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The 100 AU: Bellamy and Lexa as Trikru-born siblings 

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Bellamy and Lexa always compete with each other, even with the simplest of tasks. “I bet I can catch more fish than you.” “Oh yeah? Watch me pick more berries, too." 

Until they’re both chosen for the conclave, and their nightblood becomes a curse instead of a blessing. They’re scared. Bellamy and Lexa have been competing their whole life, but never like this, never with the intent to harm. And now people are dying. The other nightbloods are turning on each other.

Bell looks at Lexa, says, "if it comes down to me and you, i want you to kill me.” And Lexa stands there, feet planted in the ground. She’s shaking her head slowly, not comprehending at first what he’s asking her to do. Lexa can’t harm her own family, her own blood. 

It does come down to the two of them. Bellamy looks at his sister, as if memorizing her face, bruised and bloodied. He drops his knife, letting it fall with a certain finality to the dead leaves at his feet. 

Lexa drops her weapon too. She looks Titus in the eye. 

“Kill us both. I won’t take my own blood down.”

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college bellarke: that one time she found him shirtless smoking a joint in the women’s bathroom of the faculty administration building

So not college, but the rest of it is the same! Enjoy!

do as i say, not as i do

Clarke wiped furious tears from her cheeks, storming through the ostentatious and empty hallways of Ark Academy’s faculty administration building. Sometimes there were perks to having your best friend be the principal of the school you work at, but other times, like today, Clarke wishes that Wells was not her boss. 

She had simply suggested, for what felt like the tenth time, that maybe they weren’t the best school suited for Charlotte Barnard, given the amount of trouble she had caused last year (her carrying around a knife was the least worrisome, if one could believe that). For the good of the school, and the other students, Clarke had suggested, yet again, that maybe she shouldn’t be coming back when the new academic year started in a few weeks. 

Wells had just pursed his lips, narrowing his gaze as he said firmly, “We need to be there for students like Charlotte, not cast them out. We can help her. I know it. So she’s coming back, end of discussion.”

The righteous tone his voice carried had set her off, and she had snapped at him, probably in a way too familiar and intimate to use within the walls of their work, but she hadn’t been able to help herself. And he hadn’t been able to help himself when he had used the full weight of his position as principal to come down on her as their argument escalated, sounding more and more like his father to her.

Which of course was an insult she had lobbed at him immediately, only a little bit of regret seeping through her stubborn anger when she saw the hurt in his eyes at her accusation. She still left his office furious and eyes brimming with tears, though. He wasn’t going to budge and had told her to get out, because their friendship only gave her so much leeway. 

She knew he was right–he was her boss, and deserved to be treated with the same amount of distance and respect that she would any other principal. It didn’t change the way she burst into the women’s bathroom, however, anger still clutching at her throat as she struggled to calm herself.

If the frustration choking her hadn’t been keeping her words down, the sight of Bellamy Blake–Ark’s upper school history teacher and resident pain-in-her-ass–shirtless and leaning with his shoulder up against the opaque slightly cracked-open window, smoking a joint that was perched between two fingers, would have.

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if you could somehow turn that text post into a fluffy/cute bellarke prompt that would be incredible (the latin/summoning demons one)

text post, ao3

Bellamy isn’t sure how he ever handled crises in his life before he met Clarke.

Well, he’s pretty sure his coping mechanism involved overthinking everything, stretching himself thin until he was barely holding it together, and liberal amounts of swearing. But Clarke is one of those magical people who seems to always have her equilibrium, and so she has become Bellamy’s go-to person when he loses his.

(And when she loses her way, he’s there to balance her out. To be the steadying hand she needs. She somehow needs him as much as he needs her, and it never ceases to amaze him.)

Needless to say, when he accidentally summons a demon in the course of completing his Latin homework, his first instinct is not to run screaming from the room, but to calmly pick up his phone and dial his best friend’s number.

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The City of Light, Clexa, and Bellarke

I have some ideas about small parts of the plot around the City of Light. Not what it is or why/what ALLIE is planning. My predictions are mainly how Clarke, Lexa and Bellamy will be brought into that story line. 

