bellamy goldacre

Fic: Ready To Drown

Title: Ready To Drown
Summary: The Captain of the Golden Dagger is a strange man, clean and neat and without any of the normal swaggering ego Rab would expect from a pirate. Or: what happens in Bay’s cabin after they left the brig.
A/N: More Bay/Graham pirate!AU, as a birthday present for the lovely Fyre :D

Fic: The Best of Company

Title: The Best of Company
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bay/Graham
Summary: The Golden Dagger is a strange ship, by Rab Graham’s approximation. No cells, a reputation for loyalty and honor, and the least pirate-like Captain he’s ever come across.

This might be the start of a massive general OUAT pirate!AU. Huh. For Fyre, because we had a deal and I finally filled my side :)