Okay but I just realized the s3 hug between Bellamy and Clarke is probably the first time he’s been touched softly since Gina, the first time he’s been touched with love since Octavia beat him. He’s grasping and nuzzling into her with such intensity because he’s probably starved for a touch that’s filled with love and care (even if you don’t ship Bellarke romantically, you have to see Clarke at least cares for Bellamy).
I just- he probably missed her so much and then missed feeling loved so much that he’s CRYING while they hug. And it hurts me

So I was re-watching Season 1 of The 100 a little while ago and I noticed something interesting in the scene where Kane arrests Abby in the Pilot. I’ll type it out for you.

Kane: “I choose at every turn, and at every cost, that the human race stays alive.”
Abby: “That’s the difference between us, Kane. I choose to make sure we deserve to stay alive.”

You guys, the writers set up the theme for Season 4 (and the over-arching theme of the series) in the Pilot episode! They’ve had this idea since the very beginning of the show - everything has been leading up to this idea that the ends do not justify the means and, as Becca said (I think it was her), how you reach the goal matters too. 

Kane’s outlook represents that of Bellamy’s and of Clarke’s and of Abby’s (ironically) and of everyone on the council and of Pike’s and of L.exa’s and of Cage’s and of ALL the leaders’ point of views for the majority of the series so far. Abby’s, on the other hand, is the outlook that they are aiming for. This is where their character arc’s are leading them - not just the leaders, but all of the characters. 

I think that Kane has reached this point, maybe Abby too. Bellamy is very close, if not already there - so is Clarke. Unfortunately, Pike and L.exa, etc never really got the chance to learn. But I believe that there is a pattern here. Pike and L.exa and Cage failed to learn this lesson, and where has it got them? 

The answer is dead. 

So it will be interesting to see the writers expand on this theme in the next season, and what the outcome of it is. Are there consequences for never learning this lesson? From what we’ve seen (with Pike and L.exa and Cage, etc), there are. This idea is perhaps most relevant, at the moment, with Octavia, who is going down a very dark path. She is now facing herself with the same question that all these leaders before have been faced with: if I commit this act, do I even deserve what it will bring?

Very interesting, indeed. 

(Please add to this, as this was just a simple observation - my thoughts are not super constructed around this at the moment.)

Random Bobert thought of the day: He’s so different from Bellamy in real life, like he’s smaller. I think as Bellamy he makes himself bigger than he is, he squares his shoulders, has a wide stance, hands on hips etc, all those classic tricks. In real life he makes himself smaller than he is, kinda hunches his shoulders, puts his hands in front of his body and crosses his feet. Cause he is an adorable puppy irl. I had a lot of time to think about this as I was staring at him ok, don’t fight me on this. 

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Could you list some Bellarke college AU's? Thanks!

(many, many more here!)

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Bellarke fan here that wants to say I love you and the clexa fandom. You, the clexa fandom, and all LGBT people deserve better and I hope you'll get it. Keep fighting and keep going strong because you're all amazing. Have a beautiful day!

Thank you Bellarker!! When i catch myself starting to generalize the Bellarke fandom with the Blarke fandom, i try to stop and think of people in the Bellarke fandom, like you, that are kind, wonderful, and go out of your way to spread positivity and love! Thank you for your message!! I don’t speak on the behalf of the Clexa fandom, but I know many of us appreciate your kindness and best wishes on this greater fight we face for representation. It is just a shame that kind Bellarkers seem to be grouped with the hatefilled Blarkers, when you are the exact opposite of what those people stand for. Many of you Bellarkers actually have integrity and realize that the LGBT community are actually people. :) I hope you have a wonderful day anon!! :D