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Can we take a moment to appreciate how the one thing Bellamy has structured his entire life around, “My sister, my responsibility.”, is crashing down around him and he doesn’t know what to do. He just poisoned his very own sister. Sure, they have had their differences in the past, but nothing like this. Bellamy spent the last six years of his life waiting to finally return to his sister. He came to the ground, fully anticipating Octavia to welcome him home with open arms after they had made peace with one another over the radio in Praimfaya.

After hearing the transmission through the prisoner ship, he went into full protective brother mode, under the impression he would be saving Octavia from terrorists. He comes to the ground, Clarke still alive after having believed her to be dead for two thousand days, and in reality, having to save his sister from herself rather than a new vengeful enemy. His world is quite literally crumbling at his feet, and has now put every basic instinct he has had since a child of being his sister’s keeper to the side in order to save Clarke. The. Woman. Who. He. Loves.  

Realization of the extremes he will go to, to not lose Clarke again are dawning on him as he watches his sister lying motionless in bed. You can see the panic begin to settle in as he is left alone with Clarke, the reason he put his sister in a coma. He is frantic, fearing that Octavia won’t wake from this, that it won’t bring them to peace, that it was all for nothing, and at what cost?

As he quickly begins to lose all sense of stability, and the tide doused in pain and doubt threatens to consume him, Clarke is right there, giving him reassurance and her immediate support, even after six years of being apart.

Clarke can see she’s starting to lose him, so she offers a shaky, “Hey”, reeling him back in before the horizon engulfs him. Just that one, simple word, and his eyes are drawn back down to hers. No barrier of time, love, or war can tear these two apart. Regardless of how many days, months, years they went unaware that the other was very much alive and real, they still can bring each other home with a single breath. One word, and he’s ready to face whatever obstacles lie ahead. Together.

It is only when Bellamy’s eyes meet hers once again, that he is able to stifle the weightlessness he feels. Six years, and she is still his constant. Six years, and she is the one who knows how to keep him grounded. Six years, and she is still entirely and magnificently, his center of gravity.

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Bob was asked what the best episodes for Bellarke fans are and he said episodes 4, 8, and especially the finale. If they really have their first kiss/confession in episode 8 omg...

Wait. Wait. That’s not all he said.

Peep that. “ep 4 (which we saw, GOOD) ep 8 (reunion? kiss? IDK) AND EVERYTHING AFTER THAT UNTIL EP 13 and especially the season finale.”

emphasis and flailing mine. 

Let me readjust my speculation based on the trailer and this new statement from Bellamy. (please note. he is not avoiding talking about bellarke. he’s saying the season 5B is good for bellarke.)

So. Clarke and Bellamy and Echo and the rest of spacekru return to Polis with Wonkru where Diyoza offers them peace if they stop fighting. Some of wonkru try to defect and go to Eden and Octavia kills them, causing a rift between Bellamy and Octavia. Meanwhile, Octavia is bonding with Madi (do not trust) and something that, I’m guessing, puts Madi at risk happens with Gaia, leading Clarke to hold her at knife point. Clarke now has to leave because she’s an enemy of wonkru. I speculate that she will not leave with Bellamy, although she might leave with some of the people of wonkru who want out. We don’t know who that is yet, because we haven’t gotten enough of the bunker to know. We still have tearful talk with Echo and Clarke. That MIGHT be before she leaves. If so, Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy might be revealed, even if B/E continues on. It might not though. It might be a later scene.

I do not think Bellamy will leave yet. His story isn’t done with Octavia. I think we’ll see her be even more ruthless in Exit Wounds, and he’ll stay to understand, stand up, kick her ass… whatever else is happening. Lots probably. We’ll learn more about the bunker and if Octavia is redeemable or if she’s been lost to Blodreina. 

When he finds out Clarke is gone, it’s going to be really hard for him, even though he still has Echo, and he’s not going to understand why it’s so hard. Or maybe he’s denying it. I’m still thinking that Echo will call him on his self deception. The “Exit Wounds” are Clarke leaving and POSSIBLY B/E breaking up. Did you know the exit wounds caused by a bullet leaving the body are sometimes much MUCH worse than the entry wounds.  Also, the break of Bellamy’s relationship with Octavia as he sees what he become. LOTS of pain for Bellamy.

But the titles usually refer to more than one storyline. So chances are we’ll see some actual physical exit wounds. Like when O has the deserters shot. Oh and leaving Wonkru actually turns out to be worse than staying, because she’ll kill you. (geebus octavia wtf?) Maybe we’ll see it with Emori, Murphy, Raven, Shaw etc? idk. 


So. Bellarke separation in 5.06. 5.07 will be about figuring out the new situation, in Eden for Clarke (did I say I think she’s going to Eden? Because I do. She gets to be with her mom. we’ll learn more about her life and the bunker life through that reunion. maybe even the dark year, since O won’t let anyone talk about it. (geebus octavia wtf?) Meanwhile Bellamy and spacekru will be sorting out wonkru and themselves, Bellamy will choose spacekru over wonkru, which will make him the enemy. And then they are going to have to leave, too.

So 5.07 should be about sorting the two serpents out and spacekru’s place there. 

I think 5.08 will be a reunion, bellarke and spacekru. Because now we have half of spacekru who’s been sussing out wonkru, and half of spacekru sussing out eligius. When they come together it will be clear that they’re all fucked. And they don’t want that.

