bellamy protecting octavia is my everything

you and i, forever

Bellamy gets injured trying to save Octavia’s life, and Clarke loses her mind.

They were always supposed to be together. At the end of the day—at the end of the world—it was supposed to be them standing side by side.


Clarke burst through the doors of the tower and counted the rooms she passed, running, until she reached the one Abby told her she would find Bellamy. She didn’t have all the details of what had happened, just that Bellamy ended up with a sword through his abdomen. Abby had radioed her right away.

Scared as she was for what she would see, she quickly opened the door and took in the sight in front of her.

There he was, lying unconscious on a table, his shirt torn open to access the wound, sweat beading on his forehead. Bloody gauze was everywhere. He looked so close to death, his skin paler than she’d ever seen it (including that time Murphy had infected the whole camp with that virus), but there he was. Alive. Barely.

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bellamy blake has always put octavia before everything and now not only is he being used against clarke but he also thinks he’s failed as a brother to protect octavia

im not okay with this

Octavia has been, is and always will be Bellamy’s most important person. Clarke or anyone else are never going to compare with her. No matter their fights and differences and horrible decisions from both Bellamy and Octavia, he will ALWAYS put her first and do ANYTHING to protect her. Every single thing he’s ever done in his life was for her, thinking it’s the right thing to do. He would sacrifice everything and everyone to save her and he’s done exactly that ever since his mother gave birth to her, put her is his little arms and said “Your sister, your responsibility”. He loves her more than anything in this world. That’s why it breaks my heart that he thinks she is dead.

Let’s Make It “Happily Ever After”

THE 100
Roan x reader

Summary: Reader is from Skaikru and the reader dad is Marcus Kane. The reader use to date Bellamy but you two broke up and after you decided to go to Polis with Roan and a month after you get together you find out your pregnant. The reader is super nervous that Roan will be mad but he actually super happy.

(A/N): I really enjoying writing this one-shot. I hoped I didn’t fuck this up to bad, one-shots always go smoother in my head than they do when I actually write it out.However I tried and here’s my “masterpiece” Also you guys know I love listening to music with this when I write and read these one-shot, so here the song that will set the mood for this one-shot, Furious Love- By Veridia:

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‘Oh my god-’ I thought, 'I’m pregnant…’

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The Blake Siblings Revisited

I noticed two things about the Blake Sibling relationship in 401 that made me happy: Octavia worried about her brother’s safety and Bellamy put some deliberate distance between them.  (This is inspired by some stuff @mego42 talks about here, so check that out too.)

Let’s take Octavia first.  I have given up hoping that the show will address how incredibly awful and inexcusable it was for her to physically abuse him (much like the massacre and Murphy/Ontari, the show clearly doesn’t know just how bad it actually was) so I’m gonna just…leave that aside.  If you can’t, that’s fair– that was a dealbreaker moment for a lot of people and I don’t begrudge you drawing a line in the sand.

However, since the show still wants us to root for these siblings to find their way back to each other, I think it’s worth exploring how 401 set the table for that.  It was clearly a place-setting episode, undoing a lot of the mess of s3 (praise jesus) and indicating what the writers want us to know about relationships and characters as we move forward.  And in 401, Octavia had essentially three modes:

1) Murder

2) Sassmaster Blake

3) Worried About Bellamy Despite Everything

The first has been obvious in all the promos– the show clearly loves a Lady With a Sword action sequence, and Octavia is perfect for that.  She’s deadly, she’s grieving, and Marie has the moves.  The second is another consistent trait, because “kind of bratty comment while everyone else deals with shit” is Quintessential Octavia.

“Worried about Bellamy Despite Everything” is also Quintessential Octavia, and the show made a point to emphasize that.  We see her reaction when the parley with Echo goes south, we see her worried expression when he’s dragged into the throne room, and I suspect her “don’t fuck this up” quip was also her very guarded way of telling Bellamy to take care of himself.  (The Blakes tend to communicate their love through black humor and mild jackassness, and I love that about them.) This is important, because it indicates that no matter how upset Octavia is, she cannot turn off the “loving her brother” part of her heart.  That is also a quality we see in Bellamy, since no matter what Octavia does, he makes it clear he loves her no matter what.

But in 401, Bellamy does not behave towards Octavia the way we’re used to.  We see him watching her right at the start, and Clarke immediately hones in on his concern.  (Sidenote: real talk I was so confused that Clarke thought Bellamy was worried Octavia would be tried for her crimes because the Arkadia storyline in s3 was such a broken down mess of authoritarianism and lawlessness that I honest to god straight up forgot they even had laws).  But Bellamy pretty much blows Clarke off and does not approach Octavia, despite his clear concern.  Throughout the episode he exists in the same sphere as her and interacts with her as necessary, but those interactions are generally limited to rebukes and silent looks.  He’s worried, but he’s not about to try and parent her right now– not when she’s like this.

