I like how we swore that we weren’t gunna talk about the PSAT in cursive and yet here we are making fun of gay sexual tension between Wanatabe and Mr. Hosokawa, importance of potatoes, and how people don’t know what a fucking cow is.

Alright my dear followers, it’s that time of year again! This is a yearly fundraiser that is done in Mexico and now being done here in the United States for little tots and teens with disabilities, cancer, and autism that need help! In Mexico, there are centers of rehabilitation that known as CRIT. These centers of extremely dedicated to all children with disabilities. Doesn’t matter what race or nationality, they will help you no matter what!!! The first CRIT (being built right as we speak) in the United States will be in Austin, Texas. We don’t have these kinds of programs in the US and we really need it. I know right now many of you aren’t doing so well with money but if you could just holding out your heart and giving like 5 dollars to these kiddies they could have a shot at life. They need this so much, it’s heartbreaking to see them struggle each year. Now you’re probably wondering why I care so much, right? Well, I have a little brother that has autism and it used to be a really advanced type of it. But with the help of this program and the professionals here he was able to recover and live a regular life of the kids of his age. Of course he still have autism since it’s a disorder that doesn’t have a cure. But he’s a happy kid and all the others in Mexico and in the US deserve to lead happy lives as well! So please, with all my heart and soul. As a sister that’s seen it all and as a human being. I could hope and dream that you guys could even try to help this cause out! You will never understand how grateful I’ll be if you guys do. Have a merry christmas and let’s hope these kids do as well. Let’s join together and do this for the kids!!