OKAY. So I’m tying up my Bellarke speculation to the plot… which was always going to happen. Part of why it was hard to speculate because it was going to depend on the wars and other characters and the impending apocalypse (part 3?) But now we’re getting into the meat.

So while they’re having their plot spacekru family reunion, and I believe Clarke and Madi will now be included in the spacekru family. Let’s call it the Bellarke family now. So while they’re having their Bellarke family reunion and trying to find a way out of this dumbass war over the last bit of survivable land with the last few hundred human beings on earth (FUCKING DUMBASSES) there will be our emotional Bellarke reunion. Listen. I don’t know if the emotional reunion will be the physical reunion where they’re finally in the same place again, or if they emotional reunion that we’ve all been waiting for will be after the business of war is taken care of and they get a moment alone to face their feelings.


This is it. 

What happens? How far they go? kiss/confession/sex. Pick one or all three. I am tending towards all three. Or possibly kiss/sex without confession. BECAUSE.

Not only was ep 8 good for Bellarke, but ALSO and ESPECIALLY ep 13. What I believe is going to happen now, is that the emotional turmoil and upheaval and turbulence is going to be focused on 5A, with B/E, wonkru, separation, war, torture, heartbreak. I think after 8 Bellarke will be together. Maybe in secret, especially if Echo is still with them (although she might have stayed with Octavia, we don’t know, it depends on how that all shakes out.) I think there will still be fights, but I think the questions of loyalty may not last for the whole season as people start making choices. 

Eventually, we see Bellamy change into warrior clothes. So this is after a decision has been made. I’m still on my exodus theory as Bellarkekru realizes they can’t stop the serpents from fighting. And I think Bellarke will confirm that they are together to everyone, make it public, make a public commitment and promise, and declare their family A FAMILY. And then as they reunite their family, they’ll lose the war, lose Eden and be cast out, but they’ll have each other.

Except I think they’ll find somewhere to survive and that’s where Shanon Kook comes in. He’ll be from the new land (on earth or in space idk.)

So. Canon Bellarke ep8. Confirmation of Bellarke as an established couple ep13. Some terrible terrible loss and sorry in ep13 that I hope established couple Bellarke can ease. HOPE in the darkness. I think. I hope. Rising from the ashes. A life that’s about more than just survival. A people who deserve to survive. 

This is season 5. JR has said that he could finish the story in 5 seasons or 7. If 5 ends this way, it would be an echo of The Divine Comedy aka Dante’s Inferno, where our heroes go through hell and come out the other end. Also the 5 act story structure, which, if he goes with making it a tragedy, will end in death and destruction. And if he goes with making it a comedy, will end in our heroes together in happiness. And I have the suspicion that he’s going for BOTH a tragedy and a comedy. So the post apocalyptic survival show will be the tragedy, but the story of The 100 and Bellarke will be the comedy WITHIN the tragedy as they find a way out of the destruction. Just like sending the drop ship to earth was seen as a last ditch, certain death effort to stop the death of the Ark, and ended up being the key to salvation and making Clarke and Bellamy the heroes of the story. They got the way out. They got the story. The Ark ended, but our heroes kept going. Hope in the darkness. 

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I am terrified, TERRIFIED, that the ultimate resolution for this is going to be "after 6 years, we just need to get to know each other again". If all that "Clarke's not here!" and "I'm not leaving anyone behind again" doesn't actually get brought up TO Clarke, I give up on everything. Bellamy has shown how deeply leaving her behind affected him to everyone BUT Clarke. Him not begging her for forgiveness in 5.04 only makes sense if it explodes out of him later.

Idk if it helps but personally I am zero percent worried at all that we aren’t heading full steam directly towards a major emotional blowup of some kind between them. 

My read on the both of them is that they’re both very carefully containing themselves around each other to not rock the boat as they find their footing with each other. I feel like 504/505 were all about establishing that when push comes to shove, underneath everything else, they instinctively have each other’s backs and fall right back into sync. Sure they aren’t talking about the big stuff, they’re right back in the deep end of a major situation but they still immediately snap back into Clarke and Bellamy: A Unit mode. It isn’t until the very end of 505 when the obvious physical evidence of how much each of them has changed in the jump comes literally running back into their arms that we start to see any friction between them and their priorities. 

Jump to 506 and the focus switches to the friction. They both send the ep focused on their separate priorities and we get a couple of instances of them butting heads over that. We also see the two characters growing increasingly more and more stressed out, overwhelmed and wrong-footed by the events around them and the people they care about being removed from their orbit/influence/understanding one by one. 

Based on a general gut feeling bolstered by the 508 episode summary, I think we’re going to see more and more of that friction simmering into a boil over the course of 507 and it’s going to boil over in 508 and turn into some kind of explosive, emotional…idk if confrontation is the right word but definitely Event between Clarke and Bellamy and though I’m really working hard on the art of keeping my expectations low, I cannot help but hope for a Hakeldama 2.0 where all of the steadily building Too Muchness comes to a head and Shit Gets Real between the two of them.