I think the only other time we’ve really seen Bellamy even consider rejecting Octavia is in Day Trip, when he intends to run away and leave her behind.  It’s borne of desperation because he’s scared of being executed when the Ark comes down, but it’s also driven by the fact that Octavia is furious with him.  I bang the “the Blake Sibling Relationship Is Profoundly Fucked Up” drum a lot, but that’s because it is profoundly fucked up.  He’s basically her father, but he’s also her brother and we forget that Bellamy’s existence on the Ark was almost as lonely as Octavia’s.  In s1, nearly everyone has someone: Monty has Jasper, Raven has Abby, Clarke has Wells (and sometimes her mother), and Octavia has Bellamy.  But Bellamy only sometimes has Octavia.  

She loves him fiercely, but she’s constantly furious with him, and in 108 he decides to just…give up.  He had been doing everything to protect her– which is how Bellamy shows his love– and all it got him was her scorn, first with Atom and then with Lincoln.  (Note: Bellamy’s “protection” was basically “controlling her” and incredibly Not Okay, but I do think the show meant for us to see that it came from a place of genuine love.)

So Bellamy putting some space between himself and Octavia in 401 is, in my opinion, a good sign.  It means he’s drawing a line (I will love you but I will not let you treat me like this) that is important for both Octavia and for himself.  For Octavia, it’s a continuation of their parent-child relationship: he’s recognizing that she’s a grown up who is going to make her own mistakes, and he will love her from afar but he won’t fix them for her.  (In fact, he explicitly said as much in 316).  Octavia has been fighting for that right pretty much since they landed, and while they managed it in s2 and early s3, the clusterfuck of s3 saw him reverting to s1 Bellamy in a lot of ways and that included his behavior towards Octavia.

That space is equally important for Bellamy, however (if not more so).  Because this is Bellamy letting himself be her brother, not her father.  He is taking a step out of the dad role and letting them exist as just siblings.  I suspect that we’re going to see this progress as Octavia learns to see Bellamy as a brother, not an authority figure against whom she can rebel.  Octavia loves him, but her feelings have always been complicated by the role he had to fill on the Ark–part brother, part father, part jailer.  They need to start over, and by Bellamy stepping back (a move that is incredibly important to his mental health, I think) Octavia is going to be forced to do the heavy lifting this time.

I was rewatching The 100 (as many of us do during the hiatus) and I realized that if the solar flare that happened in 1x06 hadn’t happened, Bellamy and Clarke probably wouldn’t have the relationship they have or never even meet.

The only reason he was on the drop ship was to protect Octavia. If she hadn’t been locked up, he wouldn’t have been on that dropship. Of course he could’ve come down when the rest of the ark did, but he and Clarke wouldn’t have the relationship they had now.

So basically, the universe wanted them to meet, otherwise it wouldn’t have sent out that flare when it did.

(I know this probably sounds completely nuts, but we have been so starved that everything seems to lead me to bellarke 😂)

The 100 season is coming, good time to remind my followers that:

- I tag the characters by the full name, so please use blacklist if you will

- I HATE L/exa / Cl/exa

- I’m very angry @ Oct/avia

- Raven is my baby, my everything, must be protected

- I don’t have nothing against ma boy Bellamy

- Though I DON’T ship Bell4rke

- Doctor Mechanic, Braven or Princess Mechanic ALWAYS welcome

Things That Fucked Me Up on The 100 (s3xe16)
  • Clexa’s kiss
  • Clarke reaching out for Bellamy’s hand when she’s scared
  • Griffins crying and hugging
  • “A.L.I.E. is protecting us from ourselves”
  • “I love you”
  • “I’ll always be with you”
  • Octavia fucking up their chances by attacking Pike
  • Murphy being a fucking hero and helping keep both Ontari and Clarke alive
  • pumping Ontari’s heart by hand
  • “I’m not going to like this, am I?”
  • “the goal isn’t everything. how you get there matters too. i’m sorry i didn’t teach you that.”
  • Becca!
  • Abby murdering for her daughter
  • Marcus Kane strangling my son Bellamy Blake
  • seeing Jasper all happy with his lil ice cream cone
  • Jasper casually strolling up to Clarke and Lexa
  • Literally 99% of the scenes involving Octavia
  • Pike saving Octavia
  • Octavia killing Pike and then walking away like a badass
  • Raven adding code to A.L.I.E.’s code to save Clarke
  • seeing Becca and A.L.I.E. in the same room
  • the Jonty reunion
  • the Memori reunion
  • the Kabby reunion (with Clarke encouraging it)
  • Marcus Kane having a fucking breakdown because of what he’s done
  • “I need a drink”
  • “I didn’t feel it”
  • John Murphy - the character so many people hated - continuing to pump Ontari’s heart to keep both her and Clarke alive even as everyone was fighting around them and his chipped!girlfriend came at him, proving once again that he’s more hero than you’ll give him credit for

As usual, feel free to add on! My Murphy love was showing oops.

