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Could I get some Bellamy headcanons with a significant other who's self conscious about their looks, slight chunky body, and just all around their personality?? (Sorry if this is an odd one!!!!

I don’t think it’s odd at all. :)

S/O who’s feeling self-conscious headcanons:


  • Oh HELL no!
  • He’d give you a kind of ‘offended’ look. He’s not offended by them/of them. More of, confused.
  • If they could only see how he sees them through his eyes. *SWOON*
  • Anything they try to point out as being weird, or gross, or not what they want/etc, he’d be right there, immediately answering and countering their claim.
  • In the best way(s) possible, too.
  • That his s/o wouldn’t be able to counter with anything anymore.
  • Lays on some heavy flirting and compliments. All the while his gorilla arms keeping them close.
  • Cuddles, whether they like it or not.
  • Asks who the assholes are/were that made them think something/anything like they’re feeling self-conscious about.
  • Would fight them.
  • Even if/when his s/o tells him not to.
  • HE WOULD FIGHT THEM. Like, “Excuuuuse me?!? You DARE mock MY WONDERFUL/LOVELY/AWESOME/BADASS S/O?!?!?” *rage*
  • Kind of acts like an excited kid afterwards. The whole, “Look what I did, be proud of me!” kind of thing. LMAO (Would actually be kind of adorable, if you think about it.)

I couldn’t sleep last night so I drew these on a whim. Bartolomeo as a lion with bonus Cockatiel form (I regret not drawing him as a rooster!), along with Bellamy the Hyena as a Hyena. While studying Bellamy’s design I can’t help but think Oda really did design him with a Hyena’s shape in mind - ignoring the obvious tousled hair and grin and laugh, he also has big shoulders and small legs, similar to how Hyenas are taller in the front and shorter in their hind legs with a sloping back. Add in a thick neck and some circles you have the human embodiment of a hyena.