Since 20biteen is here, I decided to make a list of my favourite bi characters. 

Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow

Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine Nine

Valkyrie from Thor : Ragnarok

Waverly Earp from Wynonna Earp

Toni Topaz from River(fail)dale

Clarke Griffin from The 100

Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place

Feel free to add to the list.

Bellamy knows that Octavia knows that he loves Clarke! But Clarke doesn’t know that he loves her… or that O knows. Clarke and Madi know about the Dark Year but Octavia doesn’t know that they know and Bellamy doesn’t know at all. Octavia knows that Bellamy poisoned her because he wanted to save Clarke. But Clarke doesn’t know that. Madi knows that Bellamy knows about Clarke’s radio calls. But Clarke doesn’t know that he knows or that she told him. Clarke also doesn’t know how much her „death” affected Bellamy. Also Diyoza and probably Shaw don’t know that Bellamy is with Echo, and they think that he is with Clarke. And there is also Echo… and she fucking doesn’t know anything.