The Black sisters. ★

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“Andromeda married Ted Tonks and was subsequently disowned and burned off the family tapestry by her aunt, parents and sisters. Statements by her sisters indicate that both of them cut off contact with Andromeda because they considered her a blood traitor for her marriage.“


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“after she married the muggle-born ted, andromeda was disowned and both her sisters cut off all contact with her.”


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“They are considered to be beautiful people, being tall, thin, and having attractive features. The traditional look for most of the Black family is black hair and dark eyes with some exceptions, such as Narcissa Malfoy née Black who has blonde hair and blue eyes and Andromeda Tonks née Black having light brown eyes and brown hair.”


                                     ❝     Shut your mouth!
                                   You dare speak his name with  
                            your unworthy lips , you dare besmirch it
                                    with your half-blood’s tongue?     ❞ 

━Bellatrix Black ♠


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