonhaz tomlincastle

U-Z: weaslys yayhaz yorkshure zerrie zaynasaurs zouiscity

Thank you all so much! You guys are the best. I love you all. (: 

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