Idk about the specific items on your wishlist (Bellamy’s unwillingness to leave people behind has already been pretty thoroughly established and personally I don’t think it’s necessary for Bellamy to beg for Clarke’s forgiveness–he did what she wanted him to do and he knew and has had six years to process and make peace with that–so imo both of those things would be a retread of ground already covered and this season has been admirably efficient with its emotional character beats)

(that said, in my heart of hearts, I dream of an expression of regret “every night I save you” style and Clarke explaining that every night he did save her because talking to him kept her sane and if I think too hard about how their fireside convo in 505 set that up my heart starts doing stuff and I start making this panting whimpery noise)

(*pants* *whimpers* *keens*)

Sorry, totally lost the plot there. ANYWAY, the point is, there is exactly zero doubt in my mind that Something Is Coming.


season 5 bellarke crumbs meals?  / /  (164 / ?)

a.k.a. …diyoza? diyoza. DIYOZA. DIYOZA??? HELLO???????

a.a.k.a. i’m not saying colonel charmaine diyoza’s plan to win the war is to use bellamy and clarke against each other to get them to cooperate

a.a.a.k.a. but i am saying… the possibility is right there. just… a little to the left… yeah, right there


Who wants a few thoughts about the pictures Jason dropped today, because I have them?

These are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Unfortunately for JRoth he unwittingly gave us an Episode number (S5 episode 5. Thanks to SpoilerTV we know that Episode 505 is supposed to be titled “Shifting Sands” (of course these are production titles and can change), but it does seem as if they are 1. in a sandy background (thanks @octanakin) and b, shifting sands is also used as a metaphor for something/one that is unpredictable and/or constantly changes (this could be very relevant to Octavia’s character/mindset this Season based on the little bit of BTS information we do have. 

My first thought (and the one I like the most) is that this still shows the initial Blake siblings reunion after their 6 year separation. Unfortunately, not everyone looks very happy. My best guess is (based on this being a “5″ episode w/potential “5″ parallel potential is the following:

Octavia murders someone just as Bellamy and Clarke catch up with her. Octavia is happy to see her brother, but both Clarke and Bellamy are a bit unnerved by her actions. I did a quick rewatch of the Flarke reunion scene in 205, to compare and contrast and found some similarities in facial expressions here:

Clarke in 505 as compared to Bellamy in 205 when they enter the village just after Finn has killed everyone. Both have the narrowed eyed look of concern, mouths slightly open: 

Same for Finn in 205 and Octavia in 505, we only get a side profile of Octavia, but even here the expressions are similar. Mouth slightly agape, both looking a bit wonder/awestruck:

And again, same with Clarke in 205 and Bellamy in 505. This is only a side profile and he doesn’t look terrified like Clarke does, but this expression isn’t exactly what I’d imagine one would look like after seeing their sister for the first time in 6 years. He looks more worried/concerned, than happy/pleased. 

I do have a second possible theory, keeping in mind that my timeline for the Season thus far looks like this:

501: Mostly flashbacks so we know how our characters got to the places they’ll be in when the 6 years later really gets heavy (especially as we know JRoth doesn’t want to spend too much time in the past) with maybe 10-15 minutes of “current day” at the end of the episode. 

502: Clarke and SS7 could reunite this episode. 

503: Very Bunker focused. I also believe Jaha dies this episode (it’s the last episode Isaiah Washington filmed based on his tweets-he hasn’t been back in Vancouver since this episode wrapped). I suspect this is also when Clarke and/or SS7 get to the Bunker (either together or separately and meet there) and uncover it.

504: If Clarke and SS7 don’t reunite in 502, they would reunite here. If 505 is the Blake reunion episode this would be very focused on SS7 and Clarke reuniting, with minimal Bunker focus until the end. If not 504 is the Blake reunion. We did see Bellamy and Clarke standing with Miller and someone I assume to be an Eligius crew member in Polis and they looked like they were getting ready to travel somewhere (Note the backpacks):

This is when the possible second theory comes into play:

505 has SS7 (some or all) leaving with some of Bunker crew (Miller, Octavia, etc) and some of Eligius and Clarke to go find food (I’m focusing on JRoth’s “there’s nowhere good to eat in Polis” caption here). They wind up in/near a desert, Aaron Ginsburg did tweet about having to write about/for a group walking through a desert: 

So they’re walking through the desert and they are separated/attacked and Octavia winds up saving them in a particularly gruesome manner and then she comes to check on Bellamy, and both Clarke and Bellamy are confused/horrified/worried/concerned about what they see. I am convinced this scene is not a happy reunion that we are probably meant to believe it is because the background of the scene, and Octavia’s hair and makeup in the still released today, are the exact same as they are in the still JRoth released on Dec 18th:

with the following caption: “This was the expression I got from @iamAvgeropoulos when I told her no trailer before the winter break. It’s Octavia’s “someone’s gonna die” face. You’re gonna see a lot more of it soon. #The100 #The100season5″

It stands to reason then, that this two scenes are connected and someone dies in this scene. 

This is all I have for now, but…if you have any thoughts feel free to add!!!

Bellarke and THOSE over the shoulder shots.

All season, we’ve had many, many shots of Clarke from over Bellamys shoulder.

Right from the very first reunion hug, they shot her face from over his shoulder. But at this point they are facing each other.

It’s only after he tries to get her to open up at the campfire, and she doesn’t,

the shots are then filmed from over his shoulder, but his back is turned to her. (Or could it be the arrival of his girlfriend?)

Anyway, there’s a lot of them. She’s always there, that’s the way they chose to frame it, as if she’s always in the back of his mind.

We all know the infamous over Bellamys shoulder shot of Clarke, reacting to the first time she sees Bellamy and Echo kiss.

Then there’s Clarke making a deal with Diyoza in 5x07:

They also film her from over his shoulder as he walks away from her in 5x09, leaving her screaming for him as he’s on his way to give Madi the flame.