I honestly believe that Lexa is going to die this season. No not because I ship Bellarke (lets get that out of the way) I honestly think everything with Lexa is just going to well. Her and Clarke are getting closer, Clarke is drawing her, they have a sex scene coming. Everything good around Lexa right now is happening so quickly and is revolving around the Clexa relationship.  This progression is happening, and showing the amount that these two characters care for one another.Like I said everything is good, too good. From the trailer we got before season 3 started we saw Clarke crying and being held back

To me, this is the face of someone who lost someone very dear to them. I know Clarke cares for Lexa, and Lexa is the only person currently in Polis who could be hurt that would cause this type of reaction. 

If this does happen this will have been the fourth person she as loved in some way who has died. First her Dad, then Wells, then Finn, and now Lexa. Clarke will be hurting and on top of that, everything she has done will seem like for nothing. With Lexa dead their is no guaranty that peace for the sky people.

So if this is Clarke reaction to Lexa’s death than how does Clexa become a part of the City of Light plot?

I have a feeling that in this death scene someone will say something along the lines of “don’t worry shes gone to the City of Light” or Lexa will say “Don’t worry Clarke, death is not the end in the City of light”. Soon after her death I see Clarke going back to Arkadia, to try keep the peace. 

I think during this time Jaha, Raven, and Jasper will try to convince her to join them in the city of light.  ALLIE at some point will tell one of them to bring up Lexa, and/or everyone else she has lost. Something like “Lexa is there, no one dies, no more pain. Clarke this is where you can get the peace you’ve been looking for”. Clarke could make a reckless rash decision, tired of the pain, tired of fighting, just tired. So she takes the pill/chip thing. She is plunged into the city of light, along with the audience.

I have seen something before saying “she goes in for Lexa, but comes out for Bellamy” I think that is true. I think somehow Bellamy begins to pull her out of this trance the the chip put her into, he would be tired of losing her, frustrated that she is right there with with him, but out of reach because of this fictional city. I think he give ones of his inspirational speeches, we will get one of the greatest Bellarkes moments because of this. He will be talking to her, begging her one last time to come back to him because he needs her, she was right.  I don’t think Bellamy himself get directly pulled into the City of Light story line in the sense that he goes in, I think he gets pulled in by trying to pull Clarke out.  Thus resulting in this hug when he succeeds

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Bellamy and Lexa are both extremely important to Clarke, there is no way anyone can deny this. I think Clarke’s choice in the end of this season will be to live in a made up world, where everything is perfect, but not quite right or go back to reality. The City of Light in my opinion will not feel real to those that are not under ALLIES total control. If Bellamy begins to pull Clarke she will realize that even though no one dies in the City of Light the part of them that remains is not the same one that leaves.

I think the beauty in both Clexa and Bellarke having cementing moments this season it that it proves love is varied, it appears in some different than it appears in others. I think that parts of Clexa and Bellarke have the potential to be a amazing relationship (no matter why I don’t like Clexa). So I think that is were the final choice will lie, in love.

Clarke will make the decision to either live with a shell a lost love, or go into the arms of one that is still waiting.

100 Fanvids for The 100 S2

I’ve seen so many amazing fanvids since the finale, (they’ve been helping me get through this hellatus) so I thought I’d make a post to show off some truly talented vidders and some specacular videos for your pain enjoyment. 


  • The first 82 videos are strictly Bellarke videos, at the bottom there are more generalized The 100 videos, all organized by song
  • Only videos posted POST 2x16 are included (spoilers for seasons 1 & 2)
  • None of these videos are mine, I’m simply sharing. All sources are stated if I could find them, if not they obviously belong to the youtube channel who posted them. 
  • Sorry for any mistakes!

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Bellamy and Clarke are giving me all the tingles, you guys.”
“Meanwhile, the Finn/Raven/Clarke dynamic (plus Bellamy, who now seems to hover like a moth transfixed every time Little Griffin’s light shines anywhere in his line of sight)
—  A fellow Bellarke shipper who did a review on “Unity day” (that was apparently retweeted by the writers)

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Did you see the review the 100 writers retweeted? "Meanwhile, the Finn/Raven/Clarke dynamic (plus Bellamy, who now seems to hover like a moth transfixed every time Little Griffin’s light shines anywhere in his line of sight) is really proving intriguing..."-- AHHH

I’m just going to lie down here real quick because that is the best description of what’s happening that I’ve read so far, GODDAMN

Also, a little down from that: “And then Bellamy, who it seems is having a fairly radical effect on Clarke’s attitude towards the best way to survive.” [from this interview]