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Friendzoned M.C - chapter 2

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A/N: okay I said something in the first chapter about how Crystal was portrayed in this story and now I’m going to talk about Arzaylea. You will see her character further on but I don’t think of her/her and Luke’s relationship like that in real life. Just letting you know now before people eat me about how I’ve written it :)

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Michael’s pov:

I don’t like it, I didn’t like it the first time I saw him, his hands intertwined with hers. I never knew that she was interested in someone else, I only ever thought that she was interested in me but I guess I was wrong. It’s lame that I’m still holding onto the kiss but it was something special, I hope it meant as much to her as it did to me.

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If you're up for requests, 1970s Melissa and Amanda in HUGE feet-covering bellbottom jeans, crop-tops, and funky round shades with Amanda saying "are we funky enough?" and Melissa saying, "Yes. Yes we are.", please?


New York Gothic

-Once you leave the city and head upstate it is miles and miles of land.  There is nothing but trees.  You think you passed that tree 5 minutes ago.  It is all trees.  How long have you been driving? Where are you? 

-There are things in the forests of Upstate.  People say it is deer, but deer do not leave such large hoof prints.  Deer do not cause people to go missing.  Deer do not take a sacrifice every year.

-If you go to Coney Island during the day, people tell you to leave before dark.  At dark, the amusement park comes to life.  At night, time has no meaning, and people from everywhere visit Coney Island.  Time has no meaning on Coney Island.

-The vendors on the streets of Manhattan try to sell you things as you walk by.  Here’s one man selling purses that he promises are genuine.  When you ask genuine what he just smiles at you.  The food vendors tell you to try the hot dogs, they’re real.  You think you see blood dripping from below the cart.

-You go to the village and you see a man in a hat, smoking a cigarette.  You keep walking and you see the same man.  You see the same man again on the street corner.  They can’t all be the same man.  Now that you think of it, how did you get here 

-When you use the train, you think you hear noises underground.  No one else can hear them.  But as you read the train to work, you hear the noises, growling deep below the tracks.

-When the summers roll around, the beaches of Long Island are crowded with people.  Some of them are women, who don’t move all day, who always look wet and glow even though they don’t go into the water, women who watch the men on the beach like a lion watches its prey

-The weather man says it’s going to be sunny, but it rains today.  In another city it snows, in another it hails, and upstate, you hear reports that the roads have frozen over.  It’s March.  What is the weather today

-When you go upstate, there are miles between each house.  You have to drive 2 hours to get to the nearest town.  That’s okay.  It’s nice to be alone.  It’s nice to be alone with yourself.  But if you are so alone, why is there a knock at the door right now.

-Penn station is so crowded.  You are being pushed out of the station by a sea of people.  In front of you there’s a woman in a flapper dress.  Next to you, a man is wearing a shirt and a fedora.  Behind you, a girl in bellbottom jeans with flowers in her hair pushes into you.  You’re not sure what the year is anymore.