My Princess - Bellamy Blake

Prompt: I’m combined these two okay I hope that’s cool also sorry this is short.
From: anon “Hiii :) here’s a request 😊🙌 The reader is one of the 100 who is really shy but smiles a lot, and Bellamy always treats her really bad at camp until she gets captured by grounders, who torture her, then Octavia and Lincoln help her escape and when she gets back to camp Bellamy like freaks out and apologizes for everything and gets really protective of her and makes her sleep in his tent so he can watch and protect her because he’s securely liked her all along he just never wanted to admit it.”
From: “Hi. I was wondering if you could do a Bellamy imagine? But if your busy it’s okay lol”

Paring: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff, talk about wounds, torture

I smiled as I walked through camp and watched people, maybe being on earth wasn’t the safest but it wasn’t all that bad. I leaned against a tree and saw Bellamy come up ready to speak.
“Hey Y/N you don’t seem too busy would you mind going to go get more water?”
“No I don’t mind at all.” I smiled again and took the buckets from him.
“Thanks see you when you get back!” I walked away into the forest on my way to the lake.
I was walking when I was hit over the head with something and knocked out.

When I woke I saw I was tied to high pole and I was bleeding and I felt overall pain.
“What the hell.” I wheezed realizing I could barely breathe. I squeezed my eyes as I tried to make out my surroundings, it was obviously a grounder camp, the same one they kept Jaspar at, I don’t understand why they’re doing this again I just wanted some damn water.
I looked up at the sky and saw the sun was coming up, I was passed out all night and I felt like I was about to pass out again. I saw a few grounders appear. They started speaking grounder and then came over to me and started cutting me one time each I screamed with each cut. They spoke again and started beating me with a long stick until my passed out again.

I finally woke up again and I was in somebody’s, it was Lincoln and Octavia was standing next to him. I could barely speak and I couldn’t movie so I just stayed quiet and laid in his arms. No one even noticed I was awake until we were finally at camp and Bellamy came running to take me from Lincoln.
“Hey, hey Y/N can you hear me?”
“Yeah.” I managed to cough out.
“Okay good Clarke is going to take good care of you okay, I won’t even leave your side I’m so sorry this is all my fault!”
“No.” I coughed again.
“Yes it is I sent you to go the water alone I shouldn’t of done that I’m so sorry Y/N.“ He cried to me as he laid me down in front of Clarke and stayed by my side as promised.
“Did they inject you with anything? Make you swallow anything?” She ask checking my injuries.
“No just beatings.”
“Okay it doesn’t look like anything is broken, your rib is probably just bruised but everything will heal just fine if you rest, now I’m just going to stitch up these stab wounds and you can go rest.”

Bellamy picked me up and started walking to his tent.
“My tent is that way.” I pointed towards my tent.
“Well you’re staying in mine now.”
"Bellamy it’s fine.”
“No it’s my fault you got hurt so now I’m going to protect you.”
“No buts.”

It was night time and he was laying with me in the tent.
“Do you need anything?”
“For the tenth time no.”
“I’m really sorry this happened Y/N.”
“It’s okay Bellamy why are you so worried?”
“Because I love you.” I was shocked at his words.
“I’ve liked you since I saw you the first day here and seeing you when Lincoln carried you in today hurt me so much, I’m so in love with you Y/N.”
“I love you too Bellamy.” I said letting the words slip, they were true I have liked Bellamy for awhile. He leaned down and kissed me, I grabbed his head and pulled him in closer, the kiss was so pull of love and passion, I actually felt butterflies. When I pulled away he was smirking.
“So would you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked a bit of blush showing through his tan skin.
“I would love nothing more.” I smiled and we kissed again.
The rest was history.

Important Development Here:

Just last episode Bellamy wanted the last person he saw in his life to be Octavia. The little sister who he has done so much for, risked everything for, would do anything for. He could have tried to get one last glimpse at Clarke, but he wanted the last thing he saw to be the person he loves most in the wold. 

This episode we see Bellamy staring at Clarke even, it seemed to me, trying to fight off the effects of the sleeping potion for a little bit longer. He could easily have looked at Octavia, he already knew where she had collapsed relative to his position, Bellamy made a deliberate choice to look at Clarke instead of Octavia here.

This season Bellamy has been told over and over again that he needs to stop basing all of his decisions on Octavia. Kane tells him that she can’t be the only reason why he does the “right” thing. Octavia tells him that she doesn’t need him and then reinforces this by throwing more guilt at his feet about Lincoln. Bellamy is afraid that he has lost his sister, he even tells Clarke this. 

Bellamy had already begun to stop doing everything for/because of Octavia, but I think this episode really reinforces the idea that Bellamy is finally, really ready to move on from Octavia being the focal point of his life. I think Bellamy is about to start living his life for himself (as much as someone like Bellamy ever can) and I’m so ready to see that!