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Meeting the parents with Kid, Bartolomeo, and Bellamy please?

Meeting the parents: 

Eustass Kidd

Dad: *stares at him*

Kidd: *stares at him back*

Dad: *grunts*

Kidd: *grunts back*


Bart: *does his best to be polite and make a good impression*

Granny: “You should cut your hair, punk!” 


Mom: “I don’t know, he looks like a pirate.” 

You: That’s because he’s a pirate.” 

Mom: “What?” 

You: “What?”

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May I request romantic hcs for Kidd, Bellamy and Caesar Clown please?

Sure! I hope you like these! :D


  • Love Language: Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch
  • Usually holds you in his flesh arm. (His metal one can’t feel and he doesn’t want to risk hurting you with it on accident).
  • Don’t expect poetry from him. Instead, you get to look forward to his way of complementing you. (e.g. “You… You fight good.” Or something along those lines).
  • Whenever you complement him, he gets a huge ego boost. (He will sometimes try to show-off to get more of them from you).
  • Doesn’t feel like he needs to watch out for you in a fight, having faith that you can take care of yourself.
  • However, if he sees/hears you fall in battle, I can guarantee he’ll come running and will ‘avenge’ you.
  • If there’s one thing he loves more than collecting weapons or listening to music, it’s cuddling with you. (If you refuse to cuddle with him, he secrectly starts to freak out and assumes you’re mad at him. Note: This is a great way to drive him crazy ;) )


  • Love Lanuage: Words of Affirmation


  • He loved to show-off, espcially if he knew you were watching.
  • He’d often brag about how strong you are and at times expected you to do likewise. (Edit) It gives his ego a decent size boost when you do.
  • He wasn’t the best man for you, but he did love you in his own way.

-Post Timeskip-

  • After his defeat at the hands of Strawhat Luffy, he began to treat you much better than he had.
  • Listens to whatever you have to say and tells you things for your ears alone.
  • He has a deep admiration for you and his loyality to you is unquestionable.


  • Love Language: Words of Affirmation
  • He is crazy for you in his own way.
  • Loves it when you praise his successes and experiments. When you try to point out a flaw or problem however, he waves it off with the claim it’s alright.
  • Relucant to lie to you at certain times, but if he believes it’s better you don’t know the specifics, he’ll do it.
  • In a way, he’s dependant on you. While very confident you’d never leave him, he has some doubt in his darker moments.
  • When he does have those moments, he’ll plan elaborate dates and makes a lot of time for you.
  • If ever you’re in danger at the hand of an enemy, Caesar will first scheme all the possible ways to save you. As a very last resort, he will beg to have your life to be spared. Why? Because he can’t live without you.

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Could I get some Bellamy headcanons with a significant other who's self conscious about their looks, slight chunky body, and just all around their personality?? (Sorry if this is an odd one!!!!

I don’t think it’s odd at all. :)

S/O who’s feeling self-conscious headcanons:


  • Oh HELL no!
  • He’d give you a kind of ‘offended’ look. He’s not offended by them/of them. More of, confused.
  • If they could only see how he sees them through his eyes. *SWOON*
  • Anything they try to point out as being weird, or gross, or not what they want/etc, he’d be right there, immediately answering and countering their claim.
  • In the best way(s) possible, too.
  • That his s/o wouldn’t be able to counter with anything anymore.
  • Lays on some heavy flirting and compliments. All the while his gorilla arms keeping them close.
  • Cuddles, whether they like it or not.
  • Asks who the assholes are/were that made them think something/anything like they’re feeling self-conscious about.
  • Would fight them.
  • Even if/when his s/o tells him not to.
  • HE WOULD FIGHT THEM. Like, “Excuuuuse me?!? You DARE mock MY WONDERFUL/LOVELY/AWESOME/BADASS S/O?!?!?” *rage*
  • Kind of acts like an excited kid afterwards. The whole, “Look what I did, be proud of me!” kind of thing. LMAO (Would actually be kind of adorable, if you think about it.)

There has been a lot of talk about how “stupid” Bellamy is acting and a lot of negative commentary that seems to lack some understanding of why he is doing what he is doing.  I was very moved by the last chapter, and I found Bellamy’s choices to be heartbreaking.  In hopes of clarifying things a little, let me make a few notes.  