They use it a lot. But he never turns back to look at her.

Not until this moment.

Above, here Clarke is again, over Bellamys shoulder in 5x13. This is when Madi decides to go and talk to him. And then she tells him. About the radio calls, about how much Clarke cares, and finally, he turns to look at her.

He’s finally ready to look at her, and acknowledge that she’s always there, in the back of his mind.

Again, as time is running out and they are waiting for their friends, as Clarke calls for him, they film her over his shoulder. Again, he turns to look at her, and tells her exactly why he can’t go. He can’t do it again. It was too painful.

Later, when they’re safe, he lets her know she’s forgiven and asks her to come to the bridge. But as he walks away, again, he looks back over his shoulder at her.

Like he wants to say something.

And again, once more, on the bridge, there she is. She’s there because he asked her to be. He needs her there.

And the final ending shot, over both their shoulders, of their new world. Bellamy is the one that brings her in towards him.

Sorry for the crappy screenshots, but I thought this was worth throwing out there, it’s a very interesting framing choice! If anyone finds any more let me know, I’ll add them to the list!

I’m in a super Bellarke Conversation/Headcanon Mood...

So I really should be editing my novel, but you know what? I want to talk about Bellarke. I have a total of ONE friend who likes The 100 as much as I do, but I don’t think she’s as into Bellarke as I am. I’m also super into talking about everything about this show, and how amazing it is. Also, this may be due to the fact I binge listened to @metastation, so there is also that…

Anyways, I want to talk about something that people seem to overlook A LOT. I’m an English major, and when I was watching the first three episodes with my fellow English Major friend, we noticed something we were learning about in our Arthurian Legend class. Now, I have to explain this term before I go into it. My professor, Karl, had this term called eye beams. What this is, is when two people share a look that is so intense, it almost ignites something in them. So why am I bringing this up? The reason I bring this up is because when we were watching 1x02 and Clarke fell into the grounder spike pit, there were eye beams

(Image credit to @braveprincessrebelking)

I watched a clip of this scene tonight, and the staring goes back and forth for about eight seconds. IT IS INSANE. Putting things together, foreshadowing wise, makes me think that the writers have been building Bellarke since the very first episode. The enemies to friends to lovers trope is something done all the time. But the thing I find so intriguing about Bellamy and Clarke is their dynamics. They have one of the most well-developed friendships I’ve ever seen on TV (I like to forget the books exist because show Bellarke are 10x more exciting). 

So why did I start in season one? Because season five literally feels like the beginning again. We’re essentially getting a reboot of the show, and I can’t be more excited for it. Both shows I live watch did this (Once Upon a Time), and I’m excited to see where they both go. Though I am more excited about this one because of all the building up to it they did.

One thing I’m most looking forward to is their reunion. I’ve read sooooo many Bellarke fanfics about this, and for some reason they don’t match the headcanon in my head. I tried to write a fanfic about it, but I knew I could never do their characters justice, so I set it aside. Anyways, every time I think about this headcanon, I get little butterflies in my stomach. 

I’m gonna start with what we do know: the radios. We know that this is addressed in the very first episode (Eden). I’ve been reading a lot of fan theories, and they all think that Bellamy knows she’s been radioing. I almost think that’s too easy? Does this make sense? In order to create a bigger reaction between Bellamy and Clarke, I’d almost have him not know she’s alive. Not knowing someone is alive, and finding out they are, is way more satisfying (as the viewer/reader) than knowing. Because if Bellamy knows she’s alive as soon as his boot hits the grass, he’ll know he’s looking for Clarke and Madi. Whereas if they don’t know whether or not the other is alive, it creates this tension, an excited one, for all parties (Bellamy, Clarke, and the viewer). 

How do I picture it going? I’m gonna reference Wanheda: Part 2 (3x02).

Originally posted by bellarkeskebab

I almost picture their reunion (somewhere between 5x01 and 5x05) something similar to 3x02. The look of relief on Bellamy’s face when he sees Clarke is as clear as day. He immediately relaxes when he sees Clarke, and he lets his guard down, forgetting that her kidnapper is around. I picture something like this when they reunite. Obviously not in the same scenario (RIP Roan), but something that parallels it.

This is how I picture it going (in script format)

I don’t even know if I wrote that with justice, but I almost picture him with the most disbelief anyone can muster. That is how I picture that reunion, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the next season. Things like this keep me going. 

I’ve rambled on long enough haven’t I? If you want more of these posts, feel free to message me suggestions on any other headcanons/Bellarke theory you wish :) I love talking theory. I’m an English major, I’m supposed to like that stuff.

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Do u guys think bellarke will become canon romantically ?? I ship them but i kind of lost hope @abazethe100

More so than ever before.

Just look at the last scene of season 4. it was a love letter from Clarke Griffin to Bellamy Blake. It was Clarke Griffin sending her love (via radio) for SIX years to Bellamy Blake. This is not “ship baiting.” This is The Story. It is the cliffhanger for the whole season. It was specifically NOT “hey you guys up in space I miss you and am lonely and wish i could be part of the family.” It was “BELLAMY, I call you every day to stay sane. Where are YOU? oh btw tell Raven…” She is not ignoring the presence of the rest of her friends, it’s just that Bellamy comes first and he’s the one she maintains that link to, for herself. 

This is actual canon. 

JR has confirmed something that a lot of us already knew: The 100 is the story of Clarke Griffin and her relationship to Bellamy Blake. We knew this because this is the story that they have been telling the entire time, since the pilot episode. 

The fandom is where people have cast doubt upon the story, the narrative, the canon. 

The CANON is telling the story of Bellarke.

It has been their intention the whole time. Was there a guarantee that they were going to reach endgame? No, because the show could have been pulled off the air at any moment for the last 5 years, but it wasn’t. And now, with the development of the last two seasons, and a new season that will START off with the Bellarke reunion, and develop from that connection that both Clarke and Bellamy feel for each other– separately, and getting to know each other again and…. well, where does anything go from there? I say canon romance.

I’d also like to remind you that, while this show is NOT a romance, which means it does not focus on romantic connections as it’s main plot, it IS about love and about how those connections between people make life more bearable in the apocalypse and give people something to fight for, as well as strength to carry on. Love has been a BIG story… just not always romance. Clarke’s connection with Bellamy allowed her to survive the apocalypse and keep her sanity, as did her connection with Madi. A child. Who needed to be cared for. But her connection with Bellamy offered something more than just basic survival.

Now, is it possible that Clarke and Bellamy’s love won’t become romantic?


Okay, well, there’s like a .5% chance that it won’t become romantic. 

This is a romance. It didn’t start out romantically, it was a slow build but the seeds were always there and I’m pretty sure they had it, if not planned as endgame, then at least set up as a distinct possibility. The development has ALWAYS put them together in a way to intensify their relationship.

Why? Because it’s Clarke and Bellamy’s story and they’ve been developing their separate characters as well as their relationship. They have gotten closer every single season. Even in the seasons where it looks like they are over. Even when they are separated. Even when they have other love interests. 

Why? Because they’ve been slowly developing a relationship that is describing love, descriptor by descriptor. Respect. Trust. Mutuality. Understanding. Communication. Friendship. Belief. Devotion. Partnership. Intimacy. Centering. Need. Care. Vulnerability. Commitment. Honesty. They have held off on making it a physical relationship while suggesting that there is also a physical connection whose intimacy scares them. They put each other first. 

Why? Because the narrative, cinematic, visual and musical story they are telling is just straight up romantic. Maybe the plot isn’t romantic, but they way they film them and the allusions they make and the music they play and the edits they cut, and the symbolism they use… this is all ROMANTIC. Just follow the close ups on their hands. When Bellamy and Clarke are together and they start touching, the journey of their touches, particularly their hand/wrist touches shows an ACTUAL progression of intimacy. ALL the way to Praimfaya. This is not me shipping. Each one of those elements are actual professional modes of storytelling with academic weight to them. People STUDY how to tell a romance story. And they are ALL using romantic tropes from their fields to tell the romantic story of Clarke and Bellamy even while the main plot tells a different story. This is not a coincidence. The filmmakers are building a subconscious, subtextual love story within the action apocalypse. There is plausible deniability. “It’s not a romance,” because the main plot is NOT. And it’s not part of the romance genre. But it is Clarke and Bellamy’s love story. A very slow one.

Why? Because Clarke sacrificed everything for Bellamy’s life. And not only once, but multiple times where each time she picked Bellamy, she was sacrificing more and more people until she was putting all of humanity at risk JUST for him. This is not just a partnership. This is not just platonic love. This is not even just mild love. She sacrificed EVERYONE she loved in the past for her people or for humanity. But not him. 

Also that cliffhanger with Bellamy and Clarke separated and Clarke pining away for him? TOTAL romantic trope. People keep yelling at me about The Notebook, which I’ve neither read nor watched. I see Persuasion. Take a look at a hundred fan fiction stories with Clarke and Bellamy separated for years before they are reunited, always keeping that love pushed down over the intervening years until they met again and it came back full force, stronger than before. I wrote one myself a couple years ago and Clarke was separated off alone for 10 years, trying to survive while Bellamy built a life with the delinquents. She even came back a mom. I called it Coming Home. It’s still one of my favorites. I’m excited for this version of Coming Home that will be canon and set in the apocalypse on my tv come 2018. Yeah baby. 

what say you, @abazethe100 ? I think you have a different opinion on this than i do.

 I have been unapologetically pro canon romantic bellarke since 3.05 when it was was its absolute bleakest. I’m not backing down now that it’s even closer.

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up


I have a thought:

so we know from the trailer for 5x13 that shadow valley is going to be destroyed


we also know that there will be a major bellarke scene in the finale.

& (thanks to some tumblr blogs) the Clarke hallucination scene from s1 resurfaced.

a scene in which Clarke has a drawing of a forest behind her w what seems to be her & Bellamy kissing in the trees

we know that drawings on this show are typically foreshadowing (ex: when s1 Clarke had a drawing of polis behind her before she knew about it in the same scene as above & Lincoln’s drawings of a mushroom cloud shown before raven blew up the bridge)

if the drawing was meant to foreshadow something, my guess is it would be shadow valley as it is a forested landscape that is essential to the plot.

our last scene with shadow valley is next episode.

this might be the last time we ever see the same type of landscape that was in that drawing ever again.

meaning that if bellarke is going to kiss.

it would be next episode

I’m just saying

okay but madi knows how to fight and she knows how to fight well enough that clarke was Extremely Concerned that wonkru would see that and think she should be commander

which means that spacekru weren’t the only ones training for six years which means that clarke knows how to fight, too

tl;dr if we get a 3x04 parallel where clarke challenges octavia to a duel and bellamy flips shit and clarke says “you haven’t seen me fight” i’m gonna lose it

“I bear it so they don’t have to”

Okay, so that scene was a little random, but hear me out:

We were all so “ughhhh Cl/exa AGAIN?” that we all forgot that CLARKE’S mind bonded with the Flame in 3x16 when she went into the City of Light. So not only does Madi have the memories of all the past Commanders, she also has all of Clarke’s memories.