1.  Bellamy is not supporting Doflamingo’s actions, and he is not trying to “suck up” or still trying to join his crew.  It may seem like the actions of a child, still trying to hang on to the role model he chose before he knew what he was doing; but this is the choice of a man who has matured into an understanding of the promise he made.  The promise may not have meant anything to Doflamingo; but to Bellamy, it was one of the most important choices he made in his life.  He promised to follow Doflamingo and put his symbol above his own, essentially making him the captain, no matter how casually the symbol was granted.  He doesn’t want to hurt Luffy, and he doesn’t seem to support Doflamingo in what he wants to achieve anymore; but he can’t discard that promise.  "Now a promise made is a debt unpaid, and the trail has its own stern code.“ (Robert Service)  Even if he was ignorant of the facts and a naive boy when he made the promise to hold Doflamingo as his captain, he still made the promise; and to him, it is a matter of honor to follow it.  To turn his back on Doflamingo, no matter how strongly Doflamingo has proven that he is not worthy of Bellamy’s loyalty, would be (to him), turning his back on the promise he made and shaming the young man that so earnestly made the promise.  He has so little to give at this point.  He wants to hold true to the one thing that he has left, a little bit of honor and dignity.  

2.  His crew is gone.  Becoming part of the Donquixote Pirates was not just a dream of Bellamy’s.  It was also a dream of his crew.  Bellamy lost all of his friends, the kids he grew up with and dreamed with, the people he worked to become strong pirates with; and they all died under his command.  The weight of their deaths is with him every moment; whether he is grinning or crying, they are with him.  It was not just his desire to join Doflamingo.  It was also theirs.  If he turns his back now, he feels he is betraying the dreams of all of the men that died under his command, all of his friends.  He is bringing shame on himself and his crew, because things didn’t turn out the way that he wanted.  

3.  Bellamy feels like a failure in all things.  Even though he knows that Doflamingo’s actions toward him verged from being hard-edged to monstrously cruel, to some extent, he still believes that he brought it all on himself and onto his crew mates.  What he has suffered and will suffer now, to him, is just the punishment that comes to someone who has failed so badly and so frequently.  Bellamy said that he wanted to be one of the cut above that didn’t just sit back and dream.  He wanted to be one of the strong and follow the strongest of all.  Even though Doflamingo gave him a series of challenges that he knew Bellamy would fail (and Bellamy now understands this), he still feels in some part that if he hadn’t failed every time, things would never have ended this way.  (If I hadn’t lost to Luffy on Jaya, if I had one in the Colosseum, if I had killed Luffy, if…)  This isn’t just a reflection of Doflamingo.  This is a reflection of all the ways Bellamy, in his mind. has let everyone down by his failure, a natural result.  This is his punishment, and he is saying that he is man enough to stand up and take his punishment.  

4.  Bellamy wants to die.  He asked for them to kill him, not because he didn’t want to be an obstruction to Luffy and to Law, but because it was his real wish.  He has lost everything.  He has lost everyone who he loved and loved him.  He lost his chance of becoming one of the family.  He lost his respect for his idol and role model.  He has lost respect for himself.  He even failed in his confrontation with Doflamingo.  He doesn’t want to be seen as something to be protected and pitied, and the only way he can see this situation through is to make a stand.  There is a term, "suicide by cop”, where someone does something to intentionally provoke the police (or other authority) in a way that forces the police officer to kill the person.  In doing this, the person feels (selfishly) that they can die but still go down fighting.  

Bellamy cannot go back and fix anything, and he feels he has messed up too much to have a future.  He sees the only choice left is to make a stand and die on his feet, fighting for the promise he made, fighting for the dream he shared with his dead friends/ crew, and taking the punishment he earned.  

He is hurting Luffy by forcing him to potentially kill him, and he is hurting Law by preventing him from getting the help he desperately needs.  He’s certainly hurting himself and taking away any future that he could have with another crew (Bartolomeo, I hope).  I’m not trying to convince anyone that he is making a good decision.  I just hope that maybe you’ll think more of him than just thinking he’s pathetic and stupid (which seems to be a popular opinion).  I tend to think of him more as tragic.  


I couldn’t sleep last night so I drew these on a whim. Bartolomeo as a lion with bonus Cockatiel form (I regret not drawing him as a rooster!), along with Bellamy the Hyena as a Hyena. While studying Bellamy’s design I can’t help but think Oda really did design him with a Hyena’s shape in mind - ignoring the obvious tousled hair and grin and laugh, he also has big shoulders and small legs, similar to how Hyenas are taller in the front and shorter in their hind legs with a sloping back. Add in a thick neck and some circles you have the human embodiment of a hyena.