And she chose to quote a line straight from a Bellarke scene, right before Clarke kisses Bellamy’s cheek, hugs him, and leaves Arkadia.

Guys, Madi knows Clarke’s feelings. She’s Bellamy’s #1 fan and knows her mom had fights with her ex girlfriend about how she cared for Bellamy more.

Maybe someone’s already talked about this, but…I don’t think we’ve seen this yet. Their reunion wasn’t that tearful, nor was the angsty tears from this last episode, at least in my opinion.

My guess?

This is the scene where they finally talk about what has happened in 5.09 and all the things that haven’t been spoken of yet.

(Either that, or someone important has died.)

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Hi rosy! I hope you have a great week :) Something I thought was interesting was how Bellamy found out about Clarke’s radio calls, and that information had a huge impact on the way he acted around her. However, Clarke and Bellamy did not seem to sit down and talk about that information. Do you think a conversation between the two of them about the radio calls is still likely in season 6? I think that conversation would be what “sets them over the edge” where they can’t deny their feelings.

Hmm. I do not know.

I’m not sure we’ll see that. But it’s hard to tell, because if season 5 had us watching as Clarke and Bellamy each came to grips with their feelings for the other, it was WITHOUT talking about it at all, and in fact, it was while AVOIDING it. They both avoided sharing information with the other that would reveal their romantic and/or intense devotion/love for the other. 

They HAD conversations. “How did you survive all this time alone?” He asked. “I wasn’t alone,” she said, avoided telling him how she talked to him for 2199 days and it kept her sane, “I had Madi.”

And then later, after Bellamy came to to Octavia to save Clarke, and Octavia said, “Here we go again, begging for the life of another traitor… WHO YOU LOVE,” and Bellamy didn’t beg at all, but poisoned her, not for his family, but in his words, “I can’t let you kill Clarke.” And yet, Bellamy let Clarke think that he poisoned Octavia FOR HIS FAMILY. When it was explicitly FOR CLARKE, another traitor who he loves. The other traitor, however, was sent away on a suicide mission. This one, he couldn’t let die. No debate. No begging. 

I mean. It took a whole season for the revelation of 2199 calls to come out. 13 episodes. From finale to finale. That’s how important it was, that it left us with a cliffhanger about the bellarke relationship. TWICE. 

THIS time, we have to ask when Clarke is going to find out that he knows Bellamy knows about the 2199 calls. But we also have to ask when Clarke is going to find out about WHY he poisoned Octavia. 

Honestly, Clarke and Bellamy’s feelings for each other used to kind of be on a private level. Others SAW it, but only characters who were at odds, on some level with them,  the antagonists, ever said anything. RavenALIE, AbbyALIE, Roan, Jaha, Finn, Lxa, meaning they could deny it as a tactic or power play. Having Madi and Octavia get involved with the Bellarke relationship, and MAYBE Monty and Harper, in waking only them up first, means that for the first time, other people from their inner circle are getting involved in their feelings for each other. it’s not that they didn’t see it, or ALIE wouldn’t have gone there, but they never got involved. 

TBH last season, I thought we’d get the 2199 calls reveal pretty early on. I guess because I didn’t feel like it was that big a deal. Because to me the love was already canon. But when Clarke refused to speak of it, then I realized that it WAS being treated as a big deal. In some ways, the biggest deal. Not because it’s about survival… but because it’s about MORE than just survival… which is where we’ve been trying to get since episode 1. Book 1 was about survival. I think book 2 is going to be about living. I will be really excited if it is. I think they’re setting it up to be. As part of the post-apocalyptic genre, rebuilding is important. LIVING. And with Monty and Harper’s good life passing before our eyes, and their entreaties to Bellarke to live a good life and be the good guys, and JR’s statement that they, Clarke especially, will try to be the good guys, it sounds like that’s where they are going. 

Okay. It feels like I’ve gone off topic. But I haven’t.

See here’s the thing. For 5 seasons, The 100 has been about survival, trauma, and Bellarke. Yes it most certainly has. That’s why they ended up together at the end of book 1. It is not a love story with the background of survival. It is not a survival story with the backstory of a love story. The love story of Bellarke is HOW they survive. TOGETHER is how they survive. Nothing works unless they are working together. Bellarke being together is the symbolic center of the characters working together. The two opposites, yin yang, the enemies who can find common ground and become partners, soulmates. Better together.

Right?  But a big part of that story is about the STRUGGLE of bringing them together and the things pulling them apart. Clarke and Bellamy have been separated EVERY SINGLE SEASON. By serious, life and/or relationship threatening obstacles. They have ALWAYS been on opposite sides, even when they had the same goals. Partly because they come at solutions to their common problems from different directions. The head and the heart. 

With season 5, we’ve had Clarke and Bellamy each adopting the OTHER’S strength into their perspective, to the extreme perhaps. They are circling around each other, now that they’ve integrated the head AND the heart into themselves, they are the yin yang.

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Now at the end of s5, they are finally back together, as partners at the beginning of a new life.

So, what we SHOULD see in s5 is Clarke and Bellamy finding a balance of light and dark, head and heart, living and survival… because that is what they were doing over the six year time jump. Coming back together took some circling around each other to find that balance. THAT’S why they didn’t talk! THAT’S why they DID talk ABOUT each other, to VERY important people in their lives. Bellamy talked to Madi. Clarke talked to Echo, Bellamy talked to Octavia, Clarke talked to Lxa. The essential people in their lives. The people they love most. ABOUT HOW THEY LOVE EACH OTHER ABOVE EVERYTHING AND AT A DEEPER LEVEL. Holy crap. CIRCLING around the topic. 

These conversations ARE NOT DONE. The secrets are not done. Two people are still in the dark about these love declarations.

1. Echo. She doesn’t know that bellamy loves Clarke. She doesn’t know that Clarke loves Bellamy. She is going to find out about that, either from Bellamy, from madi, from octavia (all of whom know at least part of the story) or from observation. I suspect a combination of all parts involved.

2. Clarke. She does not know that Bellamy loves her. She is certain he loves Echo. She saw it. She said it. She gave it her blessing. She’s a good girl at heart. But Bellamy knows he loves her. And Octavia knows he loves her, and knows he poisoned her for Clarke. 

How Clarke finds out is a bigger question. Is it going to be the whole season again? Dear lord I hope not. But I don’t know their intentions for the season, if it’s about keeping Bellarke apart again as it has been for 5 seasons, or if we’ve FINALLY found their balance. As is POSSIBLE. And since it’s book 2, they have the freedom to change that theme up.

It could be that Bellamy comes clean and is honest with her and direct about his feelings, but… that’s not really Bellamy’s style, is it? He’s kind of an action guy, he shows his love by saving people, and fighting them (like murphy) and pushing them, (like raven,) and telling them how great they are, (like emori,) and reassuring their fears, (like echo,)  and making grand statements about changing the world and being better, (like madi.) He does not go,  “yeah so hey I love you.” 

That makes it more likely that Bellamy might pull back from Echo, because he DOES know he’s in love with Clarke and that’s not fair to Echo. And he still loves Echo. So what would the action there be? Avoid Echo, Avoid Clarke both? Or keep both platonic, because switching from Echo to Clarke immediately would SUCK for Echo. And for Clarke frankly. She’s not a rebound. So this would be CONTINUED denying his feelings.

However Echo responds to Clarke and Bellamy as partners, to Bellamy’s immediate forgiveness of Clarke, to Bellamy’s withdrawal from her (which we have honestly already seen on the screen,) it seems like there will be tension between Clarke/Bellamy/Echo, making Clarke and Bellamy less willing to be open about their feelings.

BUT DO NOT FRET. There is still Octavia, who knows what happened when she was poisoned and FOR WHOM. And she canonically hates Echo, and has been known to tell Clarke the whatfor. And ALREADY called Bellamy on his love for Clarke AND Echo. AND we have Madi spilling Clarke’s secrets to Bellamy, so I am leaning towards an Octavia who is vindictive towards Echo and apologetic towards Clarke and a bratty little sister towards Bellamy, spilling Bellamy’s secrets to Clarke. 

This show tries hard to equalize Bellamy and Clarke in this show. If Clarke gets a real love like Lxa, Bellamy gets a real love like Echo. If Bellamy betrays Clarke, Clarke betrays Bellamy. If Bellamy gets the secret of how Clarke feels from the girl (the child who she loves) who is closest to her, then to keep them IN BALANCE, it seems likely that Clarke will get the secret of how Bellamy feels from the girl (the child who he loves) who is closest to him.

Listen. I should have just answered “no i don’t think they’ll talk about it,” but instead I had to think about and I took you through my thought process.

The answer is, “No I don’t think they’ll talk about it.” That doesn’t fit the complexities of the story, the entanglements of the love triangle, The importance of Clarke and Bellamy’s OTHER attachments, one of whom is a main character and a big part of the plot, and borderline antagonistic, which means a trouble maker, and who is holding this secret… which means she has power in this situation. And seeing as she is motivated to do something about it and IN CANON likes power too much. 

Biotch. Octavia is going to spill. And it’s going to be at a moment to make it dramatic and possibly ruin someone else’s plans or maybe not. Maybe to force Clarke’s hand to go to Bellamy or cut Echo out or DO SOMETHING GOSHDANGIT. Like what Madi did, which did not affect the plot, but DID affect the Bellarke story. Which is how we ended. Together. Or maybe Octavia will be vindictive and will tell Echo why Bellamy poisoned her. Which is a slightly different story but will end with the same outcome. And probably would cause more conflict, which MIGHT mean that’s how it will go. Setting up Echo against Clarke. Although that would be that catty female thing and I’m not sure they are doing that. But maybe she’ll be like Raven, and back out. IDK. Interesting.

The things keeping Bellarke apart are misunderstandings. And Madi laid it out. We still have misunderstandings on board. And secrets to be told.

THAT’S coming before any open conversations between Clarke and Bellamy, I think.

edited to add: there’s also the possibility of madi telling clarke that she told bellamy about her calls, but if he doesn’t DO anything after that, it might make her sure he doesn’t return her feelings. so it might depend on his ability to TELL her, which he’s never been able to do.

Octavia spent her developmental years with only 2 people, Killed hundreds of people, witnessed people she either loved or at least respected killed over and over, spent over 6 years with barely any food or water while trying to keep face for hundreds of people. She most likely is suffering from years of untreated PTSD, depression or other mental illnesses. She asked for help, for other solutions and the people closest to her wouldn’t even help. You can actually really see the parts of “old octavia” there and its really interesting to see her character arc this season. She’s such an underappreciated character simply bc people only see her as a plain old villain

That™ Scene AKA Bellamy’s Face Journey

There’s been a lot of spec going around about That™ scene in the rover at the end of 5x12, so I thought I’d write up my interpretation as well. I don’t know how much this post MATTERS anymore, since there are spoilers everywhere, BUT I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT SO YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.

Under the cut! Because it gets a little wordy and it turned into a face journey post. Also, I know we got the script for this scene, but seriously? I’ll just address that below by talking about how not hopeful that face was.

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Can you make a head cannon where Jordan is pestering bellarke about everything that happened on earth and about their relationship please?

twenty questions

“Is it true that you had to battle earth worms that were eating people from the inside out?”

Bellamy sighs and leans his head against the wall. The planet they will soon touch down on is visible through the floor to ceiling window next to them. “Well, it didn’t go down exactly like that.”

Jordan ignores him and jumps into his next question, this one directed at Clarke. “Oh! Is it true that you went up against a giant gorilla and had to hide in an abandoned zoo?”

Clarke laughs. “Yes, Jordan. That one is very true. And it was very scary,” she says with her eyes open wide like she’s telling him a ghost story. Jordan grins and turns back to Bellamy.

“Is it true that you and my dad once went on a rescue mission to get Clarke back from a king?”

This earns Bellamy a smirk from Clarke and he narrows his eyes at her before turning back to Jordan. “Yeah, kid. What can I say? The princess needed saving.”

Clarke gasps dramatically and smacks him on the arm. “What?! If I recall, I was the one that saved your life that day. Not the other way around.”

Jordan raises an eyebrow at Bellamy, who nods. “She begged the king to save my life.”

Clarke flushes, making Bellamy grin over the rim of his coffee cup. Jordan looks between them, his eyebrows furrowed.

“There is one thing mom and dad never told me, though.”

Clarke looks away from Bellamy. “What’s that?”

“He never told me that you two are in love.”

Bellamy chokes on his coffee. “Wh-what?” He looks to Clarke for help but she’s just staring at him with a thoughtful expression. “We’re not…I mean…we’ve never…”

Clarke puts him out of his misery. “We’re not a couple, Jordan. But, and I think I speak for both of us when I say, we love each other very much.”

Bellamy’s mouth feels as dry as a desert. He polishes off the coffee in his mug and sets it on the table. “I think that’s enough for today.” He gives Clarke a nod and a small smile as he walks out of the room.

Jordan follows him out. “She doesn’t know, does she?”

Bellamy sighs. “Know what, kid?” 

“That you love her. As in, you love her love her.”

Bellamy stills and thinks about it for a second, rolls the idea around in his head as he wonders if the kid is right. “How I do or don’t feel about Clarke isn’t important right now. Getting us home is.”

Jordan smiles knowingly when Bellamy nods his goodbye and sets off down the hallway towards the bridge.  

Anyways the writers are going to split up Clarke and Bellamy so that they will finally have a conversation over the radio - and in that conversation Clarke will break down because she has made 2,199 radio calls in a row before this to him where he didn’t answer and she is not used to hearing him answer back. And only because they are physically separated they will tell each other how they feel because the writers know if they were not physically separated they’d jump each other’s bones. 

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Something i just realised : Bellamy will have know Echo for longer that he have know Clarke. And now i'm depressed. When i think about it, i just find it so sad that he has only spend like 2 months cumulated with Clarke

That’s why I think we’re going to see that Love At First Sight dynamic.

Because the truth is that even though Bellamy will have spent 6 years with Echo and Raven and all and only a few months with Clarke, his connection with her is, according to the narrative, which is ABOUT Clarke and her relationship with Bellamy, is deeper. Almost to an unwarranted degree. 6 years vs a few months? What is that.

It’s going to be a lot. 

And while it’s sad for Clarke the most, because she was alone, and Bellamy got to have a life with spacekru, I think it’s going to take Bellarke into an explicitly romantic territory, which is going to be fun for US, the audience. The “platonic” best friends and partners that they were before is going to have that needle scratch moment went it record starts over again and it’s a totally different song. 

Reboot the Bellarke relationship, not just the show.

Reboot it into love at first sight romantic story. 

Do I know this for certain? No of course not. This is my read on how they’ve been telling the Bellarke story for the last four years, how it’s been the central story of the show, no matter the obstacles, how the characters have grown, the depth and richness of the “slow burn” love story and the IMPOSSIBLE obstacle of a 6 year separation. In addition to the time jump they focused most specifically on her 6 years worth of radio calls to Bellamy himself and only him. And don’t forget the change in the marketing and social media and the way the actors and writers are now talking about Bellarke.

It says to me that they are going to go with romantic Bellarke and my deepest wish for the 100 is for them to move from the epic slow burn romance they were telling to the epic conflagration of the deepest Love At First Sight, ever (because it came from the bestfriends/partners/slowburn.) The reboot ALLOWED them to start the bellarke romance over. AND keep the character development. But HOW after 6 years? By using the love at first sight trope. WE’LL still be there with them, because we didn’t have the 6 years to wait (just one) and so that resonance will still be there. They aren’t giving that up.

It’s going to be epic. EPIC. And JR said he wanted epic, didn’t he? An epic love story. Across time and space their love persisted.